You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 24 - Promise me one small condition

Chapter 24 – Promise me one small condition

Ye Hua sized up the painting indifferently, this is a bit interesting, he actually bought a fake painting.

Qing Ya also saw the painting, the painting was the same as the one that was hung inside Ye Hua’s bedroom, it was Pablo Picasso’s work, ‘Garçon à la pipe’.

Long Aotian laughed lightly, it is finally my turn, Grandpa Qing sure is a nice person, creating an opportunity for me to cool.

Long Aotian could be seen observing the painting attentively, then crying out in surprise, “Could it be that this is Pablo Picasso’s work?!”

“Aotian sure is remarkable.” Qing Chengren was very satisfied. Secretly taking a look at her own granddaughter, he discovered that she did not have any reaction at all.

Long Aotian continued and said, “This painting was created in the year 1905, it is one of the representative work of Picasso’s Rose Period, and it is even praised by critics that it possesses the same mysterious feeling that Leonardo da Vinci’s work, Mona Lisa, possessed. In the end, it was sold at an auction that was held in London at the sky-high price of 100million usd.”

Qing Huaxuan smiled, this son-in-law of mine is experienced and knowledgeable too.

Qing Chengren smiled to the point that his eyes were squinted into a line, as he praised, “Seems like Aotian’s understanding towards painting is very deep huh, it is very rare for young people these days to have this kind of capability.”

Long Aotian was feeling super great, seemingly as if he had already seen the look of adoration those 2 sisters had on their face, “You are flattering me, I just understand a bit about painting, that’s all. However, the value of this kind of paintings are getting higher and higher, I’m not sure just how much Grandpa Qing paid for the painting?”

“Not much, only 150million.”

Long Aotian was astonished, isn’t this Qing Family just too well off already? To actually just place a painting that is worth more than a 100million like this in the corridor…Doesn’t this mean that, in the future, I will be basically lying within a huge pile of money?! Just thinking about it is making me feel so excited.

Look at that guy that has a foolish expression on his face, I reckon that he hasn’t seen such an expensive painting in his life.

“Mister Ye, I’m not sure if you have any wise opinions about this painting?” Long Aotian asked with a smile, evidently having the intention of letting Ye Hua make a fool out of himself.

Qing Ya went into a daze, as she thought to herself, Ye Hua wouldn’t say that this painting is fake right…

“It’s fake.”

However, Ye Hua said what exactly Qing Ya thought he would say. After finish speaking, everyone all went into a daze, including Qing Ya and Qing Yutong.

Long Aotian felt great. Act! Act more! Look, now you have finally over-acted huh, to actually say that the painting is fake, hahaha!!!

“Ye Hua, don’t anyhow say.” Qing Ya pulled onto Ye Hua’s sleeve and said in a small voice. Grandpa personally likes to collect famous paintings, and yet you actually say that the painting is fake in front of him, grandpa will definitely not feel happy about it. Grandpa being unhappy towards you is definitely not a good thing towards our future.

It must be said that Qing Ya was already thinking very far off in the future. After all, right now, they were already husband and wife, and even have a baby too. If not, were they really going to divorce in the future and let the child grow up in a single family? Qing Ya could not bear with letting her child grow up in an environment like that. It would perhaps be a bit unfair for me, but it is nothing much, since in any case, I will also have to find a husband in the future. Although Ye Hua likes to act like a big boss, his heart is still counted as good, after all, he actually practically donated all of his money to charity and was only left with 2 dollars.

“Why do you say that Mister Ye?” Long Aotian asked hurriedly because Qing Chengren’s face was already black.

Ye Hua really wanted to smack this insect with his palm, this guy sure is long-winded! But I cannot make a move myself, I will let Lie Gu or Wei Chang deal with him later on. The consequence of me making a move myself is too horrible to contemplate.

Ye Hua was too lazy to explain, “Qing Ya knows.”

Eh…everyone all looked towards the dazed out Qing Ya.

Qing Ya was having a headache, this man actually pulled me down into the water with him, I have never seen such a bad man before.

“Big sister, you also think that this painting is fake?” Qing Yutong asked curiously.

Qing Ya knew her little sister was going to attack her while she is down, the alliance that was formed just a while ago immediately crumbled.

