Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 414 - Let the Lin Family Off

Chapter 414: Let the Lin Family Off

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The woman in his arms kept struggling as she tried to push him further and further away. Fu Qinglun’s muscles tensed up. Her cold and indifferent attitude towards him was enough to make him want to collapse and go crazy.

Refusing to let go, he buckled her delicate shoulders and kept pulling her towards him. “Shi’shi, don’t push me away, don’t let me be alone..I want to be with you. I want to be with our baby…”

Failing to push him away, Lin Shiyu felt extremely uncomfortable. As her body was very weak, she could only be held in his arms. However, she was unwilling to do so. Her eyes turned red as hot tears ran down her cheeks. She pushed him and beat his chest. “Fu Qinglun, I hate you so much, you made my life a mess. Before you came, no one would bully me. After I met you, all you did was bully me… What else do you want from me? I’ve offered you my body and because of you, I’ve suffered a miscarriage. I even saved Lu Qi’er for you. What more do you want from me? Haven’t I done enough for you in this lifetime? Can’t you just let me live my own life?”

Her life was a mess? Wasn’t his life a mess too?

He did not bully her deliberately. It had never been intentional.

However, hearing her words, it was as if there was a knife stuck in his heart that twisted into his flesh. He thought for a while, it really seemed that he had been bullying her all along.

However, his had never had the intention to do so.

He wanted to marry her and spend his life with her.

He wanted to have a baby with her and give her a complete family.

Where had it all gone wrong?

He longed for the simplest kind of happiness. From the moment he was born, his life had been planned out for him. At the age of 27, he still did not have any dreams. He used to envy Fu Jingtong, who could do whatever he wanted and was loved by everyone very dearly. All Fu Qinglun wanted was Lin Shiyu. It was that simple.

He had never needed anything else in this life of his.

For 27 years, she was the only thing he ever fought for.

Lin Shiyu burst into tears in his arms, she looked so desperate and helpless. She only had one thought in her mind, she needed to divorce him. She needed to leave him.

At this moment, the ward door was pushed open and Madam Fu rushed in. “Shiyu, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

Madam Fu ran into the toilet and was shocked at the scene that greeted her. Her son was hugging onto Shiyu so tightly, while Shiyu was sobbing so hard she wasn’t making a noise.

Mrs Fu ran forward and rescued Lin Shiyu. She placed Lin Shiyu behind her and smacked Fu Qinglun in anger. “Fu Qinglun, are you crazy? What are you doing? Shiyu is having confinement right now yet you made her cry? Why did I give birth to a son like you? Your father and grandpa dote on her so much, but how are you treating her? I really suspect that you’re not my son!”

Still angered, Mrs Fu continued kicking him.

Fu Qinglun’s trousers had footprints from her shoes. However, he did not avoid her kicks as his gaze was fixated on Lin Shiyu, who was hidden behind Madam Fu. He felt so much pain that he was unable to help himself.

Madam Fu retracted her hands and helped Lin Shiyu back to her bed. She handed Lin Shiyu some tissues to wipe her tears away and prepared a hot towel to put on her. “Shiyu, don’t cry anymore. I’ll teach Fu Qinglun a lesson. He is being such a blockhead, I don’t even acknowledge him as my son anymore! Don’t worry, Shiyu, we are here for you.”

Lin Shiyu felt extremely tired, she curled up into a ball under her blankets and fell asleep.

Not long after, he was woken up by Lin Ruoxi’s voice from outside. “How dare you block me! I’m the eldest daughter of the Lin family. I want to see Lin Shiyu right now! Let me in!”

Lin Ruoxi had came but was obstructed by security.

Lin Shiyu got up and said, “Let her in.”

Lin Ruoxi rushed into the ward and glared at Lin Shiyu angrily. “Lin Shiyu, were you the one who asked Fu Qinglun to do all this to the Lin family? You’re also part of the Lin family. Fu Qinglun caused the Lin Shi Group to experience a capital chain rupture yesterday and we lost several billion in assets. If the Lin family falls, how will you benefit from it?”

Fu Qinglun took actions against the Lin family?

Lin Shiyu quirked the corner of her lips and said indifferently, “Lin Ruoxi, perhaps you forgot that I got chased out of the Lin family a long time ago. I’m no longer part of the Lin family.”

“You!” Lin Ruoxi was so angry she wanted to vomit blood.

“Is there anything else?” Lin Shiyu raised her eyebrows.

Lin Ruoxi clenched her fists. She knew she needed to beg Shiyu as Fu Qinglun would only let the Lin family off if Shiyu told him to do so.

“Lin Shiyu, do you want an apology from me? I’ll apologize to you now. After I’m done apologizing, please tell Brother Qinglun to let the Lin family off.Lin Shiyu, sorry.”

Lin Ruoxi bowed down reluctantly.

Seeing Lin Ruoxi apologizing was a rare sight. Lin Shiyu chucked, “Lin Ruoxi, isn’t it illegal to hire a kidnapper to kidnap people? Your apology is worthless. Get out or I’ll get someone to throw you into jail.”

“Lin Shiyu, you’re too much! Youー” Lin Ruoxi kicked up a fuss and wanted to lunge at Lin Shiyu. However, at this moment, the ward door opened and two body guards came in to drag her out.

Lin Ruoxi looked extremely pathetic being hurled outside the ward. She clenched her fists in anger, she was so mad she wanted to vomit blood.

At this moment, a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in her line of vision. Lin Ruoxi glanced up and was delighted to find that it was Fu Qinglun who had arrived.

“Brother Qinglun, please can you let the Lin family off? Both our families are old friends. Do it for the sake of Grandpa, won’t you? Now that your baby is gone, do you really want to bury the Lin family alive all because of your unborn baby?”

Fu Qinglun’s face was extremely indifferent with not the slightest hint of emotion. The pair of clear eyes gave Lin Ruoxi an icy look. “The Lin family will never be able to make up for my lost baby.”

Lin Ruoxi froze.

“Get lost. I don’t want to see you disturb her again!” Fu Qinglun said coldly.

Lin Ruoxi felt extremely indignant. However, seeing his gloomy face, she dared not utter anything more. She got up and left silently.

After walking out of the hospital, she thought in anger, didn’t Lin Shiyu just undergo a miscarriage? It isn’t even a big deal! Seeing Brother Qinglun holding her so dearly in his arms and being so afraid of losing her… It was ridiculous how much he actually doted on her.

Hmph! I hope she’ll never be able to give birth in her entire life!

At this moment, a melodious ringtone sounded. It was Old Master Lin.

“Hello Grandpa.”

“Lin Ruoxi, did you beg Fu Qinglun? What did he say?” Old Master Lin’s gloomy voice sounded at the end of the phone.

“Grandpa, I did. But Brother Qinglun just won’t let us off…”

“You’re useless!” Old Master Lin hollered.

Lin Ruoxi was so shocked she did not dare to say anything.

“I have a plan to make Fu Qinglun let us off. Come home now. You’d better not create any trouble during this crucial period!”

Old Master Lin hung up the phone immediately.

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