You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 10 - Watching you act cool is also a kind of enjoyment

Chapter 10 – Watching you act cool is also a kind of enjoyment

10 minutes later, a Mercedes-Benz S600 quickly came to a stop at the entrance, and a middle-aged man could be seen coming out from the car and running over quickly. The middle-aged man first saw Qing Ya, then saw his little brother standing right there. Without thinking much, he also knew just what happened.


A slap ruthlessly landed onto Shen Shuai’s fat face, and a 125kg fatty was actually slapped to the ground. The latter held onto his face and had a face full of hesitation, he totally did not know just how big of trouble he had caused.

“CEO Qing.” Shen Tao came to the front of Qing Ya and shouted respectfully with his head lowered.

“I want this villa, I will take it at whatever price it was sold at.” Qing Ya said faintly.

Shen Tao said hurriedly, “CEO Qing, please take this villa as a gift from me to you.”

“Don’t need, and also! We will have to thoroughly reinvestigate Long’hu Estate, because you guys’ moral quality is just too bad!” Qing Ya took a look at Shen Shuai who was on the floor.

Shen Tao’s face immediately turned. I was only able to hold onto this big leg after great difficulty, I cannot just let it go south like this!

“CEO Qing, please give us another chance, I guarantee that this kind of situation will never ever happen again!” Shen Tao could not care about his face at this point, with a plop sound, he kneeled on the floor and everyone who was present all felt a chill ran down their spine. Shen Tao was a well-known businessman in Long’an City, and yet right now, he was actually kneeling in front of a woman! Just what kind of background does this woman have!

Everyone all immediately started discussing spiritedly.

“I seem to have seen this woman somewhere before! That’s right, I saw her on television before! She seems to be the nation’s top 10 youths and is also High Ocean City’s well-known queen. Her entire net worth altogether is tens of billions! The top 50 strongest in the nation!”

“That can’t be right, it is too exaggerating…is she not too young already?”

“It’s not exaggerating at all, I heard that this woman started her business before she even finished her university. Her family’s background is strong and has numerous resources, and her business was successful after only a short while. However, I feel that she is much more beautiful today…”

Looking at the man who was kneeling in front of her, Qing Ya was extremely disdained towards him, “This kneel of yours has made my impression of yours become more worst. There is nothing to talk about, Qingchen International will not be cooperating with you anymore. As for this villa, I still want to buy it.”

Shen Tao’s face was ashen, and Shen Shuai was already scared stupefied.

Looking at his little brother’s stupefied face, Shen Tao picked up the broom that was at one side and beat Shen Shuai with it, “You this scoundrel thing, unable to do anything right and only able to spoil things, I will beat you to death today!”

Qing Ya beckoned the young real estate agent over and the latter ran over with fear.

“Count how much the villa cost, I’m paying by credit card.”

“Al…alright.” The young man was also scared by Qing Ya. This woman is too strong, the boss had already kneeled down in front of her and apologized, and she still didn’t give him a chance, such a cold woman.

Ten million was gone in a flash, and yet Qing Ya was not heart-pain about it at all, and even arranged a renovation team to quickly renovate the villa because she was going to stay at the villa.

Ye Hua watched from beginning to end and did not have to do anything at all because Qing Ya handled everything clear and orderly, and he totally did not need to get involved at all. Qing Ya was truly an able woman.

After settling everything, it was already afternoon 1 pm. The two of them walked out of the real estate sales lounge, and because it was currently the time where the sun was very bright, Qing Ya couldn’t help but wrinkled her brows.

“Watching you act cool is also a kind of enjoyment.” Ye Hua who did not speak during the entire time suddenly spoke.

Qing Ya looked coldly at this man. An entire morning and this guy did not do anything at all! Everything was all done by me and he still dares to say that I was acting cool! Bastard!

“Instead of just watching show at one side, why didn’t you help me then?” Qing Ya said with disdain, this guy is really not a man.

“If I helped you, they would all be dead.”

Qing Ya went into a daze, then after a while, she suddenly laughed, “You are acting cool quite well.”