“Ye Hua has a same painting hang up in his room.” Since it has come to this point, I will just have to help Ye Hua. If not what, say that Ye Hua is wrong?

Ye Hua felt somewhat unexpected. When this woman saw the painting in my room, this wasn’t the expression that she had on her face. However, this expression of hers, it isn’t bad.

Long Aotian laughed, Qing Chengren and Qing Huaxuan also laughed. Shaking their head, they did not say anything and continued walking towards the dining room.

Qing Yutong pouted her mouth, there is something wrong with big sister’s condition today, isn’t she being too protective of that man? Wait a moment! Room! Big sister went into this man’s room before! My god!!!

Qing Ya slowed down her footsteps and said in a low voice, “Ye Hua, later on when we are eating, can you please not anyhow speak? You said that you will listen to me.”

What an ignorant woman.

“Promise me one condition.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

“You!” Qing Ya ‘s lung was about to burst with rage, this guy is actually talking about condition with me.

“Say!” Qing Ya who had no other choice decided to admit defeat for now.

After listening to Ye Hua’s request, Qing Ya loudly scolded Ye Hua for being shameless, shameless to the extreme, to actually want me to do that kind of thing, scoundrel, bastard, taking another inch when you are already given an inch!!!

Bearing with her the pain in her chest, Qing Ya said coldly, “Alright, I promise you, if you dare to anyhow speak again…”

“Be at ease, I will keep my promise.”

“There would be something wrong with me if I believe you!”

Qing Family’s dining room was also exceptionally big, the people who were preparing the meal were all top-notch chefs within the country, and at the side, there were even maids to attend to the members of Qing Family and guests, this was practically just like the lifestyle of an emperor.

Ye Hua lamented a little, thinking back to the past, I also lived like this, but who would have thought that right now, the more that I live…whether if my life is getting better, or becoming worse, I myself am also not sure which is it.

En? Those utensils are all produced from Europe and looking at the design, those utensils must be royal products. Seems like this Qing Family is indeed rich to an insane point.

Wang Muqing and Zi Han carried Grandma Mei Xunshuang to the dining room. When Mei Xunshuang saw Ye Hua, she could be seen immediately shouting, “Grandson-in-law, when are you going to have a child with Yutong? Grandma is still waiting to carry a great-grandson.”

Ye Hua did not speak. If that woman wants to get my lineage, she still has to go and continue training her temperament first. Not just any woman is able to get pampered by me. Qing Ya being able to bear my child is just an unexpected accident.

“Grandma, he is my brother-in-law!” Qing Yutong somewhat could not stand it anymore, let alone the others. The others could only smile awkwardly, after all, grandma’s sickness was just like this.

Qing Chengren sat on the main seat and laughed, “Everyone, sit down and eat.”

In Ye Hua’s mind, he was thinking back, just how many years has it been since I sat on the lower seats, who would have thought that because of this foolish woman, I am sitting on the lower seats right now. If this image was to get spread out, it would be a disaster! At that time, I will have no choice but to kill all of them to prevent it from getting spread out furthermore.

Without a doubt, Qing Ya sat beside Ye Hua, to prevent Ye Hua from babbling out nonsense. Ye Hua was truly a man who made other worries.

As for Qing Yutong, she sat on the other side of Ye Hua. This brother-in-law sure is interesting, it feels like he has big sister tightly grasped in his hand.

Long Aotian sat across Qing Ya and Ye Hua, and his face did not look very good. Why is that man able to have two beautiful women each sitting at both of his sides, and yet there is not a single beautiful woman sitting beside me!

Wang Muqing was able to see that Long Aotian was feeling unhappy, and thus took a glare at her daughter and said, “Qing Ya, sit together with Aotian.”

“Mom, I am a woman who has a husband, how can I sit together with other men, Ye Hua will get angry.” Qing Ya said calmly.

Qing Huaxuan shouted with a deep voice, “Enough! There must also be a limit to how much you are going to act!”

Qing Ya pouted her mouth, did not explain anything, and also did not stood up. In any case, she was not going to move from her seat.

As for Qing Chengren, he was carefully sizing up Ye Hua. The feeling that this man gives me is very strange, there is a trace of disdain within his calmness, and a trace of arrogant aura within his indifference. If he is an actor that Qing Ya hired, isn’t his acting skills just too good already?

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