Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 2438

Chapter 2438: Chapter 2311 you are my blazing sun like fire (511)

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Xuan Yingluo had forgotten that he was the big boss here. It was he who had colluded with Ah Er and AH San to bring her here.

“Zhou Yu, if you’re not leaving, then I’m leaving!”Xuan Yingluo stood up and was about to leave.

However, Zhou Yu stretched out his strong arms and directly hugged her in his embrace. He buried his handsome face in her hair and took a deep sniff. His voice was hoarse as he laughed, “You want to be taught a lesson? How dare you speak to me in such a tone.”

“Let go of me. You’re strangling my stomach.”

Zhou Yu placed both of his big hands on her protruding belly and twirled it gently. “Daughter, have you been mischievous during the period when Daddy is not around? Have you been obedient to Mommy?”

As he spoke, Zhou Yu pressed her back into her seat and placed his ear on her belly to listen. He was talking to his baby.

“Zhou Yu, how can you be so sure that it’s a daughter? Maybe it’s a son.”

“I can be sure that it’s a daughter. Daughter, don’t you think so?”

It was as if father and daughter were connected by heart. At this moment, Xuan Yingluo felt the baby’s tumult in her stomach as a response to Zhou Yu.

Zhou Yu’s eyes lit up and his eyes were filled with joy. “The daughter is moving! The daughter is moving! Can You Feel It?”


No matter how angry Xuan Yingluo was, her heart had softened. It looked like she really had a daughter in her stomach and she really liked Zhou Yu as her father.

“Zhou Yu, since you’re still alive, why didn’t you tell me? If I hadn’t forced you out, how long would you have kept this from me?”Xuan Yingluo asked.

Zhou Yu looked at her and reached out his large palm to pinch her little face, “Yingluo, it’s not that I kept it from you, but I didn’t want you to see my current state. You know, I have a broken leg, and the skin on my body is burnt. I’ve been having skin grafts.”

Xuan Yingluo had already guessed that he must have been seriously injured to be able to escape from the fire and cave-in.

“Let me take a look.”

“Don’t look. It’s very ugly. I’ll scare you and the baby later.”Zhou Yu avoided her, not wanting her to look.

“No, I want to look. If I don’t look, how will I know if you’re lying to me?”

Xuan Yingluo reached out and unbuttoned his black shirt.

The button was unbuttoned, revealing the man’s exquisite collarbone. Although he had become thinner these days, his body still had muscles and was very strong.

Soon, Xuan Yingluo saw his burnt skin. Some parts of his skin had already been grafted. It looked different in depth and was indeed very ugly.

Xuan Yingluo felt a sharp pain in her heart. She could imagine how badly he had been injured and how painful it had been. The crisscrossed scars on his skin were very good proof.

Xuan Yingluo’s Fair Eyes turned red.

“Silly, are you going to cry? I’ve never been in pain.”Zhou Yu touched her little head.

Xuan Yingluo pointed with her finger. “Are you wearing a prosthesis now? Take off your pants and let me take a look at the injury on your leg.”

Zhou Yu’s eyes quickly darkened. His thin lips curved into a shallow arc. He looked happy and delighted. “You really want to see it?”


“Then open my belt yourself.”

Xuan Yingluo’s pretty face turned red. How could he joke at this time? Did he still have the mood to think about this at this time?

“Zhou Yu, be more serious. Open your belt yourself and take off your pants!”Xuan Yingluo said seriously.

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