Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 413 - Fu Qinglun, We’re Over!

Chapter 413: Fu Qinglun, We’re Over!

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However, he was unable to bear the pain for her.

All he could do was see her suffer alone.

The doctor left the room and the room was thrown into silence. Teary-eyed, Mama Lim covered Lin Shiyu with the blanket. She whispered to Fu Qinglun, “Qinglun, I’m going home to brew some hot soup for her, I’ll leave you to accompany her for a little while. ”

“Alright.” Fu Qinglun nodded in acknowledgment.

Now that everyone had gone again, Fu Qinglun sat by the bedside. Lin Shiyu slept restlessly as she covered her stomach with her hands. She kept muttering, “Pain… Mom, it hurts…”

Fu Qinglun held her cold hands, his fingers interlocked with her pinky. Sorry baby, sorry my dear wife…

He leaned over, his thin lips moving towards her glistening forehead ready to kiss.

However, at this moment, Lin Shiyu’s eyes twitched and she gradually opened her eyes.

His kiss stopped mid-air.

“You’re awake?”

Her line of sight was black as the man’s tall figure towered over her. His masculine scent wafted up her nostrils. She shifted her body and lay flat, retracting her hands away from him.

She pushed herself further away from him.

All she felt was a suffocating indifference towards him.

Fu Qinglun stood stiff at the bedside and his heart twitched. Every breath he took hurt.

What seemed like moments ago, she had said that she liked him before…

However, he made her lose her feelings towards him.

He could no longer see any trace of love in her eyes, she was out of his world as if they were strangers.

At this moment, Lin Shiyu shifted herself again. She struggled to get up and wanted to lift up the blanket.

Fu Qinglun started to panic and asked her in a hoarse voice, “Where are you going? You’re not allowed to get off the bed.”

As she had just undergone her operation, her energy had not been restored. Moreover, it was her confinement period. One had to be more particular when women were having their confinement.

Lin Shiyu lifted the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed as her eyes stared forward blankly.

“I need to pee.”

If she did not get off the bed, how would she go and pee?

This took Fu Qinglun by surprise. It was evident he had not considered this problem before. The man immediately bent down and reached for a pair of shoes to help her put it on.

Lin Shiyu’s eyelashes fluttered as she watched him put her shoes on for her.

However, she was no longer touched by his gestures.

It was too late.

After putting on her shoes, Fu Qinglun bent down and carried her to the toilet.

In the toilet.

Fu Qinglun placed her gently by the side of the toilet seat. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her, not moving at all.

Lin Shiyu quirked the corner of her lips and looked pointedly at him. “Were you planning to watch me remove my pants?”

Fu Qinglun pressed his thin lips together and turned around, not looking at her.

“Can you get out? If you’re going to stand here, how am I going to pee?”

Fu Qinglun felt awkward and walked to the door.

He stood at the door of the toilet but didn’t leave, he could not walk further than this distance.

Lin Shiyu raised her eyebrows, she had no energy to argue with him anymore. Taking off her pants, she started to pee.

Fu Qinglun heard the sound of her undressing at the back and the sound of her peeing.

His Adam’s apple moved up and down and his pupils darkened. Hearing the flushing sound, he immediately turned back.

He stiffened in an instant.

Lin Shiuyu stood next to the toilet bowl and had not worn her pants yet…

He immediately retracted his gaze, but was unable to repress the arousal at what he saw.

Having been exposed, Lin Shiyu was stunned. She immediately pulled on her pants and threw a roll of toilet paper on his head angrily.

Fu Qinglun did not avoid it and the toilet paper hit his head and rolled onto the floor.

Lin Shiyu washed her hands and left the toilet.

She walked up towards him. Just as she brushed passed by him, an arm buckled around her slender wrist.

Lin Shiyu stopped in her tracks. Her pale face turned cold, “Let go of me!”


Slap! Lin Shiyu lifted her hand and gave him a tight slap on his face.

Fu Qinglun’s handsome face was thrown to the side as she slapped him with as much force as she could muster, making one feel suffocated. He turned back and hugged her.

Lin Shiyu’s delicate body was held in the man’s broad arms. He held her so tightly that it was almost as though he wanted her to mould into his blood and bones.

Raising his eyebrows, he pressed his lips into her jet black hair and sniffed the fragrant scent that floated around her. With her delicate body in his arms, he felt that his heart was full.

He held her even more tightly. No one could understand why he never got enough of hugging her and had to stretch out his dry, thin lips. Sniffing her hair, he said in a hoarse voice, “Shi’shi, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were pregnant… The baby is gone, it hurts so much. You know that I’ve always wanted you to give birth to a child for me, but now it’s gone…”

The baby is gone.

Lin Shiyu’s eyes turned a little red, the baby was a part of her flesh. When she experienced her miscarriage, it was as if a part of her had been ripped away from her.

She felt the tenacity and persistence of the baby who had wanted to come into this world.

Her eyelashes fluttered and she looked at him, devoid of any emotion. In wanting to break away from him, she put up a struggle.

“I accept your apology but I’ll never forgive you. Never.”

She would never forgive him.

He knew she would never forgive him.

He would have to take the blame and undergo emotional torture in any future between them.

“Shi’shi, don’t push me away. Let me hold onto you, please.” Fu Qinglun pecked her cheek gently. He was so confused that he did not know what to say. “You said that you liked me. Shi’shi, I like you too. I like you so much…”


Bitter laughter erupted from the woman in his arms.

It sounded wrong, coming from those lips of hers.

She did not laugh out loud, but loud enough for Fu Qinglun to hear. It took him by surprise and he opened his eyes.

Lin Shiyu glanced up, her lips forming a sardonic arch. “Fu Qinglun, I beg you. This is not the time for you to say you like me, do you understand? Your love is too cheap for me, I don’t want it!”

Fu Qinglun eyes turned red, his blue veins on his forehead popped out. “Shi’shi, give me one more chance. Let’s start afresh…”

“Fu Qinglun, we’re over! Any bit of ‘like’ I may have had for you is gone. Dead. We will never start afresh, let go of me! Don’t touch me!” Lin Shiyu smacked his shoulders and kicked him.

She could no longer stand his touch, not even a little bit.

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