You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 735 (Confessing with One's Life)

Chapter 735 (Confessing with One's Life)

Ye Hua was dumbfounded.

Not only Ye Hua, but Lie Gu was also dumbfounded. The four brides were dumbfounded. Everyone was dumbfounded...

There was actually someone opposing!

Ye Hua was just following the procedure and asking a question, but there was actually someone opposing!!!

This instantly darkened Ye Hua's face. Who dares to ruin his moment! And at this time!

The faces of Kai Yun and the others sitting below changed drastically!

This voice was too familiar.

Cang Konghong!

Although they couldn't see Cang Konghong at the scene, their expression was full of shock!

They never expected that Cang Konghong would actually come! How dare he! Doesn't he know that Your Honor is presiding over the wedding!

Why didn't he have such courage before? Isn't he asking for trouble!

The faces of Ye Hua's subordinates changed instantly, emanating a murderous intent. Who dared to cause trouble in this environment!

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi looked cold. How could someone come to cause trouble during such a joyous occasion!

As the groom, Lie Gu clenched his fists tightly, releasing a burst of killing intent!

The one who tries to steal a wife is like killing a father!

Yue Hua's face turned slightly serious. Although it was just one word, Yue Hua could tell who it was.

Cang Konghong!


Another voice rang out with a resolute tone!

And the figure of that person appeared, walking down the aisle covered with white flowers!

Ye Hua furrowed his brows tightly as he looked at Cang Konghong, then glanced at Kai Yun. The meaning was clear.

What is your subordinate trying to do! How dare he disrespect this deity!

"Yes..." Cang Konghong finally finished saying these three words, but no one laughed at him. Everyone was filled with confusion and even shocked by Cang Konghong's appearance.

This person was so ugly, yet he dared to come and steal the bride! Doesn't he have any self-awareness!

Moreover, Cang Konghong is considered one of their own!

One of their own causing trouble at their own event!

Could it be said that Your Honor is not good at managing his subordinates? How can someone dare to openly disrupt a wedding!

This is completely disregarding the Supreme Overlord!

Kai Yun was anxious. She didn't expect Cang Konghong to really dare to come and steal the bride. She thought things would get better after today.

But instead of getting better, he is now causing trouble!

Luo Hu shouted at Cang Konghong, "What are you doing! Come down!"

Kung Sha remained silent, seemingly able to understand Cang Konghong's feelings.

Cang Konghong dared to come today, putting his life and death aside. It's either success or death!

Kai Yun angrily muttered, "If you had this kind of courage before, Lie Gu wouldn't have encountered any problems!"

There's no time to worry about that. Kai Yun quickly walked forward and leaned down next to Ye Hua. "Your Honor, Cang Konghong is ignorant. Please calm down, Your Honor. I will take him away."

Before Ye Hua could speak, Kai Yun quickly ran towards Cang Konghong and grabbed his sleeve.

But who knew that Cang Konghong would shake his hand off!

"You!!!" Kai Yun's whole being felt helpless. Her subordinate actually shook her off!

A stubborn person who explodes is terrifying. Once they become obstinate, no one can stop them.

"It's over," Bai Gu muttered softly.

Ye Hua didn't stop him just now to give him face! It would have been enough to pull him back!

He didn't expect Cang Konghong to be so stubborn!

"Cang Konghong! You have quite the audacity!" Ye Hua angrily shouted!

Luo Hu, Bai Gu, and Kung Sha couldn't control the situation anymore. They stood up and knelt in the centre, saying, "Your Honor, please calm down. Cang Konghong had too much to drink. We will take him away and not disturb Your Honor's mood."

After saying that, the three of them prepared to go and pull Cang Konghong away. If Cang Konghong continued to cause trouble, his life would be in danger!

Yue Hua stared blankly at the stubborn Cang Konghong, not knowing what to think.

Lie Gu was furious, trembling all over. If it were someone else, they would already be dead by now.

But he was their own! Without an order from Your Honor, how could he kill!

Moreover, today was the day of their grand wedding. It wouldn't be auspicious to shed blood!


The three people who went to pull Cang Konghong were directly knocked away by him and fell into the crowd.




The last word was roared out by Cang Konghong, releasing all the pent-up frustration of the past year. A terrifying aura swept through the scene!

Indeed, as the leader of the Nanwu Banner, his strength was truly formidable!

Kai Yun angrily glared at Cang Konghong and scolded, "You brought this upon yourself! Don't you feel ashamed for causing a scene now? I'm ashamed of you!"

Cang Konghong's twisted facial features became ferocious. Suddenly, he knelt down in front of Ye Hua, his knees sinking into the ground surrounded by flower petals, giving off a desolate feeling.

"Your... Honor..."

These two words were separated by two seconds, which would have taken at least a minute in the past.

But from Cang Konghong's tone, it could be heard that speaking like this seemed to be an immense pain for him.

This was the curse from the most evil race, preventing Cang Konghong from speaking continuously. Once he spoke, his soul would be burned! He might even die.

Ye Hua looked at Cang Konghong kneeling on the ground, his expression still dark, but he didn't say anything.

Cang Konghong, who finished saying those two words, was already covered in sweat. Even the tiny blood vessels in his eyes were visible, and his whole body trembled.

"I... I like... I like Yue Hua!!!"

Cang Konghong roared these words, almost tearing his heart apart. These seven words represented his love for Yue Hua for tens of thousands of years.

At the same time, these connected seven words were also burning Cang Konghong's soul. Fine cracks appeared on his bronzed skin, and golden flames burned within the cracks.

Cang Konghong kept his head lowered, his fists clenched, enduring the pain of the curse. It was all worth it!

For some reason, some people admired this ugly man. Although they didn't know why he was in pain, his courage was commendable.

Yue Hua heard Cang Konghong's confession and was completely stunned. Why did Cang Konghong like her?

She had no idea.

Lie Gu was also shocked. He had pursued Yue Hua for a year, and he had barely seen Cang Konghong. He had no sense of Cang Konghong's animosity!

But today, he ran over and said that he liked his wife!

Has he gone mad!

At this moment, Cang Konghong was truly mad.

Ye Hua was greatly shocked. Cang Konghong actually liked Yue Hua... and he was even risking his life to claim her!

He remembered that Lie Gu also liked Brittany in the past, but Brittany liked Jue Tian, so Lie Gu realised it and didn't continue to pursue her.

But Cang Konghong obviously didn't give up!

"Cang Konghong! Do you want to die?" Kai Yun coldly shouted, her gaze filled with concern. She knew what the outcome would be for Cang Konghong's actions.

This was completely confessing with one's life!

"Banner... Master... Let... subordinate... finish!" Cang Konghong spoke in a low voice. As he said that, the cracks on his skin gradually widened. Terrifying golden flames burned out from his skin, giving off an extremely frightening feeling!

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