You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 613 (Public Enemy)

Chapter 613 (Public Enemy)

However, could such a beautiful woman be a killer? All male comrades expressed doubt.

However, someone released the video of the fight between the North and South, which showed the cruel side of the Empress to the world.

Watching the Empress order the killing of those begging for mercy, everyone felt fear and indignation.

How could a woman have so much power, and who gave it to her?

However, many young people were attracted by the Empress's cold and ruthless demeanor. She was a goddess, killing people without hesitation, even slaughtering hundreds of thousands!

So domineering!

Of course, this was only a minority. Most people protested against the Voidless Realm and even called for it to leave China.

This trend was getting stronger and stronger, and some even wanted to organize another attack. When they heard that it was in the Yellow Sand, they demanded that the Voidless Realm surrender!

The slogan of overthrowing the Voidless Realm swept the world, and this extremely cruel Voidless Realm that had never been heard of before was wiped out in one fell swoop! 300,000 people, my god!

In ancient times, two armies fighting was normal, but in modern times, 300,000 was a very large number.

At this moment, in the Voidless Realm, Ye Hua was holding a tablet, watching his wife's figure, feeling a sense of vanity in his heart.

This is the woman's true self, the woman who always acts like a spoiled child in his arms. You idiots!

Qing Ya and Donghuang Bai Zhi were also watching the news, their faces turning red with anger as all their dirty conduct was aired.

As expected, good things do not go beyond the doorstep, and bad news travels a thousand miles.

"Baizhi, this cover photo is great, beautiful! Too beautiful! I'm so happy!" Ye Hua burst out laughing, wanting nothing more than to roll around in bed with the Empress.

Donghuang Baizhi gave her husband a playful glance. What's the point of thinking about this now?

"Look at her posture and expression when giving orders, it's so flattering to me! Baizhi, you did a great job! Very good!" Ye Hua continued to praise his wife, and this was probably the first time he had praised her so much.

Qing Ya was not happy, wondering why she wasn't being praised. They were both his wives, it was unfair.

But in her heart, Qing Ya thought that she also wanted to do something significant in the future and be praised by her husband, to make him proud of her.

Perhaps Ye Hua didn't know that by praising the Empress, he had set Qing Ya on a path to gain his praise. It was quite amazing.

Maybe it was contagious, but Donghuang Baizhi looked at her own photo and covered her face, saying, "I look so ugly..."

Qing Ya poked the Empress's forehead and laughed, "If you're ugly, what does that make me?"

"Qing Ya, you're much prettier than me."

"Where am I prettier? Look at our husband, he likes your cold and aloof appearance the most."

"Really? How come I feel like my husband likes your gentle appearance more?"

Ye Hua glanced at them and thought to himself, 'Women, always comparing themselves to others.'

He looked at the news report and felt quite satisfied. The negative publicity was overwhelming, but it felt good and made him happy! He wondered if they would dare to take action and whether he should lend a hand. Hmm...that was a tricky question.

The two women noticed their husband lost in thought and curiously asked, "Ye Hua, what are you thinking about?"


"We have become the target of condemnation now. Sigh..." Donghuang Baizhi let out a soft sigh. Originally, she existed to protect the North, but now she was framed and in this state. It was definitely painful. If her father found out, he would surely beat her up. She had ruined the once virtuous realm.

Thinking back, it seemed like after reconciling with Ye Hua, the realm began to deteriorate, and she followed suit.

This bad man always knew how to corrupt his wife. Now, even she likes to show off...

Looking at the cover, it was indeed beautiful. As expected, the Empress wouldn't embarrass her husband.

Qing Ya was a bit envious and thought about how she could become famous as well. How could she do that?

Ye Hua chuckled, "This is considered going international, even though the reputation isn't good."

"So, should we just wait?" Qing Ya curiously asked.

"Does the Empress want to take the initiative? Or do you want to clear your name? It doesn't matter how you explain it now. You've already been labeled as a ruthless villain." Ye Hua spoke softly. In fact, this was also good. Nobody was willing to be the villain, so he didn't mind taking on that role.

Donghuang Baizhi understood the logic behind Ye Hua's words.

"You two talk, I'll go see Jue Tian." After speaking, Ye Hua disappeared. It was so convenient, he saved a lot of transportation costs.

The poorest Overlord in history.

Returning to the Leisure Bar, Ye Hua entered Yutong's room. Ye Zizi was playing PUBG, and Jue Tian was lying in her arms.

"Is Jue Tian feeling better?" Ye Hua sat on his sister-in-law's bed and asked.

"Your Honor, wait a minute, we're in the final round."

Ye Hua shook his head. Ye Zizi had quite the gaming addiction.

Originally, Ye Zizi was supposed to finish their daily chicken dinner, but somehow they got sniped by someone.

Ye Zizi was shocked, they were actually sniped by someone!

In a hurry, Ye Zizi switched to the death replay and realized that they were killed from such a far distance.

Damn, it must be a hacker!

With a pout, Ye Zizi casually pinched Jue Tian's ears to relieve some frustration.

Jue Tian had been dizzy for so long that Ye Zizi had pinched him in various ways.

"This guy's injuries are almost healed. He should wake up soon, but it may take a long time to recover his strength." Ye Zizi pinched the back of Jue Tian's neck and grinned.

Meanwhile, Jue Tian was like a dead cat, completely limp.

"Give him to me."


Ye Hua also seized Jue Tian's neck and decided to return him to them to avoid the annoyance of Brittany asking about the situation from time to time.

Pinching the lifeless cat, Ye Hua arrived at the Dongfang Mansion. Surprisingly, no one was in the lobby. She sensed Brittany's presence in the backyard.

When Ye Hua arrived at the backyard, she was slightly taken aback.

She saw Dongfang Yuer and Guan Yanxin carefully teaching Brittany how to trim the branches, and Brittany was very serious about it.

Brittany was really something to still be doing this at such a time. The power of love was indeed great.

"Ahem!" Ye Hua cleared her throat.

The three beautiful women were surprised and respectfully greeted her, "Greetings, Your Honor!"

"Continue." Ye Hua threw Jue Tian in her hand.

Poor Jue Tian made an arc in the air, and Brittany quickly caught him, pouting and calling out, "Your Honor~"

Jue Tian, who was in a coma, was often tossed around by others, and it was going to be even worse in the future.

"Your man's injuries are healed, don't come asking about him every day!" Ye Hua said in a deep voice.

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