Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 412 - Miscarriage

Chapter 412: Miscarriage

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He said it so loudly as if he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Fu Qinglun could not control his emotions. She was sweating all over and ignoring him. What could he do?

The moment he said that, her tiny face started to tremble and her eyes turned a little red.

She looked like she was going to cry

Why her he screamed at her?

Fu Qinglun’s muscles tightened, his cold eyes turned bloodshot. He had never felt so helpless before.

He combed her luscious locks and said gently, “Sorry Shi’shi, it wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t mean to scream at you. Where does it hurt? Tell me, please?”

His heart hurt so much he felt like dying.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened and Mama Lin burst in.

Mama Lin was a kind and gentle soul who had come from Jiangnan. One could see her beauty and youthfulness with a glance, however, having been sick in recent years, she looked extremely pale.

“Shi’shi, what’s wrong? Tell Mom, okay?” Madam Lin ran forward towards the bed.

Hearing her mother’s voice, Lin Shiyu opened her crystal eyes. Tears soon began rolling down her cheeks, she whispered in a hoarse voice, “Mom, my stomach hurts. It hurts.”

Fu Qinglun’s eyes turned redder, she had ignored him for so long, yet she immediately told her mother that her stomach hurt.

In his eyes, she was a beautiful, independent and courageous woman who would scream at him or provoke him. This was his first time seeing her so weak and helpless.

In fact, she was only 21. She was still a little girl.

Her family situation had forced her to be independent and strong. She would only show her child-like behavior in front of her mother.

She was afraid of pain.

So afraid of pain.

“Why is your stomach hurting? Let me see.” Mama Lin lifted up the blanket.

Mama Lin sucked in a breath. Lin Shiyu’s pants had been stained with blood to the point that the white bedsheets had been stained red as well.

After a few seconds, Mama Lin turned to Fu Qinglun, “Qinglun, call the doctor quickly! Shi’shi is bleeding!”

Shi’shi is bleeding!

Fu Qinglun stood stiff by the bedside. The glaring red made his pupils contract repeatedly. She had bled a lot.

There was so much blood.

“Qinglun! Qinglun!”

Mama Lin’s screams finally brought Fu Qinglun back to reality. He stretched his long legs and ran out. “Doctor! Come quickly!”

He rushed out to the corridor.

The doctor in the white coat immediately rushed over. “The patient’s uterus is bleeding, take her into the operating room!”

The entire ward was chaotic. Several nurses pushed Lin Shiyu out, while Mama Lin ran after the hospital bed.

Lin Shiyu’s cold hands tugged at her mother’s sleeves tightly into a ball. She was as pale as a sheet as she cried profusely. “Mom, my stomach hurts so much. Am I going to die?”

Mama Lin’s face flushed red as she covered her mouth and cried. Seeing her daughter in pain, it made a mother’s heart ache.

“Don’t be scared Shi’shi. It’s going to be okay. Close your eyes and it’ll be over soon. Mom will be outside waiting for you. Mom won’t leave you.”

Lin Shiyu’s delicate body curled up into a ball, her shoulders trembling. She had cried until she was out of breath.

She was so afraid of pain.

The pain made her feel like she was going to die.

Fu Qinglun had also chased after them but the only thing he could do was stand at the side and watch. He could not do anything anymore.

If she would not tell him that she was in pain or even deign to look at him in the eye, then what could he do?

He clenched his fists tightly, all he could think about was her crying. How he wished he could pull her into his arms and tell her to not be afraid, that he would be outside guarding and waiting for her.

How he wished she would believe him.

Lin Shiyu was pushed into the operating room and the door slammed shut.

Mama Lin sat on the bench outside waiting and crying. On the other hand, Fu Qinglun hammered the wall with his fist. He realized how pathetic and chaotic his life had become.

Half an hour later.

The door of the operating room opened and the doctor walked out.

Fu Qinglun went forward immediately. “Doctor, how is she? How is my wife?”

The doctor took off his mask to speak. “Young Master Fu, the operation was very successfully and the bleeding has stopped. However, please be mindful that it has depleted most of her energy, so she needs to rest for a longer period of time in order to recuperate.”

“Alright, I understand.” Fu Qinglun nodded his head.

“Also…” The doctor continued.

Fu Qinglun’s heart jumped. “What else is there?”

As Mama Lin had experienced similar experiences before, she was more knowledgeable when compared to Fu Qinglun. She asked anxiously, “Most people would not bleed so much. Is there something wrong with my daughter?”

The doctor nodded. “I just found out that Mrs Fu’s uterus is very thin. If she gets pregnant again, she needs to be extremely careful because… it may be easier for her to miscarriage in the future.”

Easier to miscarriage?

Madam Lin retracted back two steps and shook her head. It was clear what negative impact this condition would have on a woman, much less her own daughter.

Fu Qinglun’s expression was frozen and unreadable. He pursed his lips into an indifferent arch.

At this moment, Lin Shiyu was pushed out. Fu Qinglun immediately ran over to see Lin Shiyu.

Seeing that Lin Shiyu was some distance away, she whispered to the doctor, “Doctor, why is my daughter’s uterus thin, unlike most people?”

The doctor seemed to be deep in thought. “There are many reasons for this, some girls may have been sexually assaulted when they were younger so it may have affected their uterus.”

Hearing this, Mama Lin took a deep breath. There was pain and regret in her eyes. How did things turn out like this?

In the hospital ward.

Even in her sleep, Lin Shiyu’s long eyelashes fluttered around, her eyes closed. She frowned and muttered continually to herself, “Pain… so painful…”

Fu Qinglun immediately reached out and tugged the doctor’s collar. “She’s in pain. Why is she hurting so much?”

The doctor broke out in cold sweat. “Young Master Fu, don’t be so anxious. She just had her operation so the numbing effects of the anesthesia will wear off soon. It’s natural for her to feel pain. However, the pain will disappear with time, so don’t be too worried.”

“Is there anyway to stop the pain?”

The doctor shook his head. “A miscarriage for a woman is a matter of life and death so it’ll definitely be painful.”

Fu Qinglun loosened his hands off the doctor’s collar and returned to the side of the bed. Crouching down next to her, he held her soft, cold hands, kissing them tenderly. “Shi’shi, just withstand the pain for a little while longer. It won’t hurt soon.”

If he had the ability to, he would take her place and experience all of it for her. If only he could.

He was willing to bear the pain for her even if it was a hundred or a thousand times more painful. What mattered most to him was that she was not the one in pain. Seeing her so helpless made him feel like his heart was clenched with a black hand.

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