You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 612 (Voidless Realm Exposed)

Chapter 612 (Voidless Realm Exposed)

Bai Cixin thought that the Peace Association was their competitor, but she didn't expect it to be just a pawn in Qing Tiandi's hands. No wonder it was so easy to reach a consensus.

"Brother Qing, why did you suddenly bring us back?" Wang Dabao asked curiously.

"Oh, a very powerful character has arrived. If I didn't bring you back, you'd probably be dead," Qing Tiandi said, folding the tissue and throwing it into the trash can.

"A powerful character?" Bai Cixin was puzzled.

"It's the one I mentioned last time," Qing Tiandi chuckled.

Bai Cixin and Wang Dabao were shocked. Qing Tiandi did mention it last time, but he also said it was a joke. How did it become true?

Seeing their surprised expressions, Qing Tiandi said lightly, "You did a good job on this mission. Just say that the 300,000 heads were taken by Voidless Realm. Since there are no witnesses, you can say whatever you want."

Jiu Ye's mouth twitched. He was so venomous, creating something out of nothing!

Bai Cixin fell silent. She originally wanted to live a good life with her husband after this matter was over...

Wang Dabao was waiting for his wife's decision. As long as his wife said to withdraw, he would follow without hesitation.

But now Bai Cixin was worried about Qing Tiandi. This man was capricious, and she and her husband knew too much. How could he let them go? Killing them and covering it up would be the norm!

"What should we do next?" Bai Cixin breathed a sigh of relief and asked in a soft voice.

Wang Dabao looked disappointed. His wife still didn't want to let go of power. Was power really that tempting?

But he misunderstood his wife this time. Bai Cixin didn't want herself and her husband to be killed.

Qing Tiandi leaned back on the sofa and laughed softly, "Just spread the news, and don't worry about anything else."

"Yes!" Jiu Ye respectfully replied.

"Yes!" Bai Cixin could only agree. Wang Dabao nodded too. Since his wife had made a decision, he would help her.

In the Voidless Realm, the two little guys who were originally bored soon became happy again and continued to play.

But as the Supreme Overlord, Ye Hua couldn't calm down for a moment. It was supposed to be a good day today, with everything planned and waiting for the actors to come on stage. Who would have thought that they would all die on the way? It was really weak...

"Honey, it's okay, don't be angry," Qing Ya put her hands on her husband's shoulders and gently massaged them.

Even the Empress was sitting next to him, peeling fruit for Ye Hua. It was just like coaxing a child.

However, being served by the most beautiful woman in the world, Ye Hua felt a little better. Indeed, a woman's tenderness is a good thing to put out the fire.

Looking at her husband's gloomy expression, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi actually wanted to laugh.

Yesterday, they were still discussing lines and even the postures they would take. But today, they were stood up. How funny!

"Ye Hua, do you think they will pin the blame on Voidless Realm?" Donghuang Baizhi peeled a grape and fed it to her husband.

Ye Hua enjoyed the Empress's service and replied in a deep voice, "Of course."

It was uncomfortable to think about. If he killed the person himself, he wouldn't say anything. But now, everyone was dead without even coming to him, not even having the chance to show off.

He felt like the other side had won a game, and he wasn't happy about it. He had been outside for hours and felt even worse.

"What is their purpose in doing this?" Donghuang Baizhi asked curiously. She wasn't too worried. Her husband was so powerful, and all she had to do was stand beside him and cheer him on while showing her admiration.

Isn't that what men want from their women? Just satisfy her husband.

"What else? To make the Voidless Realm the enemy of the world," Qing Ya said coldly, her eyes flashing with a cold light. These people were really wicked!

To become the enemy of the world?

Ye Hua hadn't thought about that. If he really became the enemy of the world, wouldn't there be more people coming to their deaths?

He thought Qing Ya's idea was good. Let's become the enemy of the world, and invite millions of people to come. That would be exciting and spectacular!

"These people are so bad," Donghuang Baizhi pouted.

Ye Hua glanced at her and said, "Yeah, they're too bad."

"Husband, do you have any good ideas?" Donghuang Baizhi asked softly. With such a powerful man protecting her, she had to show her weakness and let her husband's vanity soar.

Ye Hua didn't know that as long as they had a request, they would call him "husband" left and right. If they didn't ask for anything, they would just call him Ye Hua. It was so practical.

"Yes," Ye Hua said calmly, as if he had everything under control, with a "I have the world in my palms" look.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi listened attentively.

"We just wait. The conspiracy will naturally surface," Ye Hua didn't want to take the initiative, which would make him look stupid, as he had been before.

"Do we wait for someone else to attack us?" Donghuang Baizhi felt that her husband only cared about completing the task, and didn't care about anything else.

Qing Ya understood Ye Hua's situation and kept silent, which could be considered a tacit support.

"Even the biggest conspiracy will be exposed one day, aren't you curious?" Ye Hua whispered.

Indeed, curiosity could cost one's life, as the Qing Tiandi had used the heads of 300,000 people to shift blame and cover up his schemes.

In Ye Hua's eyes, the death toll was nothing. He had seen more ruthless acts, such as the sacrifice of a million lives to forge weapons. What was 300,000 compared to that?

The next day, a ferocious storm swept across the world.

This was a public criticism meeting! It was about Voidless Realm cruelly killing 300,000 people! The means were extremely brutal!

In the past, this kind of thing was only known by people in the circle, but this time it was made public. Even many people did not know what Voidless Realm was, but they had killed 300,000 people. This is too cruel.

Ignorant netizens immediately labeled the Voidless Realm with a big hat, and some even called for them to be burned down. But the criticism didn't stop there. Voidless Realm's tyranny was also revealed, with their frequent genocide and killing. All the bad things were reported.

As for good things, they didn't exist. Even on the front pages of major news outlets, there were pictures of the Empress.

This was the first time the Empress's appearance had been made public, and it immediately captured the hearts of thousands of men. She was too beautiful, simply indescribable by words.

Trying to describe her beauty was a kind of blasphemy and insult to the Empress.

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