You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 736 (I Like You!)

Chapter 736 (I Like You!)

Li Hun saw the flames erupting from Cang Konghong's skin and exclaimed in a daze, "This... This is a Flame of Anomaly!"

As Li Hun spoke, the people at the table furrowed their brows.

Ye Hua also saw it and couldn't help but be amazed. Last time, when Ye Zizi mentioned Cang Konghong being a ball of fire, he thought it was just an ordinary elemental fire.

He never expected that Cang Konghong's true form was actually an Anomaly Flame, and that flame was currently backlashing against his own body!

A living being of Anomaly Flame!

This was a race that Ye Hua had never seen before. No wonder Kai Yun had said that Cang Konghong was qualified to be one of the Five Banners' strongest. He truly had the ability!

At this moment, Yue Hua finally spoke.

"Xiao Hong! Stop talking!" Yue Hua scolded Cang Konghong sharply.

Throughout the countless years, Yue Hua regarded Cang Konghong as a confidant, a true friend with whom she could speak from the heart. But she never expected their relationship to develop into a romantic one.

It had nothing to do with Cang Konghong's appearance.

It was a matter of liking or not. If Yue Hua truly liked him, she wouldn't mind pursuing him.

But they were just good friends.

However, with Cang Konghong breaking that boundary today, their relationship would probably become strained.

After all, there were things that could be said privately, and Ye Hua was presiding over the wedding. It was supposed to be a joyful day for them. Wasn't this causing trouble?

Moreover, it was the kind of trouble that disregarded one's life.

It was tantamount to saying, "If you don't go with me, I'll die right in front of you," an extremely extreme action.

But if one looked at it from Cang Konghong's perspective, it was a completely different story. He wasn't using this to coerce Yue Hua. He simply wanted to express his true feelings, regardless of the outcome.

Because he had kept it bottled up for tens of thousands of years.

Lie Gu felt a bit uncomfortable hearing Yue Hua seemingly defend Cang Konghong. After all, Yue Hua was the woman he liked. Which man could bear to see his woman relate to another man?

Although Lie Gu was a little angry now, he hadn't lost his sanity to blame Yue Hua.

"What do you mean?" Ye Hua asked in a deep voice.

Yue Hua immediately knelt down respectfully and said, "Your Honor, Cang Konghong is cursed by nature. He cannot speak coherently, or the Anomaly Flame inside his body will backlash."

Ye Hua's brows furrowed deeply. This seemingly simple curse was actually the most malicious!

He couldn't speak coherently!

Who could bear such a curse? No wonder Cang Konghong spoke slowly; it turned out to be because of the curse.

"Yue Hua, this deity asks you, do you know about this? Don't lie to this deity!" Ye Hua asked coldly.

If Yue Hua knew; if she had agreed to Lie Gu's proposal before settling her own private matters, it would be a deception!

A woman like that wasn't worth having!

"Your Honor, I really didn't know. If I had known, I would have made it clear!" Yue Hua earnestly replied.

Hearing his wife's words, Lie Gu breathed a slight sigh of relief. So Yue Hua didn't know; it was just Cang Konghong's one-sided affection.

Finally, everyone learned the truth and realised that Cang Konghong, who was still kneeling on the ground, was pitiful. He was still enduring the painful burning!

This was the burning of the Anomaly Flame, something that ordinary people couldn't endure.

When Ye Hua battled Ye Zizi, Ye Zizi had been directly burned unconscious.

Now, looking at Cang Konghong, he was still holding on!

Such a devoted man made the girls of Voidless Realm amazed. Although he was ugly, his heart was pure.

In fact, Cang Konghong's facial features weren't that bad. The problem was that other people's features were spaced apart, while his were squeezed together. His eyes were also unusually small, enough to scare people at night.

Listening to Yue Hua's words, Ye Hua nodded, and Lie Gu helped Yue Hua up, asking with concern, "Are you okay?"

"Lie Gu, I'm sorry." Yue Hua felt responsible for this situation, causing her husband to lose face.

Lie Gu smiled and said, "It's okay. Let's just clear things up."

Yue Hua was deeply moved by Lie Gu's magnanimity. She felt that she hadn't misjudged him.

Ye Hua felt helpless about this farce. If he didn't punish him, it seemed inappropriate. But punishing Cang Konghong, who was willing to endure the backlash of the Anomaly Flame for the sake of his beloved, earned Ye Hua's admiration!

The Anomaly Flame wasn't something to be taken lightly.

"Cang Konghong! You heard what was just said. This deity is magnanimous, but your offence is not light! Reflect on your actions for three years within the Nanwu Banner!"

This punishment was undoubtedly the lightest, almost equivalent to no punishment at all, since Cang Konghong had been staying within the Nanwu Banner without leaving.

Kai Yun quickly expressed her gratitude, "Thank you for your mercy, Your Honor. Your blessing is deeply appreciated."

"I haven't... finished speaking!"

However, just when everyone thought the farce had ended, Cang Konghong spoke again!

It was a four-word phrase, but the cracks in his skin grew wider, and a golden confusion emerged from within!

The temperature in the surroundings rose rapidly.

You can't provoke an honest man.

Kai Yun felt the urge to kick someone. Yue Hua had no suitors before, and he didn't pursue her. Then when Yue Hua started being pursued by someone else, he still didn't pursue her!

And now that Yue Hua was getting married, he went crazy.

Nevertheless, everyone was curious about what Cang Konghong wanted to say. A man so devoted, enduring such pain, should be allowed to finish.

Ye Hua used to think that being infatuated was a display of weakness, but now he doesn't think so.

When he had conflicts with Qing yYa and Donghuang Baizhi before, he had been the same way. Only with deep love would one act like this.

The most fearful thing was falling in love with the wrong person.

"Speak! Finish speaking and quickly get out of this deity's sight!" Regardless of the situation, Cang Konghong was still offending him, and naturally, there was no good expression on his face with so many subordinates watching.

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi thought that Ye Hua was going to lose his temper again, but unexpectedly, this time Ye Hua allowed Cang Konghong to finish speaking.

It was quite surprising.

Lie Gu was changing.

Ye Hua himself was also changing, becoming more humane.

Enduring the burning sensation of confusion and doubt, Cang Konghong slowly stood up. Each movement seemed capable of toppling this two-metre-tall giant.

He had just heard Yue Hua's words, which undoubtedly cut deep into his heart.

But this time, Cang Konghong didn't back down.

It truly resonated with that saying.

I, Cang Konghong, don't speak in riddles. I just like your wife.

Cang Konghong finally saw Yue Hua, dressed in a wedding gown. She was truly beautiful today, so beautiful that it made him feel suffocated.

Throughout this month, he had often fantasised about himself wearing groom attire, tightly holding Yue Hua's hand, and speaking words of protecting her for a lifetime.

But today, he was not the groom. He was just someone who made Your Honor and the Banner Master lose face!

"Yue Hua."

This was the first time Cang Konghong pronounced Yue Hua's name in full. Although he was ugly-looking, his slightly magnetic voice sounded particularly pleasant, enhanced by the atmosphere, and carried a sense of desolation.

Some of the younger girls who were in the Voidless Realm were moved to tears. What a devoted man! If any man treated them like this, they would marry him without hesitation.

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