You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 8 - Getting the marriage certificate

Chapter 8 – Getting the marriage certificate

“You!!!” Qing Ya had never met such an egotistical man before in her life, this man was even more egotistical than that finance of hers.

Taking in a deep breath, Qing Ya calmed down and said, “Do the deal that we made yesterday still count?”

“Of course.” Ye Hua lighted up a cigarette and said faintly. Qing Ya’s brows wrinkled, seemingly not fond of cigarettes, but she did not say anything about it.

“Alright, let’s go settle the marriage certificate first then.” Qing Ya already had her own plans, all she needs was for Ye Hua to corporate with her. No matter what, he is also the child’s father.

“Alright.” Ye Hua said faintly. Towards that marriage certificate, Ye Hua did not mind it at all. In this world, there was nothing that could constrain him!

Qing Ya didn’t expect that Ye Hua would be this easy going. Seems like the child is very important to him, if this is the case, my plans should be easy!

Standing up, Qing Ya discovered that her body was especially comfortable today and couldn’t resist but looked towards the mirror that was at the side. When she looked at the mirror, she was astonished! So beautiful…

What happened today? How did I become this beautiful? Even I myself can’t help but take a few more looks.

Sigh, to look so beautiful, it is truly vexing.

Ye Hua said faintly, “Don’t look already.”

“What? Do you have a problem with me looking at myself?” Qing Ya’s mood which gotten a bit better was choked by what Ye Hua said. This damned man, did he not know how to speak properly?

Ye Hua exhaled out a mouth of smoke, “Even if you continue looking, you also won’t turn into a bewitching spirit.”

“You! Bring along your identity card.” Qing Ya calmed down that pretty face of hers and said coldly.

Ye Hua did not say anything, what he had to do right now was to wait, wait for the descending of his child. When his child descends, his child will become the world’s dominator and all living things will acknowledge allegiance to him!

When the two of them appeared on the street, it immediately gave rise to a commotion. The male was perfect and the woman was outrageously beautiful, this kind of combination was simply even more matching than the couples that were on television, just that, the expression of the two was a bit strange, both of their expression were cold, especially the woman, seemingly just like a human-shaped ice, who knows how beautiful she would be if she smiled.

Qing Ya suddenly stopped her footsteps and asked faintly, “Did you bring money?”

Ye Hua checked for a bit and said lightly, “2 rmb.”

A few strands of black lines immediately appeared on Qing Ya’s forehead. She came out urgently yesterday and forgot to bring her purse and phone and only brought her bag.

And this man actually doesn’t bring his wallet when he goes out, and even said that he only has 2 rmb, I have never seen such a stingy person before.

“Do you not bring your wallet when you go out?” Qing Ya asked. Just seeing him makes me feel angry, always displaying out an expression that he doesn’t care about anything.

“Money? It is but a bunch of papers only.” Ye Hua said faintly.

Qing Ya sneered, “I really regret that I gave my first time to an egotistical man like you.”

“Regretting something that has already happened, you sure are childish.”


I cannot be brought along to his tempo, calm down! Take a deep breath!

“I’m not familiar with this city, where is the Bureau of Civil Affairs located at?” Qing Ya asked coldly.

“I don’t normally go out.”

Qing Ya went into a daze and almost spat out blood from being too angry. That finance of mine is not even as egotistical as this guy! Endure! Endure! No matter what, he is also the child’s father, I can’t let the child not have a father when he is born right?

Ye Hua walked like a sovereign king, while Qing Ya went to inquired a passer-by about how to go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs. In the end, the two of them took the public transport vehicle which was packed with people, and the 2 rmb finally brought forth its biggest use.

Qing Ya remembered that she had taken the public transport vehicle once when she was in university and did not take the public transport vehicle anymore after that. The surrounding emitted out a pungent body odor smell and also the greedy gazes of some men.

Suddenly! A big hand held onto Qing Ya’s waist and Qing Ya’s face immediately turned cold, who is it that actually dares to eat my tofu, does he not know how to write the word death!

“Don’t misunderstand, I am only worried about the child.” Ye Hua’s right hand held onto the pole and his left hand held onto Qing Ya’s slim waist.

Qing Ya coldly took a glare at Ye Hua but did not say anything.

During the whole journey, Qing Ya felt very steady, that big hand seemed as if it possessed boundless strength and held onto her waist, this kind of feeling is really nice…

Half an hour later, the two of them arrived at the entrance of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Qing Ya struggled free from Ye Hua’s embrace and walked proudly towards the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

Ye Hua mumbled, “This perfume brand is not bad.”

When doing the marriage certificate, the male and female had to take a photograph together right? Ye Hua and Qing Ya were no exception, but it was a very tough job for the photographer.

“Eh…Can you two move closer a bit.” The photographer felt that the two of did not come here to do the marriage certificate, but came here to divorce.

Ye Hua said faintly, “The photographer is asking you to move closer a bit.”

“Why don’t you move closer instead?” Qing Ya said.

“Women had always been the one to come to me.”

“Humph, men had always been the one to come to me!”

The photographer swallowed his saliva and said, “Erm…how about the two of you discuss it first?”

“Don’t need!” Qing Ya said coldly and took the initiative to move.

The photographer said in satisfaction, “Alright, good, this is the posture, smile a bit.”

The air seemed as if it froze. Smile? It was truly an Arabian night tales.

Qing Ya was a smart woman, the marriage certificate was going to be brought back home to show her parents, so if the photograph was not shot well, it would be easily seen through, thus, the photograph must show that she was very happy.

A trace of curve gradually appeared on the corner of Qing Ya’s mouth and the photographer was stupefied, he dares to swear that this woman was the most beautiful woman he had seen in his life! She was beautiful to the point that it could suffocate him.

“Mister?” The photographer reminded.

Ye Hua’s expression still remained tranquil.

Qing Ya was itching to give Ye Hua a few slaps. She said to Ye Hua in a low voice, “Smile!”

“I can’t smile.” Ye Hua said faintly.

The photographer was drunk, you have such a beautiful wife and you actually can’t smile? If it was me, I would even be able to laugh in my sleep!

A cold murderous aura quietly emitted out, however, it was very quickly kept back by Ye Hua. The corner of Ye Hua’s mouth gradually raised, but it seemed to be twitching a bit.

“Alright, maintain this state.”

Along with the click sound, the smile of the two of them immediately disappeared.

After spending half an hour queuing up, they finally got the marriage certificate. Everything was that that precise. Qing Ya looked absent-mindedly at the marriage certificate that was within her hand. So his name is Ye Hua, it sure is laughable, only now then did I know what the name of the child’s father is.

Ye Hua took a look at the marriage certificate that was within his hand and placed it in his pants pocket, seemingly as if nothing had happened.

“Follow me back to High Ocean City.” Qing Ya kept the marriage certificate and said faintly.

“Not going.”

Qing Ya’s face turned cold, “Didn’t we said it yesterday? I give birth to the children and you listen to me!”

“That’s right, but I like this city, it is peaceful.” Ye Hua said faintly. For this child, I have actually let go of my face as a supreme overlord.

Qing Ya let out a breath, “Fine!”

My grandpa lives at Long’an City, and furthermore, the native home of that finance of mine is also at Long’an City. It is fine to stay here for the time being.

“Let’s go buy a villa first.”

“Live at my place.” Ye Hua said, he was already used to living at the bar.

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