You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 9 - Quietly watch

Chapter 9 – Quietly watch

Qing Ya snorted, “That place of yours is filled with smoke, it is harmful to the fetus.”

Since the matter had been brought to the child, Ye Hua did not continue talking about it anymore, “Do you have money to buy it?”

“Haha, I’m poor to the point that I only have money left.”

“Good, you go and call for a taxi.” Ye Hua leaned on a tree and said faintly.

Qing Ya clenched her small fist and really wanted to hit towards that face. Is he even a man? To not even have a bit of the demeanor of a gentleman.

However, I still have to go to the hotel to get my wallet. Without choice, Qing Ya could only force herself to go and call for a taxi.

Sitting in the taxi, Ye Hua took out a cigarette and Qing Ya finally couldn’t bear it anymore, “Do you want to smoke my child to death!”

Ye Hua went into a daze, then put out the cigarette and said, “The child is mine.”

“The child is mine!”

“The child is mine.”

The old taxi driver listened to the quarreling at the back and had a speechless face. Sigh, the youngsters nowadays…Fighting so fiercely over the child, it seems like they have just gotten over with the divorce procedure a while ago. However, the attractiveness level of those two is really a bit high, especially this woman, her looks is even causing me to not have the mood to drive anymore.

Arriving at the front of the hotel, Ye Hua said lightly, “You go ahead, I will just stay in the taxi.”

“You…you are really an arrogant idler!” Qing Ya was angered to the point that her face turned red. Slamming the taxi door, she walked into the hotel.

The old taxi driver had an awkward face and said with a smile, “Little fellow, isn’t it a pity to divorce such a beautiful wife?”

Ye Hua took out a cigarette and lighted it, “Just married.”

“Ah, sorry…sorry.” The old taxi driver was speechless, it was the first time that he had seen this kind of newly married couple.

If it was changed to the past, the old taxi driver’s head would have already fallen to the ground, luckily, Calabash Brothers saved the old taxi driver’s life.

After that, the old taxi driver did not dare to start a conversation anymore. Although the man sitting at the back has very good looks, he gives me a very strange feeling, as if he is a devil wearing the skin of a human.

After waiting for half an hour, Qing Ya finally appeared. It seems that it was not on purpose that she took half an hour, because she took a shower at the hotel, and also changed into a different outfit. A floral skirt and adding on with a simple white stripes shirt, it beautiful yet dashing at the same time. The old taxi driver was even stupefied when he saw Qing Ya, I would even be willing to die if I have a wife like this!

After entering into the taxi, Qing Ya said faintly, “Go to the best real estate.”

“Oh…oh…alright…” The old taxi driver was even stuttering now. This man is too blessed already, to have a woman like this to give birth to a child for him.

Ye Hua was preparing to take out a cigarette, but after thinking about it, he placed the cigarette back and said faintly, “You did it on purpose right.”

“What are you talking about?” Qing Ya looked outside the window and said faintly.

Ye Hua did not say anything and was quiet during the whole journey. After a while, the old taxi driver brought the two of them to a golden real estate that was at the urban district, but Ye Hua said lightly, “It is too noisy here, go to a real estate that is at the suburban district.”

The old taxi driver took a look at Qing Ya. He felt that between the two, the female’s words had more weight.

Qing Ya snorted, giving face to Ye Hua. However, she herself also felt that it was better living at the suburban district as the air at the suburban district was better, and also quiet at the same time, it was beneficial for nurturing the fetus.

It was another hour of car ride, and after an hour, they arrived at their destination, Longhu Estate. Qing Ya felt that the name of the real estate was very familiar, and she seemed to have seen it before. That’s right! My subsidiary company seems to have corporate before with this Longhu, and I have even evaluated the business plan.

Looking at the real estate which is packed with people, it seems that my decision was correct.

“What you are standing here foolishly for?” Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette and reminded.

Qing Ya’s brows wrinkled, “You are the foolish one. Why are you smoking again, will you die if you don’t smile?!”

“En, I will die.”


Qing Ya was lazy to bother with him. This man is already hopeless.

When Qing Ya walked into the real estate sales lounge, the gazes of all of the men looked over. The sound of saliva being swallowed could be heard, and when the women that were preparing to punish their own man, Ye Hua also walked in, and all of the women forgot to punish their man, and just like the men, they swallowed their saliva.

A young real estate agent quickly ran over, “Young lady, are you looking for a house?”

“Bring me to go look at the villas.” Qing Ya said faintly, her entire aura was very strong, which made some of the men not dare to look directly at her.

“This here is our villa district. Young lady, your luck is very good, we are only left with one villa, the rest of the villas had already been sold.”

Qing Ya took a look at the mold of the villa and said, “I will buy it then.”

“Ah…” The young real estate agent had not seen such a straightforward buyer before.

“Haha, beautiful woman, I’m sorry, I have already bought this villa.” The fat male could be seen rushing over. A gold chain that was as thick as a finger was hanged on his neck, his skin was oily, and when he smiled, his yellow teeth could be seen.

“CEO Shen!” The young real estate agent shouted respectfully.

While smoking the cigarette, Ye Hua stood at one side and watch the show.

A displeased expression appeared on Qing Ya’s pretty face, “Didn’t you said a while ago that the villa was not sold!”

“This…” The young real estate agent did not know what to say.

“Beautiful woman, how about this, let’s have a meal together and we can have a proper discussion about the villa during the meal, how about it?” Shen Shuai grinned, and his yellow teeth immediately showed, disgusting to death.

Qing Ya took out her phone and asked, “What is your name?”

Shen Shuai thought that the beautiful woman wanted his phone number and said excitedly, “My name is Shen Shuai.”

Qing Ya made a call with her phone and pointed to Ye Hua who was at the side and asked, “Do you think that he is handsome?”

Shen Shuai looked towards Ye Hua and was startled at first, then pouted his mouth, “Not as handsome as me.”

“I think so too.” Qing Ya said faintly.

Shen Shuai felt very good, “This shows that our two hearts beat as one.”

Ye Hua exhaled out a mouth of smoke. This woman’s guts sure is big, however, she is very fitting to my liking.

“CEO Qing, is there anything?” Without waiting for Qing Ya to speak, a respectful inquiring could be heard coming out from the phone.

Qing Ya said in a solemn voice, “Did we have a cooperation with Long’an City’s Longhu Estate?”

“Yes, we are the majority shareholder.”

“Is their boss called Shen Shuai?” Qing Ya asked, and Shen Shuai who was at the side was confused.

“No, their boss is called Shen Tao, Shen Shuai seems to be his little brother.”

“Call their boss to come to the real estate sales center!” After finish speaking, Qing Ya hanged up the phone. I was just worried about having no place to vent this stomach of anger at, you can only blame your luck!

Because Qing Ya’s voice was a bit big, a lot of people heard what she said and felt that there was a show to watch. Meanwhile, Shen Shuai had a face full of disdain. Nowadays, there are a bunch of people that like to act cool, those that act cool well are called cool, and those that aren’t able to act cool well, they are called idiots.

“Beautiful woman, why did you do that, just think how bad it would be when you are awkward later on.” Shen Shuai did not think much of it and still wanted to have a meal with this woman.

Just that, just when he finished speaking, his phone started ringing. The phone call is actually from my brother?

“Just what kind of freaking good thing did you just did!”Shen Tao’s shouting voice rang out from the phone.

Shen Shuai went into a daze, “Brother, I didn’t do anything!”

“You stay right there and don’t move, I will reach there in 10 minutes!”

Shen Shuai lowered his phone from his ear in a daze, then looked at Qing Ya and pointed to his phone.

“Do you still want to go have a meal?” Qing Ya said coldly.

Shen Shuai swallowed his saliva and a drop of cold sweat flowed down from his forehead. Could it be that what this woman said just now was true! If what she said was true, what have I done…

Ye Hua did not have the intention to get involved in the matter and quietly watched this woman act cool.

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