Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 5 - Where To Not Cultivate

Chapter 5 - Where To Not Cultivate

He Xiuxing packed his luggage and came to pay his respects to Ye Changge.

"Ah, cultivation. Sit down. As your master, I will share some common knowledge of the cultivation world with you. You would do well to learn some information about the sect as well."

After he sat down, Ye Changge spoke again, "Our world is called the Heavenly Mortal World. It is said to be one of ten thousand worlds. Of course, this is only a legend."

"The Mortal World is divided into five regions."

"The Hidden Edge Sect is one of the top ten sects in the eastern region. Of course, you are not expected to think much of a sect with that name."

"The actual strength of our sect may not be what it seems, but the cultivation world is rife with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. No one knows which sleeves would hide any trump cards. A name is not enough to scare people."

"Therefore, our sect is only ranked in the top ten. That placing alone prevents certain flies from coming over to cause trouble. It saves us from quite the hassle."

"But beyond that, we are not actually competing for rankings. There is no practical significance."

"The path of cultivation has twelve major realms, or at least that would be the case in this world. Of course, higher realms exist, but they are older than we can comprehend."

"These twelve realms start from: Body Tempering Realm, Qi Storage Realm, and Pulse Realm. These three realms are the basic realms."

"Next are the Origin Liquid realm, Spirit Sea Realm, and Primordial Spirit Realm. These are called the lower three realms. At this point, a cultivator would already be considered to have lost himself in the pursuit of cultivation."

"Next are the Refined Realm, Rebirth Realm, and Tribulation Realm. These are called the middle three realms. At this level, one can already see the door of the Great Dao from afar."

"Finally, there are the Saint Prying realm, the Entry Saint realm, and the Breaking Realm. These are known as the upper three realms. The upper three realms can already scrape the surface of the Great Dao."

"Each realm is divided into one to nine levels. Our sect's strongest expert, sect master Ding Xingbo, is an Immortal Soul Expert."

"Of course, you know the name of our sect. The 'Hidden Edge sect', lives up to its namesake of hiding its edge."

"Therefore, the actual strength of the sect leader is definitely not at the Primordial Spirit Realm. It remains unknown."

"Granted, the deception is greatly exaggerated. As the sect leader of one of the ten great sects of the eastern region, the strongest person is only a cultivator at the lower three realms, hoping to break through to the middle three realms. Who would believe this? However, this also maintains the mystery of the sect."

"We have deliberately set the pieces for such suspicion for the cultivation world is an extremely dangerous place."

"Here, the young will go to the old, and the old will go to the ancestors. Our sect can be said to put this into practice most thoroughly."

"I still remember the story my master, Immortal Buyi, once told me when I entered the sect."

"There was once a force that hoped to unify the eastern region and obtain the right to pursue the deer central region and dominate the world."

"Our sect suffered repeated blows in the eastern region. At the most dangerous times, we even launched an assault on the mountain gate."

"At that time, the sect leaders all came out together. They obliterated the enemy, leaving no trace behind!"

When He Xiuxing heard this, he was confused for a moment and asked, "Master, isn't there only one sect leader? Why do you mention sect leaders all coming out together? Or does every branch of our nine bloodlines have a sect leader?"

Seeing that his disciple had the same reaction as he had before, Ye Changge couldn't help but laugh. "The enemy attacked the sect, but the previous sect leader was no match for them, so he awakened the previous sect leader. But he was no match for them either, so he awakened the previous sect leader before him."

"As this cycle went on, the enemy had repelled dozens of waves of attacks. I heard that the highest level of confrontation eventually reached the middle three states' Tribulation State."

Ye Changge felt a sense of sorrow.

If his own sect was like this, who knew what cards other sects kept hidden?

As one of the top ten sects of the eastern region, there were crouching tigers and hidden dragons. On top of that, the eastern region was only one of the five regions. Other regions also had their own top sects.

The strongest of the five regions, the central region, was probably filled with experts.

Keeping that in mind, he warned, "Disciple, you must remember your answers when your master asks you a question before entering the sect. You must also remember your name. Disciple, you must cultivate in peace. Unless necessary, don't go down the mountain."

"The key lesson of our sect is to hide your trump card! Always keep your trump card hidden!"

