You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 23 - Needle of speaking the truth

Chapter 23 – Needle of speaking the truth

Qing Ya’s face turned cold, this fellow is trying to start a problem, I will tolerate it for now!

Qing Chengren shook his head, I really cannot tolerate the way this young fellow speaks, “Huaxuan, let’s go out and have a chat, it is stuffy here.”

“Alright, dad.” Qing Huaxuan said displeasedly. If this guy wasn’t brought here by my daughter, I would have long kick him out of the house, this guy is just too impudent already!

In a moment, only 4 people were left in the living room. Long Aotian sneered and said, “What benefit did Ya’er give you, for you to actually pour out that much effort?”

To speak the truth, Ye Hua did not want to answer such a stupid question, “You ask her yourself.”

Qing Yutong went into a daze. This man sure is interesting, where did big sister found this weirdo from.

“Oh, I bought him for an entire lifetime.” Qing Ya seemed very calm, just as if she had bought a dog.

This arrogant woman, to even have the thought to buy me for an entire lifetime, if not for the child in your stomach, I would have long…

Long Aotian laughed sinisterly, since you all are not willing to speak, I will just have to make you all speak by force!

“Needle of speaking the truth!” The characteristics of this needle were that it was extremely quiet, and even if it was shot towards a person’s little bird, the person also wouldn’t be aware of it, furthermore, the needle was colorless and odorless too, it was an essential for Long Aotian to have when he leaves home.

Long Aotian could be seen flinging his index and middle finger, and a thin silver needle was shot towards Ye Hua.

At this moment, Ye Hua wanted to smash open this man’s head. To even dare to plot against me, but after thinking about it, I cannot kill people! If I were to kill now, my 5 years of hard work would all be wasted.

However, Ye Hua felt somewhat unexpected that this man actually knew some small tricks. The feeling of novelty is here again.

The silver needle that was in the air suddenly shot backward to Long Aotian, just like the bullet during that night. Long Aotian totally did not know what just happened, because this ‘needle of speaking the truth’ could not be felt by others.

Long Aotian laughed in his heart, I am going to expose this repulsive face of yours!

“Haha, there will be a day that I, Long Aotian, will possess all the most beautiful woman in this world, including the two of you. When that time comes, I will set up a harem chamber, and I will pick a different woman every night, hahahahaha, I am just too outstanding, let me stretch my waist for a moment.” Long Aotian said vehemently, acting as if he was number 1 under the heaven.



Qing Ya and Qing Yutong said indignantly. I didn’t expect that this Long Aotian would be even more arrogant than Ye Hua, to even want me and my sister to be a member of his harem chamber, go to hell!

Long Aotian was stupefied, what is wrong with me…my mouth is not listening to me!

“Let me tell you all, it is you guys’ blessing that I Long Aotian have an eye for you all. I am an immortal doctor, do you all know just what an immortal doctor is!? Immortal doctor is the kind of people that can cure people with his left hand, and kill people with his right hand!” Long Aotian hurriedly covered his mouth, why did I say out my biggest secret!

Could it be ‘needle of speaking the truth’? Incorrect! I had already shot out the needle just now, why was I the one who spoke the truth? I must not speak anymore! I definitely must not speak anymore, their impression of me is done for already! Just who is the one plotting against me in secret, is it this guy who has a handsome appearance? But that is impossible! Could it be that there was a problem when I flung out the needle? Yeah, that must have been why.

Qing Ya and Qing Yutong took a look at each other, there is a problem with this guy’s head!

Ye Hua smoked silently. Long Aotian? The name is indeed resounding, just that the person is a bit stupid.

Long Aotian wants to say, “I am not stupid!”

“Qing Ya, tangerine!” Ye Hua said indifferently, he was still very minding about Qing Ya peeling the tangerine for her grandpa just now.

Qing Ya said in disdain, “Don’t you have hands?”

“Brother-in-law, you want to eat tangerine? I will help you peel.” Qing Yutong swiftly picked up a tangerine as she starts slowly planning out her scheme.

