You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 614 (Letter Of Condolences)

Chapter 614 (Letter Of Condolences)

After Ye Hua left, Dongfang Yuer curiously asked, "This...?"

Brittany touched Jue Tian's fur and smiled lightly, "This is Jue Tian."

"Ah!" Guan Yan exclaimed in surprise. They had never seen Jue Tian's true form before.

They never expected that the man they liked was actually a cute little cat.

"So cute," Dongfang Yuer said indifferently. Compared to the skeleton they had in their team, Jue Tian was much cuter.

Brittany also smiled sweetly, "Yes, I've never hugged him before. He's really obedient."

"I want to hug him too," Guan Yanxin said, wanting to take the opportunity to tease Jue Tian. He usually had a cold face, which made her hesitant to make a move.

Brittany was much more relaxed now and handed the cat version of Jue Tian to Guan Yanxin.

Guan Yanxin held Jue Tian in her arms and exclaimed at how adorable he was.

As for when Jue Tian wakes up, that will be despair, being rubbed and abused by these three women.

Ye Hua returned to the Leisure Bar again to get a pancake to eat, but when he reached the alley, he did not see the Aunty selling them. He suddenly thought of something.

'Did Wu Li go after all? Did he not listen to this deity's advice?'

Standing at the entrance of the alley, Ye Hua breathed a sigh of relief. If Wu Li really went, he probably wouldn't come back.

As for the Aunty?

Maybe he wouldn't be able to eat those warm pancakes again.

The Aunty was still waiting at home for her son to come back. It had been a while since he left, and he should have been back by now.

In order to wait for her son, she had not set up her stall for the past few days. However, the longer she waited, the more anxious she became.

As the days passed, she also saw the news that Voidless Realm had massacred three hundred thousand people!

Although she didn't know what the Voidless Realm was, she recognized the woman on TV. Wasn't she the wife of the young man who bought pancakes from her stall?

The Aunty didn't think this woman was a heinous criminal, and she wondered if the news was wrong.

After seeing so many people die, she also felt that the world had changed and was no longer the same.

It was too cruel.

Ding dong...

A doorbell suddenly rang, and the Aunty paused. A smile appeared on her face. It seemed that her son had come back.

"But wait... my son should have a key, why is he ringing the doorbell?"

She walked to the door, still very cautious: "Who is it?"

Standing outside was the man who had received the letter of condolences. He had been delivering them for several days now, and the feeling was truly terrible, especially seeing the lifeless look in the eyes of the family members. He himself also felt heavy-hearted.

Moreover, this was the family of a squad leader.

"I'm here to deliver a letter." The man shouted from outside.

The Aunty became more suspicious. 'Are there still people delivering letters these days? Could he be a fraudster?' So she refused to open the door.

"You leave, or I'll call the police!" the Aunty shouted loudly.

"Aunty, it's a letter from your son!" The man shouted again.

She didn't believe him at all. Her son had never sent a letter before.

"If my son had something to tell me, he would call me."

The man sighed lightly, unable to bear to say that it was a letter of condolences. But he must deliver the letter to the family members' hands: "Aunty, this... this is your son's letter of condolences."

Letter of condolences!

The Aunty trembled all over, not caring whether the man was a fraudster or not. She opened the door directly: "What did you say? How could my son write a letter of condolences!"

The man bowed to the Aunty first, then handed over the letter with both hands: "Aunty, my condolences."

She stared at the pure white envelope with her eyes fixed, and reached out her trembling right hand. A sense of foreboding surged from the bottom of her heart.

"Aunty, Squad Leader Wu Li sacrificed himself for peace and justice. Please..." the man said in a deep voice, but he couldn't continue.

The Aunty didn't even hear him. She tore open the envelope with her shaking hand and slowly pulled out the letter inside.

There was a bloodstain at the lower left corner of the paper.

"Dear mother, if you are reading this letter, it means that your son can no longer fulfill his filial duty. I'm sorry."

When the Aunty saw these words, she felt her head spin. The man hurriedly supported her.

She collapsed on the ground, tears wetting the paper. When she finished reading the letter, a cry of despair burst out.

"Son! My son, why did you leave me all alone?!" the Aunty cried out in pain, pounding her chest.

The man took a deep breath and crouched down, saying, "Aunty, I'm sorry."

The old woman grabbed the man's shoulder and cried out miserably, "Tell me, how did my son die? Please tell me!"

"Aunty, you should have seen the news reports. Squad Leader Wu Li was in there, he sacrificed himself for the greater good. Auntie, you should be proud of your son."

"No! I don't want any pride, I just want my son back. Give me back my son!!!" The old woman became completely distraught, shaking the man violently.

The man had encountered this kind of situation before, so he tried to calm the old woman down.

"Aunty, please go inside."

The old woman cried out, "Where is my son's body then?"

"Sorry, everyone's body was buried in that land of yellow sand." The man turned and left. As the elevator door closed, he heard even more miserable wailing from outside.

Maybe Ye Hua didn't know about this yet, but he had advised Wu Li before to stay with his mother and not think about other things.

Unfortunately, between happiness and despair, Wu Li chose despair and left his elderly mother alone.

That day, Ye Hua was teaching his son how to wield a sword. The little boy, Ye Yan, had grown a little taller and was holding a sword that was longer than himself, with tiny beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

"Hold it steady!" Ye Hua shouted in a low voice.

Ye Yan's gaze was very firm, even though his little hands were trembling, he still held the hilt tightly.

Donghuang Li beside him looked very calm, as if she had been used to the abuse, due to her mother.

Ye Hua sipped his tea and his gaze was steady, with the appearance of a strict father.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi sat on the side, learning how to knit sweaters, occasionally looking back at the children with a smile on their faces.

This kind of life was really warm.

However, at this moment, Ye Hua received a message from Wei Chang. After listening to it, his brows furrowed. 'Could it be that the Aunty had come to the Leisure Bar?'

"What's wrong, Ye Hua?" Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi both felt their husband's change. After all, Ye Hua rarely frowned. If he did, it would be a big deal.

So the two women were puzzled.

Ye Hua took a deep breath and said, "Aunty has come to the Leisure Bar."

"Aunty? The one who sells pancakes at the corner of the street?" Qing Ya asked in a soft voice.

Ye Hua's face was solemn, and he nodded, thinking about how to explain the situation.

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