"A trump card that has already been exposed is no longer a trump card. You must always have something big in store and kept close to you in case you need it."

"Before you have gained enough power in this world, try to conserve your energy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master! Your disciple will remember your teachings!"

Ye Changge nodded his head in satisfaction and took out the Boundless Dao Scripture of motion and stillness and handed it over to He Xiuxing.

"This is a cultivation technique that I created based on your situation. It contains a Supreme Great Dao. You are the epitome of your name. Your every move and actions are in accordance with the Heavenly Dao. You are all cultivating."

"This Dao scripture can be cultivated regardless of whether you being in motion or in utter stillness. It is most suitable for you."

"This axe is called 'Earthly Provenance'. You can use it to chop firewood or use it as a weapon in battle. It's not bad."

He spoke again, "There's an interspatial ring here that can let you store things conveniently."

"There are ten thousand middle-grade spirit stones inside. Use them. If you need more, ask me."

"There are also Qi gathering pills and spirit gathering powder. Prepare some of them. There are also a few spirit tools here, take them too."

Watching Ye Changge shower him with more and more gifts, He Xiuxing became very touched.

However, he still rejected Ye Changge's good intentions. "Master, your disciple is a mortal. If I don't need those spirit stones and spirit tools, then there's no need to waste them."

Hearing this, Ye Changge was stunned. He did not know what kind of situation He Xiuxing would encounter in his path of cultivation.

Although cultivation techniques were all about cultivation, He Xiuxing seemed to prefer being as mortal as he could. Perhaps his path was that of a mortal.

However, one could never be too prepared. Ye Changge decided to give He Xiuxing more resources than necessary.

"Your path of cultivation is different from others. I don't know if you will need cultivation resources. However, there is no harm in being prepared."

"Since you don't need spirit tools, Qi gathering powder and the like, I will take them back."

"However, take the spirit stones. They can be used as a trading currency."

"Also, you need to bring along the healing medicines such as the golden wounds medicine, bone-connecting pills, and raw meat powder for the unforeseeable future."

After giving his instructions, Ye Changge arranged for He Xiuxing to return to his room.

Thus in the midst of the Sword Whisper Sect, began the appearance of a maverick. It started during the sword whisper ceremony and the few days during the waiting period for the return to the Hidden Edge sect.

Every day, he would climb to the mountain outside the Sword Whisper sect to cut firewood and grass. He would even build a small earthen stove for cooking.

After a period of time, Ye Changge returned to the sect and began to officially sort through the rewards of the mission.

The foundation of the Cheng De Yin mysterious cave heaven was a strange seed that emitted a hazy golden light.

Ye Changge held it in his hand and faintly felt something extraordinary.

As expected of the legendary top ten cave heaven-blessed domain. It was truly magical.

Thus, he entered the cave. Ye Changge carefully studied it.

He Xiuxing lived on the Reclining Firewood Peak and even picked a place to set up a field that faced the sun.

Every day, he planted seeds in the field, chopped firewood, fetched water. He raised a farm and flipped through the scriptures in his spare time. Such was his entire life.

A few days later, Ye Changge came out of the cave. Although he had yet to understand all the magical aspects of the cave heaven, he already knew how to use the seed.

He intended to plant it on the Reclining Firewood Peak. That way, the sect would slowly become a blessed land.

Ye Changge held the seed between two fingers and started a spell. He used the earth evasion technique and instantly dove ten thousand meters underground.

If other cultivators in the eastern region knew of Ye Changge's actions, they would probably be shocked.

The earth evasion technique was a widely spread spell in the cultivation world. However, for someone like him to reach ten thousand meters underground with such ease, he had to be at least in the upper three states.

Ye Changge held the seed in his hand and activated a spell. Then, he proclaimed, "Those who are about to fight, march forward in formation!"

The seed instantly lit up. The light was so strong that it almost penetrated the surface of the ground. One had to know that this place was ten thousand meters deep.

At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky amassed. There was a faint flash of lightning. It lit the area within a hundred miles of the Hidden Edge Sect's mountain gate.

The earth vein trembled slightly. Although it was not obvious, everyone in the Hidden Edge Sect was a cultivator. Everyone could feel it.

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