Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 2439 (END)

Chapter 2439: Chapter 2312 came to an end

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Zhou Yu looked at Xuan Yingluo’s palm-sized face. Although she was pregnant, her limbs were still slender. Furthermore, her every frown and smile had the charm of a woman, making her look even more beautiful.

He reached out his large hand and pinched her little face. “Why? Are You Shy? Have you become estranged from me after not seeing each other for a few months?”

Xuan Yingluo glared at him. “Zhou Yu, be more serious.”

Zhou Yu held her little hand and forcefully placed it on his belt. “Madam, open it for me.”


Who was her madam?

Zhou Yu used an extremely magnetic voice to call her “Madam”. Xuan Yingluo’s face turned red as she flipped over and boldly sat on his muscular waist.

Zhou Yu’s handsome eyes were filled with a smile as he placed his large hand on her waist. “Madam, why are you so passionate?”

Xuan Yingluo ignored him as she moved and unbuckled his belt.

She tried her best not to look around and let her imagination run wild so that she would not fall into this man’s trap. Without any distractions, she pulled down his pants and quickly saw his artificial limb.

He was indeed wearing a prosthetic limb.


Because his body was still recovering, he was not used to wearing a prosthetic limb. The piece of skin he had lost was already red from the wear.

Xuan Yingluo’s heart ached when she saw this. She stretched out her fair fingers and slowly removed his prosthetic limb.

However, Zhou Yu quickly grabbed her little hand and stopped her from moving.

“What’s Wrong?”Xuan Yingluo looked at him.

Zhou Yu saw that her gaze was like water, so gentle that it seemed like it was about to overflow. He pursed his thin lips and said, “I’ll scare you.”

Xuan Yingluo did not say a word. She pulled back her little hand and insisted on removing his artificial leg.

His right leg was really broken.

Xuan Yingluo reached out and caressed his broken leg, gently caressing it bit by bit.

Zhou Yu lay on the bed. He felt all of her gentleness, Heartache, and pity. All of his scars seemed to have been slowly healed by her.

“Does it hurt?”Xuan Yingluo asked softly.

Zhou Yu reached out with his large hand and pulled her into his embrace. His thin lips landed on her hair and kissed it forcefully. “Aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid at all, because I know that this is the mark of your strong will to live on. It’s the mark of your hard work for me, for Little Seven, and for the child in my stomach. It’s the best proof that you love us. Zhou Yu, I feel like everything is like a dream right now. So, you haven’t left us.”

Zhou Yu hugged her and pressed her little face against his heart. “Yingluo, from now on, the four of us will never be separated. I love you, I love you all.”

Xuan Yingluo quietly listened to the strong thumping sound coming from the man’s heart. Beside her was little seven, and in her stomach was their daughter. She felt that her life was so perfect.

The end.

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