Ye Hua did not mind Qing Ya’s jeer at all and quietly lighted up a cigarette.

“Acting profound again.” Qing Ya sneered.

The Mercedes-Benz S6000 from just now suddenly drove over. Shen Tao immediately came down from the car and came to the front of Qing Ya and fawned, “CEO Qing, it is not easy to get a taxi here, you can just use my car instead.”

Ye Hua flicked off the cigarette butt and took the lead to enter into the car, angering Qing Ya to the point that she wants to kill someone. This bastard! Without choice, she entered into the car. Shen Tao happily wanted to sit in the front passenger seat, seems like there is still hope regarding the cooperation matter.

“Go out.” Ye Hua said faintly.

Shen Tao’s foot which was about to enter into the car immediately retracted back, but after thinking for a bit, why do I have to listen to this man, who does he think he is?

“CEO Shen, you don’t have to follow us.” Qing Ya said calmly. The two of them were definitely a perfect match, ice adding on ice, even the air conditioner also didn’t have to be turned on.

“Alright CEO Qing. Xiao Wang, drive the car steadily.” Shen Tao entrusted the task to the chauffeur.

“Alright, CEO Shen.” The chauffeur said.

In the car, it was quiet again, and in the end, it was still Qing Ya who broke the impasse, “I will go stay at the hotel during those few days. After the renovation of the villa is complete, we will move into the villa.

“Hotel? Stay at my place.” Ye Hua said with a deep voice, seemingly feeling not happy.

“That place of yours is too small already and have too many people, it is not convenient for me.” Qing Ya said displeasedly.

“There is no discussion for this matter.” Ye Hua said with a very affirmative tone.

Qing Ya snorted and turned her face around from Ye Hua.

“I have to go buy some clothes later on then.” Qing Ya spoke again, seemingly trying to find a topic to talk about.


“You pay for it.”

“I don’t have money.”

“Stingy!” This was Qing Ya’s motive, after coming one whole round, she just wanted to mock at Ye Hua’s stinginess.

The atmosphere became quiet again. Xiao Wang who was driving the car also finally understood their relationship. So they are a couple, this is major news, the boss will definitely tip me.

“Why did you enter into the car just now?” Qing Ya asked lightly, her tone became much calmer, she did not believe that Ye Hua would act recklessly.

Ye Hua held onto his chin with his left hand and said, “A rubbish also has its use, let alone such a big boss. Just give him a lesson for a bit and it will do.”

Qing Ya pouted her mouth and unprecedentedly did not retort. Whereas Xiao Wang who was driving the car was astonished, this man actually said that the boss is rubbish…and this woman actually didn’t retort!

“After squeezing him to his last worth, then at that time, he can scram.” Ye Hua added on.

“You sure are cold-blooded.” Qing Ya said faintly.

Ye Hua suddenly laughed lightly, “You are also the same. Even if I did not enter into the car, you would also find an excuse to get into the car. If not, who were you waiting for when you stood at the entrance?”

Qing Ya laughed lovably, just like a flower blooming, incomparably beautiful.

I didn’t expect that this man would actually be able to see through my intentions, not bad!

Xiao Wang who was driving the car, his mind was in a mess, can you two please take my feelings into consideration? If you two want to scheme the boss, please at the least talk about it secretly. To actually talk about it that openly…I must definitely tell the boss, those two are too bad already.

After laughing, Qing Ya’s face turned cold again, “Say, do you think this fellow here would tell his boss about our conversation?”

Ye Hua said indifferently, “He doesn’t have the guts.”

“I think so too.”

Xiao Wang’s hands were trembling. You two! You this pair of shameless man and women, to actually even say it out like that! But…what they are saying is true too, right now, I really don’t dare to tell the boss about it anymore…

After arriving at a pedestrian street, Ye Hua said lightly, “Stop here.”

“What are we stopping here for?”

“Eat.” Without waiting for Qing Ya to agree or disagree, Ye Hua just straightforwardly got off the car, and the latter snorted and also got off the car.

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