Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle

Chapter 659 - Let’s Talk About Love (18)

Chapter 659: Let’s Talk About Love (18)

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Very soon later, his mouth was filled with her sweetness.

Lu Yan, I love you.

She had said, “Lu Yan, I love you.”

Lu Yan knitted his brows. The bun, which was half-eaten, dropped from his hand onto the floor. His heart was saying, ‘An’an, I love you too.’

As he held her svelte waist with his two hands, he knew that he wanted her now. It would be an easy feat.

He knew it in his mind.

He wanted to get intimate with her.

At this moment, his tall and handsome body suddenly trembled. F*ck, his drug addiction was acting up again.

Opening his eyes, he pushed away the girl in his arms.

An’an was forced to leave his thin lips. His lips were glistening from her wet kisses. “Ah Yan…”

She called him so tenderly.

“An’an,” Lu Yan cut her off. “Listen clearly. I don’t love you. I’ve raised you for so many years. Even if it was a puppy that was in danger, I would have saved it too. Saving your life doesn’t mean that you can fall in love with me.

“As for my seeking pleasure from you, it was you who threw yourself onto me in bed. It would have been a waste if I didn’t take that opportunity. I thought you wanted it too. Leave now. I don’t want to see you again!”

Lu Yan placed her down on the floor as if he was handling a little chick. He stood up with his back facing her.

An’an stared at him in shock and her eyes narrowed. “Ah Yan, what happened to you? You were still fine just now. Are you…”

“Scram!” The man bellowed hoarsely.

He had never lost his temper at her before and had not even said a harsh word to her. An’an stood there stupefied and looked at him in a daze.

“I’m not leaving. I won’t leave.” Her reddened eyes were determined.

He had become weird and not his typical self. She did not want to leave, she wanted to look at him like this.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. An Xi pushed the door open and entered. “Brother Ah Yan, what’s happening?”

An Xi was here.

Lu Yan turned his tall and handsome body around. He grasped An Xi’s slender arm and flung her onto the cold and hard wooden bed.

An Xi was stunned. “Brother Ah Yan…”

At this moment, she saw black before her. Lu Yan had got onto the bed and pinned her down beneath him. He started to tear her dress apart.

An Xi’s heart was thumping wildly. She had been waiting for this day for so many years.

She had never imagined that this day would come so suddenly. It took her by surprise and she was not prepared at all.

Lu Yan saw from the corner of his eye that the pretty figure had not left. He turned his face sideways and his bloodshot eyes stared at An’an coldly. “Aren’t you going to scram? You want to stay here to watch us do it?”

An’an felt like she had been pushed into a deep valley and her head had been hit numerous times. She had forgotten to think, breath.

All she could do was stand there with her feet rooted to the ground.

Actually such a scene was not foreign to her at all. But that sort of heart-wrenching pain did not make her feel numb. Instead, it hurt her even more each time she witnessed such a scene.

She stood on the spot dumbly.

Lu Yan’s hands were already trembling slightly. His drug addiction had kicked in but he did not want her to witness it.

He did not want her to witness him being so pathetic.

But she refused to leave. Why was she unwilling to leave?

An Xi was an intelligent woman. She had already guessed that Lu Yan was putting up a show for An’an, but she was willing to continue with the act.

She promptly wrapped her arms around Lu Yan’s neck and kissed his lips.

Lu Yan evaded the unfamiliar woman’s kiss. He buried his head into An Xi’s neck and proceeded to kiss downwards.

Disappointment flashed across An Xi’s eyes. He did not allow her to kiss his lips, but she had seen him kiss An’an’s lips a few times.

He seemed to enjoy kissing An’an. He would embrace her and insert his tongue into An’an’s mouth, as if he was addicted to it.

When Lu Yan’s kisses trailed down to An Xi’s chest, An’an gave a shrill cry, turned around and ran out.

She was unable to stand it.

She ran away.

After An’an left, Lu Yan stopped his act immediately. He turned around and his heavy body collapsed on the hard wooden bed.

An Xi promptly realized something was amiss with Lu Yan. “Brother Ah Yan, your drug addiction is acting up again!”

Lu Yan rolled a few times on the bed. His heavy body fell onto the floor, which produced a dull thud.

It was pure torture when the drug addiction acted up. The white bandage on Lu Yan’s body was quickly tainted red. The wound in his torso had split open again.

He was sitting on the floor with his broad back against the door and he was taking in big gasps of air. He felt terrible.

The pain was like blind, numbing torture.

At this juncture, Li Si ran in. He promptly pressed down on Lu Yan’s handsome shoulders. “Yan Zi, you have to hold on.”

With that, Li Si handed a medical book over to An Xi. “An Xi, I found a medical book in the restricted book section of Miaojiang. It is stated here that there is a type of Cordyceps that can cure drug addiction.”

An Xi swiftly scanned through the book. Her eyes lit up. There really was a type of Cordyceps that could cure Lu Yan’s drug addiction.

“Brother Ah Yan, you can be saved!”

Lu Yan’s muscular chest was heaving and his throat bobbed. Was there really a cure?

“Lu Yan!” At this moment, he heard a familiar soft voice.

Lu Yan instantly opened his brown eyes and turned around to look. The door was pushed open and An’an ran back in.

Tears cascaded down An’an’s little face. “Lu Yan, I’ve forgotten to say something to you. I hate you. I curse that you will have erectile problems forever, I…”

An’an’s voice trailed off. The room was not how she had imagined it to be like. Lu Yan was not having sex with An Xi, and Li Si was also here.

She stood outside and looked into the apartment. There were three people looking at her, and the tension in the room became uneasy.

At this juncture, An’an’s eyes narrowed. She saw that Lu Yan’s nose was bleeding.

There were two lines of thick blood streaming down from Lu Yan’s nose, and it was a garish sight.

Lu Yan ‘s bloodshot eyes stared at the girl who had returned. He wished he could strangle her then and there. Why the heck had she come back?

He knew that his nose was bleeding. He wiped off the blood with his large palm, but the blood came streaming down relentlessly.


In an instant, there was blood all over his hands and clothes. He looked extremely pathetic.

“Brother Ah Yan!” An Xi cried and promptly covered Lu Yan’s nose. “Brother Ah Yan, you have to hold on! This drug addiction will pass!”

Drug addiction?

An’an was stunned. Yes, how could she had forgotten that he used to take drugs? Did he have a drug addiction now?

He had become a drug addict?

At this moment, Lu Yan took the pillow on the bed and threw it forcefully towards An’an, who was by the door. He hollered in a harsh voice, “Scram! Get the hell out!”

With that, Lu Yan collapsed onto the floor. He had difficulties breathing, and his gasps filled the entire room. He was breathing very slowly and his breath hitched in ragged, harsh gasps, as if he could barely catch his breath.

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