Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 15 - Don't Be Scared, I Won't Leave

Chapter 15: Don’t Be Scared, I Won’t Leave

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On the road, Ji Nuan could not hold it in and sneezed several more times.

Mo Jingshen directly drove back to the Yu Garden without bringing her to eat. He immediately called Auntie Chen to boil some red sugar ginger tea for her.

Ji Nuan did not take her cold seriously. She drank a few sips of the tea and furrowed her brows from the spiciness. Since a long time ago, she had always hated drinking this sort of thing. She really could not bring herself to swallow it down. Just as she was about to put the cup down, she raised her head and saw Mo Jingshen across from her.

It seemed like if she did not swallow the tea down, she would not be able to have dinner.

“This ginger tea is really too spicy.” Ji Nuan rarely admitted her troubles. “Can I drink it after dinner?”

“Madam, dinner is already being prepared. You drink the ginger tea first; it will warm up your body.” Auntie Chen appeared from the side, nagging, “Recently a lot of people have been catching colds, and their symptoms are especially serious. Yesterday, my niece from my hometown called me and told me that she caught a cold so bad that she couldn’t leave the bed for three days. It was painful to the point where she couldn’t even open her eyes. So, Madam, you must sweat it out tonight. You can’t catch a cold ah!”

Ji Nuan raised her head. Because she did not like to drink it, she could only look at Mo Jingshen with downturned eyes.

Mo Jingshen: “Heard that? Drink it.”

Ji Nuan was helpless. She could only raise the cup and drink several sips. It was painfully spicy, but she could not no drink it. In the end, she could only pinch her nose and chug it.

In the past, Ji Nuan was not so easy to persuade when it came to things like this.

When she was young, she had suffered a bad cold in the north. Ever since then, her body had been especially prone to fevers. However, her personality was stubborn. Whenever she fell sick, she would lock herself in her room and wrapped herself under her blankets to sleep for two nights. She would refuse medicine and injections, and would not even drink the ginger tea that was so difficult to swallow.

It was only when he saw the bottom of the cup that Mo Jingshen signaled Auntie Chen to hasten with dinner preparations because on the way back Ji Nuan had complained about being hungry nonstop.

“You go back to your room and have a warm shower first. Change to more comfortable clothes and come down,” Mo Jingshen said.

Ji Nuan had been intending to do so as well. After all, after drinking the tea, her body felt warm to the point of discomfort.

Not long after she returned to her room, Ji Nuan’s mind became somewhat dizzy and heavy. She was not sure if it was because she had really caught a cold.

Thinking of having a warm bath quickly, she removed her clothes and entered the bathroom.

After sitting in the warm water for less than a minute, Ji Nuan closed her eyes. She was dazed and began to feel sleepy.

But no matter what, she could not sleep comfortably. She wanted to wake up, yet she could not.

She felt like she was being tossed between the cold and heat. One moment her body felt like it was being buried in snow, the next she felt like she was being cooked in a pot.

This feeling was extremely uncomfortable. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids were heavy to the point where she could not lift them.

A pitch-black dream appeared in her mind mercilessly.

She dreamed that she had made a deep cut on her wrist and blood would not stop flowing out of it.

In her dream, she laid weakly in the hospital bed that smelled strongly of disinfectant. Her wrist was wrapped thickly in gauze. A tall silhouette stood by her side. He had already stood there for a whole night.

A divorce agreement was placed next to her pillow. She could hardly hear a single word the man was saying.

The scene kept changing. Ji Nuan wanted to grab onto that figure that was determined on leaving but could only stagger forward aimlessly in the dark.

She dreamed that after their divorce, all of the Mo family elders avoided her and did not speak to her. Due to her divorce and attempted suicide, her father began to have psychological problems. For two years she was not allowed to step in through the Ji family’s door.

She saw that Ji Mengran brought her to a bar to get drunk, saw herself take drugs there and becoming addicted!

