You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 30 - Just like twin sisters

Chapter 30 – Just like twin sisters 1/2

Seeing that her big sister herself was not eating and was instead peeling the crayfishes for Ye Hua to eat, Qing Yutong was dumbfounded. Weren’t they quarreling just a moment ago? It was undoubtedly brother-in-law who admitted defeated first, but why does the situation now seem like big sister admitted defeat instead?

Towards the Qing Ya tonight, Ye Hua was very satisfied, it feels a bit more like she is my wife now.

Gradually, half of the crayfishes were finished, Qing Ya wrinkled her brows and continued peeling, but right now, her fingers were starting to feel a little bit pain, after all, before today, those 2 hands of hers were carefully taken good care of by her, and furthermore, she did not have any skills in peeling crayfish.

Qing Ya was just this kind of woman, whatever that she said she would do, she would do it, no matter how hard the process would be, she must also fulfill her own promise.

“Alright, you can stop.” Ye Hua shouted faintly and picked up the crayfish meat that was in his bowl and passed it over to Qing Ya.

The obstinate Qing Ya did not give Ye Hua any face at all as she placed the crayfish meat back into Ye Hua’s bowl and continued peeling.

Qing Yutong lightly sighed, big sister is still as obstinate as always.

Ye Hua did not speak, I seem to have discovered another merit of Qing Ya, perhaps she is not that foolish as I thought.

Finally, all of the crayfishes were peeled finish by Qing Ya and Ye Hua’s bowl was filled full with crayfish meat.

Looking at her fingers that had turned red, Qing Ya was very sad, her fingers sort of felt like they were scorching.

“Eat a bit.” Ye Hua placed his bowl to the front of Qing Ya and said lightly.

I will count it that you still have a bit of conscience!

Qing Ya took off the gloves, picked up a piece of crayfish meat, mixed it around in the broth, and eat it contentedly. It is really delicious~

Ye Hua silently looked at Qing Ya. Just a moment ago, she still had a sad-looking expression on her face, but after eating a piece of crayfish meat, she looks as if she is intoxicated, this is truly peculiar.

Qing Yutong felt that she was right to follow along with the 2 of them today. Those 2 are truly very amusing.

“Big sister, how about we go out and watch a movie later on? Avengers 3 you know, its super good.” Qing Yutong suggested.

Qing Ya who was eating the crayfish meat said faintly, “Ask him.”

“Brother-in-law~ Let’s go~ The movie is super good~” When a big celebrity starts acting coquettishly, there is not a man that could resist it, of course, Ye Hua was the only exception.

Feeling that Qing Ya’s performance was not bad and should be rewarded, Ye Hua said, “Okay.”

“Yay~ Big sister, let’s go and prepare, I have to be fully equipped first before we leave~” Qing Yutong said excitedly, totally oblivious to the fact that she had already tacitly approved Ye Hua as the head of the house, having to seek Ye Hua’s approval before being able to do some things.

Ye Hua took a piece of napkin and wiped his mouth, then stood up and sat on the sofa. I do not have to speak today and Qing Ya is already taking the initiative to clean up, I am very gratified, she is heading and developing towards a good direction. Hmmm, furthermore, after she cleaned up, she also didn’t complain too, not bad, not bad.

Qing Ya laughed in her heart, do you feel that I am being a lot more obedient right now? Ye Hua, let me tell you, this is but a false appearance! Scoundrel, to actually dare to make me peel that much crayfishes, I will definitely take revenge on you for this!

Chapter 30 – Just like twin sisters 2/2

Since Ye Hua’s sister-in-law had to dress and groom up, Ye Hua let her use the bedroom and came to the office to smoke.

Not sure if that Long Aotian have been disposed of yet.

Evidently, it wasn’t going to be that quick. Although Death Assassin had an excellent capability of looking for people, but he also needs time, after all, his strength was not that sickeningly powerful like Wei Chang.

After continuously smoking 2 cigarettes, Ye Hua was starting to feel a bit impatient. Is there a need to dress up for such a long time! Do you all think that you all are going to participate in a beauty contest! To actually make me wait for such a long time!

Standing up and leaving the office, Ye Hua straightforwardly pushed the door and walked into the bedroom. Qing Ya could be seen sitting at one side and carefully doing her make up while holding a makeup mirror with one of her hand. Seeing that, Ye Hua couldn’t help but said, “You are already pretty enough, is there a need to do your make up for so long!”

