You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 31 - The best actress that run errands

Chapter 31 – The best actress that run errands 1/2

Qing Ya could be seen walking up, holding onto Ye Hua’s arm and said lovingly, “Darling, let’s quickly leave~”

Upon seeing that, Qing Yutong immediately understood her big sister’s intention. Big sister is thinking of destroying the bar’s business and make brother-in-law go bankrupt, this is interesting!

Qing Yutong also walked up, held onto Ye Hua’s other arm and said in a low voice, “Brother-in-law, let’s quickly leave, the movie is about to start already.”

In just those few moments, 10+ women could be seen standing up and leaving the bar, and in the end, there were only 3 customers remaining! Looking at the expression of those customers, it seems that they only came here with the intention to get drunk…

Wei Chang sighed, if this continues on, we are really going to go bankrupt…

The workers and security guards of the bar were also helpless, ever since the boss openly brought the woman back home, the business had not been going well. Right now, he even brought 2 women back home, and they are even twin sisters, how could the customers not feel angry…After all, the women who came here to drink all mainly came for the purpose of looking at the boss.

Tang Wei looked at the boss and the twin sisters, her heart was already a lot calmer right now, seemingly not being infatuated with the boss anymore. Turning her head around and taking a look at Wei Chang, she thought to herself, Uncle Wei is much more amiable compared to the boss, not only is he considerate and knows how to care for others, he is also the type of uncle that is handsome.

“Satisfied?” Ye Hua said in a deep voice.

Qing Ya and Qing Yutong immediately let go of Ye Hua’s arm, seemingly as if nothing had happened and walked out of the bar in large strides.

In the past, just one Qing Ya was already annoying enough, and right now, there is a sister-in-law too, and from the looks of it, this sister-in-law is not any good thing too. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have allowed her to come to stay with us. Qing Ya was right this time, adding one more bed is not as simple as adding a pair of chopsticks!

Coming out of the bar, Ye Hua took a look around, in the past, at this timing, it would be packed with people, but right now, the situation is actually miserable to this point!

Qing Ya secretly took a look at Ye Hua and felt incredibly great from her feet to her head. Anger you this scoundrel to death! Do you really think that I am that easy to provoke, to actually make me peel crayfishes, I will make you go bankrupt!

“Drive the car.” Qing Ya said towards her little sister and Qing Yutong spread out her hands.

The sisters sat at the front and Ye Hua sat the back alone like a big boss. It is too difficult to educate this Qing Ya, my head really hurts just from thinking about it, I didn’t expect that there would come a day where I would be worried for a woman.

Chapter 31 – The best actress that run errands 2/2

After 10+ minutes, they arrived at All Things Shopping Center, services like drinking, eating and entertainment were all available at this shopping center. All Things Cinema was a high grade cinema, one ticket alone cost close to 100rmb, towards ordinary consumers, this was a really high price.

However, because Avengers 3 was screening, for the purpose of seeking after high grade enjoyment, a lot of people came here to watch Avengers 3. If not for Qing Yutong having booked the tickets online in advance, it was reckoned that there wouldn’t be any tickets available for the 3 of them today.

When Ye Hua brought along Qing Ya and Qing Yutong and appeared at the shopping center, everyone stopped in their footsteps and their face revealed out an astonished expression, because those 2 twin sisters looked too identical, seemingly just like they are the same person, and the important point was that, they were very beautiful too!

A model with a 1.75m height was bound to have a pair of super long beautiful legs, although their clothes were ordinary, but their entirety temperament was extremely great, it must be said that, those 2 sisters were too bright for the eyes!

The other person that was much brighter for the eyes was that man, his temperament was a bit aloof, although there were 2 women that were as beautiful as fairies at his sides, but there was not a trace of complacent that could be seen from his eyes, seemingly like everything was normal and how it should be, as if those 2 women should instead be honored that they were able to walk by his sides.

An attractiveness index combination like this, it was really formidable, the men would look at the 2 beautiful women, and the women would look at the handsome man, not interfering with each other at all.

The 3 of them straightforwardly came to All Things Cinema, and there was actually quite a huge amount of people that were waiting to enter the cinema. Qing Ya said towards her little sister, “Get the tickets and buy snacks.”

