Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 4 - Mission Reward

Chapter 4 - Mission Reward

Ye Changge's voice became more and more ethereal, but also grander. Like a beautiful instrument playing beautifully, his voice traveled far.

"In the pursuit of immortality, the people you are close to may not be able to keep up with your progress. They will grow old, get sick, and die. You don't know if you can overcome the sadness in your heart and overcome the fear of death. Knowing this, are you still willing to step onto the path of immortality?"

"I am willing to!"

"Stepping onto this path, when you are weak, you are useless in the eyes of the world. You are mocked and humiliated. When you are strong, you are also regarded as an outlier. People respect and fear you, but no one is close to you. You will walk alone. Are you willing?"

"I am willing! Moreover, with my master and the sect around, I definitely will not walk alone!"

What a smart guy. Ye Changge was very pleased in his heart.

After all, he would definitely pursue long-term growth.

"Very good. Then, you will become my disciple. I am your master, Ye Changge, and you already know your identity. You are my eldest disciple."

"I am the only one in the generation of Reclining Firewood Peak. My master, Immortal Bu Yi, is also the only one in his generation. In your generation, you might be able to flourish."

Hearing this, He Xiuxing hurriedly knelt down on both knees and kowtowed nine times respectfully. "Your disciple, He Xiuxing, pays his respects to you, Master!"

Ye Changge did not refuse. "Yes, this is the ceremony of acknowledging a master. From now on, there's no need for you to pay your respects again. Reclining Firewood Peak is not interested in this."

After receiving a disciple, Ye Changge was very happy. After all, this was his first disciple, and now, he could also be a master.

At the same time, the system notification sounded.

"Congratulations to the host, for completing the mission and obtaining Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven Foundation!"

"Congratulations to the host, for completing the mission and obtaining the Indestructible Golden Body Technique!"

"Congratulations to the host for completing the mission and accepting your first disciple. You have received a disciple-accepting grand gift bag!"

Disciple-accepting Grand Gift Bag? Ye Changge, who did not expect such a pleasant surprise after completing the mission, was very happy.

"System, open the disciple-accepting Grand Gift Bag!"

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Infinite Disturbance Daoist scripture"

"Congratulations to the host, for obtaining the Divine Axe 'Beyond Control Heaven'."

"Congratulations to the host, for raising your cultivation by a whole realm."

A wave of energy surged from Ye Changge's body. As his aura surged, He Xiuxing, who was standing in front of him, was almost pushed to the ground.

"I've broken through again?" Ye Changge was both surprised and delighted. He was truly happy that his strength had increased again.

The reward for taking in a disciple was so generous. It seemed that he had to look for potential disciples properly in the future. It would be best if he triggered the system mission again.

Ye Changge used the flying sword to carry He Xianyun to look for his parents and greet them.

The villagers only saw a beam of iridescent light flying over from the distant terraced fields. It stopped and transformed into two human figures.

A handsome young man stood on a sword that was overflowing with spiritual energy. Behind him was He Xianyun from the village, wrapped in a strange fog.

After landing, Ye Changge came to father He and mother He and cupped his hands. "I am Ye Changge from Reclining Firewood Peak of the Hidden Edge Sect. I am now the person in charge of the Reclining Firewood Peak. This time, I am here to accept He Xianyun as my disciple and he will follow me into the mountains to cultivate."

Father He and Mother He had only heard of Immortals, but they had never seen a real cultivator.

Moreover, the person in front of them had a handsome face and an extraordinary temperament. He looked extraordinary and they quickly bowed to thank Ye Changge.

"Yes, yes, yes. Please come home with us, Immortal Master Ye. Please don't mind the simple and shabby place of the villagers' hut."

After entering the house, He Xiuxing said, "Father, mother, it's a great opportunity for me for Master to take me as a disciple."

"I must seize it. Right now, I have come to tell you that after I pay my respects to the ancestral grave, I will go to the mountain gate with Master to cultivate."

Ye Changge also said, "I will properly guide his cultivation. Both of you can rest assured."

As he spoke, he took out two medicinal pills, one each for Father and Mother He. "These medicinal pills will allow you to live in good health for a few more years. Consider it my personal gift for taking in a disciple."

After exchanging pleasantries, He Xianyun paid his respects to the ancestral grave, paid his respects to his parents, and was taken away by Ye Changge.

The surrounding villagers were all stunned. They originally thought that it was already very fortunate for the son of scholar Lu to enter the Sword Whisper Sect and become an outer sect disciple.

Who would have thought that there would actually be someone from the same branch of the ten great sects of the eastern region who would come and personally accept He Xianyun as a disciple!

This was definitely not as simple as a mere outer sect disciple.

They also knew that Ye Changge gave Father and Mother He two medicinal pills, which could strengthen the body. That was even more enviable.

For a moment, the villagers began to discuss it.

The family that had originally planned to become in-laws with He Xianyun was even more regretful.

Ye Changge brought he Xianyun back to the Sword Whisper Sect.

After learning that he had accepted He Xianyun as a disciple, elder Qing Cang and many people from the Sword Whisper Sect were very surprised.

However, knowing that he was only a single descendant of Reclining Firewood Peak, they thought that perhaps he wanted to find a successor to at least stabilize the inheritance.

He Xiandao did not have any talents, so the crowd gradually stopped paying attention to him.

This matter gradually became an interesting topic. In any case, no one had any expectations for him.

While He Xiandao was packing up his luggage, Ye Changge took out the rewards for accepting disciples from the Grand Gift Bag in the room. This was especially so for the Boundless Dao Scripture of motion.

With the Dao scripture as the ending, the level of this cultivation method must be very high. And using Boundless Dao Scripture of motion as the modifier, this cultivation method was even more extraordinary.

As he flipped through, Ye Changge gradually perceived the extraordinariness of this cultivation method.

The reason why this cultivation method was called boundless motion and quietness was that it could be cultivated regardless of whether it was in motion or in quietness.

In other words, whether it was eating or sleeping, chopping wood or planting, it was a kind of cultivation. It could help one comprehend the heart of heaven and feel its values. It could slowly increase one's strength in a kind of harmony between heaven and man.

This method was simply tailor-made for cultivation.

During the few days that he stayed in the village, Ye Changge understood that a cultivator was a person who lived in harmony with nature. Although he was a mortal, he was extraordinary in every aspect.

The system had given him cultivation instructions, where not to cultivate, and when not to cultivate. To comprehend the cultivation path of mortals and do the things of mortals was to comprehend the Heavenly Dao of Heaven's will.

Now, with the help of the Boundless Dao Scripture of motion and quietness, his achievements would definitely be immeasurable.

He thought about how He Xiuxing would look like when he was provoked by some ignorant people because he looked like a mortal, or when he saw injustice but was not valued by others.

Ye Changge was still looking forward to it.

Thinking of the axe, Ye Changge took out the axe and examined it carefully.

It was ordinary and there was nothing special about it. Moreover, there was no reaction when he poured his magic into it.

It seemed that this axe was a match for the system. If there was anything special about it, he would have to show it to the system.

However, hearing the name, it reminded Ye Changge of a famous line from his previous life, "My fate is in my hands, not up to the heavens.".

He took out the spirit weapon shield that he had obtained when he signed the contract. He swung the axe down, but there was no sound at all. The shield broke with a sound and was separated from within.

"So sharp. It seems that this axe has at least two special effects. One is its sturdiness, and the other is its sharpness. As for the rest of the benefits, it will depend on the application of cultivation in the future."

No one knew how the other disciples would feel when they saw Ye Changge casually experimenting with a spirit tool.

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