The Ji family became bankrupt. Her father was extremely resentful, and all the closest people who loved her went far away. Her once proud and dazzling lifestyle gradually fell apart.

When she was feeling lost, Xia Tian thought of all sorts of methods to look out for her, bringing her home, accompanying her, cheering her on.

The scene changed once more. Ji Nuan suddenly ran like mad but was unable to hold onto the corner of a skirt. She saw Xia Tian’s blood-covered body fall under the bridge; her eyes staring up at the bird that flew past. Even in her death, her eyes were not closed.

Ji Nuan’s faith in life crumbled over and over again. All the people who loved her and the people she loved kept dying and leaving…

Those who once saw the Ji family as enemies found her. She was kidnapped, threatened, brought onto an old car that had several beautiful ladies, and finally sold to a mountainous area.

She was sold to a fifty-year-old man. The man even had a twenty-plus-year-old retarded son!

Every time she escaped; she was caught back. Over and over again she was cruelly hurt and scolded. She was even almost raped by the two of them. She could only use a knife to destroy her own face and body. Every day, her blood-covered body prevented them from doing anything.

That dark life… Why would it still enter her dreams?!

She wanted to wake up! She did not want to relieve the nightmares of her previous life!

The dark scenes kept changing. She ran out of the mountainous areas but was sold into Hai Cheng’s Yun family.

The Yun family’s young mistress was murdered, and she was convicted as the murderer. The police said that they made several investigations and found that according to a relative of hers, many years ago, she was on bad terms with the Yun family’s young mistress and it was confirmed that she had a motive to kill.

Relative? During then, aside from Ji Mengran who had long disappeared, she no longer had any other relatives.

In the last moments of her life, she was imprisoned and held captive for three months. Her drug addiction caused her to cough blood… Her life was in pieces…

This dream felt as long as ten years…


Wake up!

Hurry and wake up!

She did not want to hear the news that Mo Jingshen brought Ji Mengran back to the country once more… she did not want that…

Ji Nuan struggled bitterly in her dreams but was unable to escape the vortex in the dark.

She suddenly heard the sound of a door being opened. A cool hand gently pressed against her head.

“She has a fever. Auntie Chen, go bring the medicine.” A cold and calm voice traveled past her ears. It was only then that Ji Nuan awoke violently from her dreams.

She opened her eyes with some effort and was instantly carried out of the tub by someone.

She was somewhat confused, unaware of where she was. She was not even conscious of the fact that she was naked.

Her snow-white skin, thin and long legs, the snowy soft of her chest, and even her seaweed-like wet silky hair were all shown to him.

Due to the boiling heat of her body that was beyond his expectations, Mo Jingshen wrapped her up in a towel. Ji Nuan instinctually leaned her head in his embrace, closing her eyes in pain.

Those nightmares no longer showed up. She released her breath but felt something warm wanting to flood out of her eyes.

Thank god… It was all in the past…

This was Mo Jingshen’s embrace. It was warm; it was what caused people to yearn for—an embrace that belonged only to her.

In the past, if she had not been so silly, even if she had lost everything, she would still have had Mo Jingshen.

In the end, even he was pushed away by her. Pushed so far away, so far!

She wanted to cry. She held in the tears and pressed her head in his embrace.

“Mr. Mo, this is the fever-reducing medicine. I’ve also brought the thermometer!” It was Auntie Chen’s voice. Her voice was somewhat breathless. It seems that she had ran to find the medicine.

Ji Nuan was placed on the bed. She subconsciously grabbed onto the sleeve of his shirt. Even if she was weak to the point of having no strength, she still weakly wanted to hold onto him.

Mo Jingshen saw her action and did not leave. He moved to hold her hand. “Don’t be scared. I’m not leaving.”

His quiet voice seemed to be the best soothing medicine. Ji Nuan weakly opened her eyes. Her eyes were somewhat red. Even if it was no longer scary, she still held onto him, unwilling to let go.

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