Qing Ya paused for a moment, looked at Ye Hua and said faintly, “Am I really that pretty?”

Ye Hua wrinkled his brows, this woman likes to ask questions which she already knows the answer of, “Don’t make me answer such a foolish question!”

“Is this question very foolish?!” The bathroom door could be seen being opened, and another Qing Ya walked out of the bathroom.

Ye Hua was a bit astonished as he looked at the 2 Qing Ya. They are actually not distinguishable with the naked eyes! This Qing Yutong’s makeup skill is really good!

However, what can be confirmed is that the Qing Ya that walked out of the bathroom is the real one, and the one that is still doing her makeup is Qing Yutong.

Qing Ya was using the bathroom just now and heard the conversation between Ye Hua and Qing Yutong. This fellow said that I am pretty, I will count that you are tactful! Knowing how to speak a few words that are pleasant to hear. However, just thinking that my little sister is dressing up as me again, my head is starting to hurt!

Actually, the 2 sisters still had a bit of resemblance even though they have different mothers. Both of their height was at around 1.75m, and there was also not much difference between both of their body type. Adding on with Qing Yutong’s makeup skill, since she was able to deceive Ye Hua, there was no need to speak about other people. Right now, when the two of them stand side by side, they look just like the same person.

Qing Yutong even imitated Qing Ya’s hairstyle and clothing. A simple ponytail, white color t-shirt, slim-fit jeans, pure and not too sexy, especially with the pair of super long legs that the 2 women had, it was simply shining to the point that it was able to blind one’s eyes.

Ye Hua discovered that this Qing Yutong’s acting skills was not bad, being able to perfectly imitate Qing Ya’s expression and demeanor. If I really have to find a difference between the two, I will have to look at the curve of their chest, Qing Ya belonged to being normal, and Qing Yutong belonged to being relatively plump. If I don’t look at their chest, it is really difficult to differentiate who is who, unless I use my abilities.

“Why did you dress up as me again!” Qing Ya shouted at the little sister. Back when I was studying, this little sister of mine would always like to dress up as me and do bad things, and in the end, it would always be me having to carry the blame, this little sister of mine is simply bad to the brim!

Qing Yutong immediately smiled, and the character that she was imitating immediately collapsed. Holding onto her big sister’s arm, she said sweetly, “Big sister, we are sisters, it is normal that we look alike, if not, no matter how much I do the makeup, I also wouldn’t be able to look completely like you.”

“What’s more, if I don’t dress up as big sister, who else can I dress up as.” Speaking up to here, Qing Yutong started acting a bit sad, her acting skills as a best actress was being shown here again.

Although Qing Ya didn’t really like this little sister of hers at all, but at the least, she was still her little sister, and they were blood-related.

“This is the last time!”

“Muacks~” Qing Yutong kissed onto Qing Ya’s cheek. Qing Ya felt very uncomfortable, she discovered that her little sister had changed a lot ever since she came back.

Ye Hua looked indifferently at those 2 sisters messed around, not having any bits of billow in his heart at all, even if he was faced against such an alluring scene.

“Let’s go.” Ye Hua said indifferently, he didn’t like to drag things.

Qing Ya shouted, “We are not even in a hurry, as a big man, what are you even being in a hurry for.”

Ye Hua remained silent, I really don’t want to quarrel with this woman, it will only just pull down my IQ.

It was 7pm night right now, accordingly to the past situations, it was the time where the bar’s business would gradually start getting busy. But when Ye Hua took a look at the bar today, the customers that were in the bar was at least 50% lesser than what he expected! What is going on, could it be that I am being targeted by someone?

Seeing that the boss appeared, all of the women that were at the bar began exclaiming in astonishment, the boss is handsome to the max!

But when they saw 2 beautiful twin sisters walking down form upstairs, their face immediately turned black. In the past, the boss was always alone, although they didn’t really hope that they would be able to be together with the boss, but at the least, there was still a bit of hope. But right now, even that little bit of hope was no more, the boss was enchanted by those 2 twin sisters, and furthermore, those 2 twin sisters were that beautiful too. Immediately, the women in the bar did not have the mood to continue staying at the bar anymore.

In just a few seconds, 5 women stood up and left the bar, and even snorted as they left.

Qing Ya felt extremely great when she saw that. The best would be that you become bankrupt and become deep in poverty! At that time, I will magnanimously provide for you, and I will see if you still dare to be that naughty!

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