Qing Yutong pursed her lips, “Big sister, when did you become this lazy…”

“I learned from your brother-in-law. When you were not here, all those work were all done by me, and since you are here now, those work will be done by you. Of course, you can also choose to go and stay at a hotel too.” Qing Ya spread out her hands and said helplessly.

Ye Hua did not speak. This Qing Ya is thinking of driving away this Qing Yutong. However, it is also good to drive this Qing Yutong away, this Qing Yutong is not someone easy to deal with too, and adding on with the fact that she is Qing Ya’s little sister, there is no way that I would actually seriously deal with her.

Wait, wrong! Why would I care about the relationship of humans…

After listening, Qing Yutong opened her sexy small mouth and pointed to the two of them, “Big sister, brother-in-law, you two…how can you two bully a young lady like this.”

“There is a lot of people queuing up, go quickly and come back quickly, I want sprite and popcorn.” Ye Hua said indifferently.

“I want coke and popcorn.” Qing Ya imitated Ye Hua’s tone and said.

Qing Yutong had an expression of feeling unbelievable, after restraining herself for a bit, she said, “You two sure are big bosses!”

Ye Hua and Qing Ya did not pay attention to Qing Yutong and found a seat to sit down and wait. Without choice, the helpless Qing Yutong came to the front of Ye Hua and stretched out her hand towards him.

“What are you doing?” Ye Hua asked.

“Buying things cost money, give me money!” Qing Yutong said angrily.

“I don’t have any, find your big sister.”

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t bring any money, find your brother-in-law.” Qing Ya immediately dispel her little sister’s thought of asking her for money. She is not flying into a rage after all this? When did my little sister’s temper become this good?

Ye Hua’s brows wrinkled, “As a woman, do you not bring any money with you when you leave the house?!”

“As a man, do you not bring any money with you when you leave the house?!” Qing Ya replied coldly.

Seeing that the two people were about to start quarreling again, Qing Yutong surrendered, “You two don’t quarrel, I will go and buy okay!”

Ye Hua and Qing Ya snorted, both of them not bothering with one another at all.

Qing Yutong who was queuing up to buy things felt very gloomy, I am a famous best actress, during the afternoon, I was even chased after by a group of fans, and right now, I actually became a person that run errands. This contrast is indeed a bit big, but at the same time, it is very interesting!

Brother-in-law is a man who doesn’t walk the normal path, and big sister’s change is extraordinarily big, as if she had become a different person, could the saying of being foolish for 3 years when you get pregnant be true?

After waiting for 10+ minutes, Qing Yutong finally accomplished her task without any mishap.

“My two boss, here are the things you two wanted.”

Ye Hua took a look at Qing Ya, and the latter immediately understood what he was trying to say. Even a straw, you also want me to help you insert it? Do you have to be this lazy! Do you even want to continue living on cheerfully?

Qing Yutong didn’t understand, I had already bought the things that you two wanted, why are you two still having this kind of expression, are you two enemies in your past life?!

Looking at Ye Hua’s threatening expression, Qing Ya felt very irritated, however, since there are a lot of people here, I will give him a bit of face, when we go back, I will properly give him a lesson!

After Qing Ya’s stretched out her hand and inserted the straw into the sprite, Ye Hua’s face finally became better. Upon seeing that, Qing Yutong who was at the side almost spat out her drink. There is even this kind of operation?! Do brother-in-law have something on big sister, if not, why is big sister that obedient?

“People with the ticket of the screening of Avengers 3 at 8.10pm can enter the cinema now!”

“People with the ticket of the screening of Avengers 3 at 8.10pm can enter the cinema now!”

“People with the ticket of the screening of Avengers 3 at 8.10pm can enter the cinema now!”

The broadcast rang out 3 times, they were finally able to enter into the cinema. Qing Yutong was exhilarated, whereas Ye Hua and Qing Ya on the other hand were very calm and collected, seemingly not very interested in the movie, especially Ye Hua!

Don’t need to say, Ye Hua sat in the middle like a big boss, and Qing Ya and Qing Yutong sat at his sides.

The entire movie was about 2 hours. Ye Hua expresses that he was only interested in Thanos.

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