Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 14 - Ji Nuan, This Little Lady, What on Earth Is She Planning

Chapter 14: Ji Nuan, This Little Lady, What on Earth Is She Planning

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Zhou Yanyan raised her head to glare at her but immediately surrendered under Mo Jingshen’s cold gaze. Her lips trembled as she cried out, “Miss Ji, I’m sorry!”

“En? I still can’t hear you?” Ji Nuan had on an innocent smile as though she was harmless.

“I’m sorry, Miss Ji! I was wrong!”

This time Ji Nuan simply did not reply.

Zhou Yanyan gritted her teeth, breathing in deeply. Uncaring of the people around who were watching the show, she yelled out, “Miss Ji! I’m sorry!”

Ji Nuan’s gaze remained cold. Suddenly, she noticed the shirt that Han Tianyuan had come out wearing. “The shirt that Young Master Han is wearing shouldn’t be cheap either. Why don’t I buy it for you guys?”

Zhou Yanyan’s expression immediately became pale as she felt she knew what Ji Nuan would say next.

Zhou Yanyan felt as though she had fallen into a pit of ice.

“Why? You don’t wish to dance?” Ji Nuan turned back to glance at the people who had gathered outside the door. “Then why I don’t I pick a man here for you and you sleep with him for a night.”

Several excited whistles could suddenly be heard from the door.

Zhou Yanyan trembled from head to toe. It was not clear if she was scared or angry.

Han Tianyuan who was listening at the side began to panic. Today, if he did not make a public apology, not mentioning Mo Jingshen—who was a suppressing force in his own right—merely dealing with Ji Nuan alone would not be easy.

“Miss Ji, I apologize for my words and actions earlier. Seeing that there are some relations between the Han and Ji family, please don’t take today’s incident into account.” Han Tianyuan rarely spoke a few serious proper human words.

Ji Nuan smiled coldly. “Although the Han family is flourishing, they gave birth to a mentally disabled child. With a son like you, it seems that the Han family met with some form of retribution twenty years ago.”

Han Tianyuan tolerated it without rebutting. “If Miss Ji feels that she can vent her anger this way, then scold as you please.”

“Scold? Someone like you? Killing you, one would fear to dirty one’s hands; scolding you one would fear to dirty one’s mouth,” Ji Nuan mocked him and then suddenly smiled. “I heard that Young Master Han has two companies under your name that is about to be sold to a real estate company. Why not lower the price and sell it to me?”

Han Tianyuan became stunned for a moment. He never thought that Ji Nuan who had no interest in the corporate world whatsoever would make such an offer.

Mo Jingshen also glanced at Ji Nuan.

Ji Nuan saw Han Tianyuan’s expression. “Thirty million yuan and the two companies will all come under my ownership. Deal?”

“Thirty million? I have two companies! Two hundred million is considered selling it at a low price! Miss Ji, you are clearly taking ad…”

“…” the corner of Han Tianyuan’s lips trembled.

Her expression… She was obviously doing this on purpose!

Han Tianyuan closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He could not offend Mo Jingshen. If not, not even mentioning those two small companies, perhaps the entire Han Corporation would not be able to survive.

Right now, even if they wanted him to bow and offer the two companies for free, he could not reject.

He just did not know what this Miss Ji was planning by suddenly wanting those two companies that weren’t in very good condition.

“Fine! Thirty million will do!”

Ji Nuan smiled with both her brows and eyes. “Thanks. In a few days, I’ll head to your company to sign the contract to transfer ownership. Young Master Han, with so many people as witnesses, there is likely to be media news spreading around. Don’t forget your words.”

Han Tianyuan said through gritted teeth, “Won’t forget! I definitely won’t forget!”

Ji Nuan smiled lightly, holding onto Mo Jingshen’s elbow. “Hubby, let’s go~ I’m going to starve to death!”

Mo Jingshen stared at her for a moment. Ji Nuan felt as though his gaze could see through her soul. Stunned, she stared back at him. Yet, he only tucked her hair behind her ear, and then helped her to button her collar properly.

Before she left, Ji Nuan remembered to buy the shirt and then, before the eyes of an envious crowd, they left with their shoulders pressed together.


The autumn night was cold. Yet, standing by Mo Jingshen’s side, she did not feel any cold. Ji Nuan walked and asked, “How did you know that I was here? Were you close to the building earlier?”

Mo Jingshen did not reply, opening the car door for her to enter. