Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 657 - Let’s Talk About Love (16)

Chapter 657: Let’s Talk About Love (16)

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“An’an…” Lu Yan murmured again. He held her hand with his calloused palm and interlaced his fingers with hers.

“An’an, I want you…”

He wanted to get intimate with her.

With his head was nuzzling against her cheeks, it hurt her a little. An’an was reminded of her first time with him, it happened during his engagement ceremony with that socialite, she had drugged herself and lost her virginity to him.

She was already his.

But that happened when she wanted to be intimate with him. Now, everything had changed and things were different. She didn’t want it anymore.

She turned her face, whispering in his ear, “Have you washed it clean? That woman’s mouth is extremely dirty.”

He was stunned.

Their bodies were getting warm under the blankets and his body temperature was recovering to normal. An’an retracted her hand and got down the bed, leaving the room.

Lu Yan lay on the bed alone, without that delicate body under him, the bed is truly hard. His eyelashes moved and he opened his eyes slowly.

Though his eyes were bloodshot and he seemed extremely drained, one could also tell that he regained a grip over himself.

He was awake.

It felt as though a cold tub of water had drenched him from head to toe when she asked whether he had washed himself clean already. He had instantly woken up.

The dreams dissipated in an instant.

His lips were raised into a wry smile, and he closed his eyes again.

The next morning.

Lu Yan’s fever had finally subsided and An Xi took his temperature. It was finally normal again, but his infection hadn’t healed yet.

“Brother Ah Yan, I’ll get a basin of water over and help you wipe your body,” An Xi said.

Lu Yan had sustained serious injuries from the previous night and wasn’t allowed to take a shower. He slumped against the bed frame and his fringe had covered his brown eyes. No one could tell what was on his mind.

As the days passed, he had only become more quiet and reclusive.

An Xi entered the bathroom and brought a basin of water out. Wringing out the hot towel with her hands, she wiped Lu Yan’s face first.

The towel moved downwards and An Xi avoided his wounds carefully, wiping his upper body.

He wasn’t wearing anything on top since it was too inconvenient when she had to bandage his upper body. When An Xi held the towel and wiped his body, she had some contact with his chest muscles and eight pack, her face flushed red.

She was right in front of a hunky, masculine man. It was impossible for a woman’s face not to flush red when being so close.

An Xi washed the towel and stood beside his bed hesitantly. Almost unconsciously, her gaze riveted on Lu Yan’s pants.

“Brother Ah Yan, do you need me to wipe… down there?” An Xi asked in a soft voice.

Lu Yan had one knee bent and his hand was on it. He lowered his eyes and didn’t bother to reply her, behaving as if he hadn’t heard her words.

An Xi took a deep breath and stretched her hands out, preparing to unbuckle his belt.

But once her hands were on his belt, a large palm suddenly grasped her wrist.

An Xi froze, he had lifted his head and his eyes were bloodshot as he furrowed his brows and looked at her with displeasure.

Seeing his face, An Xi’s face turned even more red, she wanted to explain herself. “Brother Ah Yan…”

But they suddenly heard a soft but sarcastic voice. “It seems like I’ve interrupted the two of you.”

Lu Yan and An Xi lifted their eyes, only to see An’an standing by the door.

An’an wore a blue knit sweater with a short pleated skirt and knee high socks. She appeared youthful and charming.

As she stood by the door, the expression on her face was cold. An Xi was holding onto his belt and he grasped An Xi’s wrist, they did indeed appear to be in an intimate position.

An’an lifted her hand and knocked on the room door. “The next time you two want to do such things, you should have the decency to at least close the room door.”

She had mistaken him.

Lu Yan pursed his lips and let go of An Xi’s wrist. He didn’t try to explain himself, he didn’t even utter a word.

An Xi’s face was still flushed and she didn’t explain herself either. “Brother Ah Yan, I’ll take my leave first.”

An Xi left the room.

After An Xi had left, An’an stepped into the room and closed the door.

She walked over to his bedside and looked at Lu Yan. An Xi had already dressed his wounds but his face was still pale due to excessive bleeding from the day before. His facial muscles were tensed.

“What were you doing with Doctor An Xi just now?” An’an asked.

Lu Yan didn’t lift his eyes, he merely murmured, “She was helping me wipe my body clean.”

That was his first sentence in an entire day.

“Oh? So she was doing you a favor by removing your pants too and wiping down there too?”

Lu Yan didn’t bother to reply, but his expression darkened a little.

He was silent, did his silence mean he agreed?

An’an’s hands were balled into two fists by her sides, and she bit down on her lower lip with her teeth. He had countless of women around him and once she didn’t pay attention to him, he would fool around with other women.

An’an looked at his pants. “Are you having a hard on?”

His knees were bent and there were creases on his pants. But An’an couldn’t care less, she looked at him blatantly, behaving as though she was trying to catch him red-handed in an affair.

“I am not.”

“How dare you claim that you’re not! You clearly had a hard on! Lu Yan, you’re shameless, you’re going around and seducing women just because you’re huge down there!”

Lu Yan suddenly lifted his head and his gaze was on An’an. This girl was going to drive him crazy.

He pulled his belt open and unzipped his pants. “You know what’s seduction? Look here, this is what you call seduction!”

What was he doing?

He actually…

“Ah!” An’an screamed and covered her eyes with both hands. Her face flushed red and she took two steps backwards.

She was only 18 years old, she didn’t have any experience with him behaving like a thug.

Lu Yan put on his belt again and got down the bed. He picked up a black shirt and put it on.

He hadn’t lied to her. It was only because he was huge down there, and so she had mistaken him.

An’an heard the sounds of rustling fabric and when she opened her eyes, Lu Yan had already put on the black shirt and stood in front of her.

“You’re not going to wipe yourself clean down there? It’ll be quite dirty if you don’t clean it up after not taking a shower for an entire day.”

“It’s none of your business whether I’m dirty or not. What matters is that I’m not affecting you with my dirtiness.”

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