Qing Ya snorted. She seemed as if she didn’t mind, but her eyes kept glancing towards Qing Yutong.

Long Aotian covered his mouth. He wanted to talk, but at the same time, he was afraid that he would speak out things that he doesn’t want to speak, and thus was only able to stare at them.

“Brother-in-law, here~”

A tangerine that was personally peeled by an international celebrity, tsk, tsk, tsk, it could definitely be sold for a high price. Meanwhile, Qing Yutong looked at her big sister’s expression and felt that there was definitely something fishy between Ye Hua and Qing Ya.

“Learn more from her.” Ye Hua took the tangerine and said towards Qing Ya.

“Big sister, did you hear that? Learn more from me.”

Long Aotian couldn’t stand it anymore, “Enough! I, Long Aotian am the leading role, you are all mine! Mine!”

At this time, Qing Chengren and Qing Huaxuan walked inside and Qing Chengren asked in a deep voice, “What’s the matter? What thing is yours?”

Qing Yutong’s eyes could be seen turning red as she stood up and jumped into her grandpa’s embrace and said with grief, “Grandpa, this Long Aotian is not satisfied with just having big sister, he even wants me to be his woman too, boohoohoo~ He is just too much.”

Qing Ya laughed, this little sister of mine is still the same as when she was small, to always like to mess around with other people.

Ye Hua silently look at Qing Yutong’s performance, is a mere Long Aotian worth it for you to drop your tears? Childish!

“Aotian, what is going on!” Seeing that her daughter was crying out like that, as a father, Qing Huaxuan immediately questioned.

Long Aotian, “Hmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm…”

Qing Chengren also felt that the Long Aotian today was very strange and said in a deep voice, “Aotian, how will you able to speak if you cover your mouth like that?”

“What else, he is just stupid.” Qing Ya suddenly said.

Long Aotian’s eyes were filled with bloodshot, why did everything become like this! What should have happened should have been me defeating this guy who is acting cool, and getting the elders’ cheers and heart of the 2 beautiful women afterward, why did it all become like this!!!

“No!” Long Aotian shouted out. Eh…the effect seemed to have expired.

“Just what is going on!” Qing Chengren asked solemnly, although Long Aotian is indeed quite a decent young guy, but if there is a problem with his moral character, I will have to think over it again.

Long Aotian explained hurriedly, “Grandpa Qing, it is not as you think, we were only just joking just now, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect Qing Yutong to take the joke seriously.”

Qing Ya crossed her arms and sneered, “Dare to say but don’t dare to admit.”

“That’s right.” Qing Yutong said in agreement. Those 2 women currently had the same enemy, and thus joined up together.

A bright idea suddenly occurred in Long Aotian’s mind and he could be seen apologizing, “I’m sorry, I admit my mistake.”

Qing Chengren and Qing Huaxuan more or less understood the situation, seems like it was those 2 girls messing around again.

“Alright, alright, it is about time to eat.” Qing Chengren smiled benevolently. In actual fact, he was still very fancy of this grandson-in-law of his.

Qing Ya stood up and did not say anything, and as for Qing Yutong, she looked at her big sister and felt that there would definitely be a show to watch later on.

As for Long Aotian, he was staring at Ye Hua. This man is too ruthless already, not sure just where did Qing Ya hire this actor from, this demon king aura that he is acting out is quite good, just him merely sitting there and smoke, it feels that he is very cool, perhaps I can also imitate him.

Qing Ya held onto Ye Hua’s arm, and walked towards the dining room with the others. This action made the elders felt very unpleasant, and Long Aotian almost flung out another ‘needle of speaking the truth’ again. I have not even enjoyed this kind of treatment, and that man actually shows forth such an indifferent look, this guy is too able to act!

If it was not for my needle flinging skills being not up to standard, today would have been your judgment day.

Suddenly, Qing Chengren’s footsteps came to a halt. Looking at a painting on the wall, he smiled, “Aotian, look at this painting, I bought it a few days ago.”

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