Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 658 - Let’s Talk About Love (17)

Chapter 658: Let’s Talk About Love (17)

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An’an couldn’t even retaliate his words.

Lu Yan sat on the chair and began to have his breakfast.

Breakfast had been sent over a long time ago, the menu was plain porridge and two steamed buns. It was already cold but Lu Yan didn’t seem to care, he picked up one of the steamed buns and started eating it.

An’an watched as he ate the steamed bun. Inside, she felt her heart wrenching, it hurt to even breathe.

He was wealthy enough to afford delicacies everyday, why was he here in Miaojiang eating steamed buns?

What made things worse was that they was already hard and cold.

An’an walked over. “Lu Yan…”

“An’an, stop fooling around, I’m hungry,” Lu Yan suddenly said.

He hadn’t had anything to eat for an entire day yesterday and he wasn’t sure when his drug addiction was going to act up. If he didn’t eat, he was afraid he wouldn’t have enough energy to stay alive, not to say, survive going cold turkey.

He didn’t want to die yet.

He wanted to stay alive.

More lives could be saved only if he stayed alive.

That was the vision and purpose in his life.

I’m hungry…

Hearing him say that, tears welled up in An’an’s eyes. It wasn’t that she was stopping him from having his breakfast.

Didn’t he understand her intentions? She wasn’t trying to stop him from eating. All she meant was that he deserved something better to eat.

And even that other night… She wasn’t trying to stop him from having dinner, she merely hated the thought of him fooling around with women after he gained some energy.

Her eyelashes fluttered, watching him eating the cold steamed bun and porridge. A few seconds later, she walked up to him again. “I’m hungry too.”

She hadn’t had breakfast yet and also hadn’t had anything to eat for an entire day yesterday.

Lu Yan didn’t move, he didn’t even lift his head. He merely spoke monotonously, “Go back.”

He wanted her to go back.

An’an smiled. “Lu Yan, you humiliated me in that way just two days ago and I really wasn’t planning to meet you ever again, but why did you save me yesterday? You’re pushing me away on one occasion and pulling me in on another. Aren’t you still interested in me?”

Lu Yan bit on the steamed bun, his throat was feeling coarse and sore. He didn’t want to continue having breakfast, it was rather pointless for him.

Why had he saved her? She was in a precarious situation yesterday, how could he not rush over to save her?

His vision suddenly darkened, a faint, milky scent invaded his senses. An’an had crouched down and took a bite of the steamed bun in his hand.

She took a bite of his steamed bun.

There were teeth marks on the steamed bun, Lu Yan’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “Don’t eat it.”

He didn’t allow her to eat the steamed bun.

An’an chewed on the bun, it was sweet and soft, although it couldn’t compare to those delicate dimsum served in the VIP area, it tasted good too. “Why can’t I eat it?”

Lu Yan lifted his face and her tiny face was just right in front of him. Her skin was supple and her eyes were gleaming. She was absolutely stunning and men were going to be smitten with her in just a few years.

“An’an, go back,” he repeated.

An’an didn’t move. “Lu Yan, can you say something else other than that? Do you need me to help you recall your memories, you pinned me down and told me, An’an, I want you. Lu Yan, you were trying to get into my pants, but you failed.”

Lu Yan hadn’t forgotten about what had happened yesterday night.

An’an stretched her hand out, touching his beard. “Lu Yan, why are you so bad? You were at fault by fooling around with another woman but you’re not even willing to explain yourself and admit your mistake. All you need to do is say to me, An’an, I want you, I only want you. I’ll never have any other woman in my life other than you, is it really that hard for you to tell me that? You’ve always known that all I want from you is that!”

An’an then straddled his thighs and squeezed herself between his chest and the table. She hugged his neck. “Lu Yan, do you have any feelings for Doctor An Xi?”

Lu Yan was still holding onto the steamed bun as she sat on his lap. Her knee high socks formed a contrast with his long pants.

An Xi? He didn’t have any feelings for An Xi.

Li Si wanted him to marry An Xi, but he didn’t want to.

He didn’t want to compromise and get into a marriage without love. That would only hurt An Xi and he didn’t want that.

“Lu Yan, do you have any feelings for me then? You’ve never told me whether you love me or not, whether you feel the kind of romantic feelings that men have for women.”

Grasping her slim waist with one hand, it was easy for Lu Yan to hold half of it with one hand. He pushed her away. “I don’t have any feelings for you.”

He claimed that he didn’t have any feelings for her.

“Lu Yan, you’re lying!” An’an held onto his neck and was unwilling to move away.

“You don’t have any feelings for Doctor An Xi but you have feelings for me. You’re a bad boy who’s extremely shallow. I’m not only younger than Doctor An’an, I’m also prettier than her. You’ll obviously have feelings for me, you’ll never fall for Doctor An Xi as long as I’m here!”

Lu Yan pursed his lips and didn’t say a word, but his muscles underneath his black shirt had already tensed up.

She was right. He was a shallow man who only cared about looks.

Even if An Xi was virtuous and treated him well, she could never compare with An’an. An’an was able to make men go crazy over her, with the capability to pleasure any man.

He wanted to sleep with An’an, and not An Xi.

Even though he wanted to be with her, he couldn’t. He knew he wasn’t worthy of deserving her.

He felt something soft on his lips, An’an had kissed him.

Lu Yan quickly avoided it, flinching back as if he had been electrocuted.

Determined not to give up, An’an leaned forward to kiss him again.

He didn’t close his eyes, he just looked at her. She had beautiful eyes, just like a first-born, they was clear and gleaming.

He seemed to have lost all control over himself, he reciprocated the kiss.

His brain was filled with one voice, one excuse he made for himself—-shemade the first move.

His breathing got heavier and his eyes were filled with lust, he seemed to be desiring for more. An’an then avoided him, not letting him kiss her.

Lu Yan had missed and he pinched her jaw. “You’re fooling me, hm?”

“Lu Yan, tell me you love me!”

Lu Yan, tell me you love me.

It seared into Lu Yan’s mind. His pupils contracted and he glared at her.

An’an’s hand continued moving downwards to unbuckle his belt. “Lu Yan, tell me you love me and I’ll satisfy your desires. No matter how filthy you are, I’ll forgive you and you can only listen to me from today onwards. Do you agree?”

Lu Yan’s breathing became heavier and it was as if his throat had been raked through hot charcoal. Every word of hers was seducing him.

An’an looked at him with a tender gaze. “Lu Yan, I love you.”

She then held his face and kissed him on the lips.

Her tongue was extended inside his mouth before he could even realize it. His mouth was slightly sweet from the lingering taste of the steamed bun. She continued exploring every corner of his mouth and fell further into the darkness.

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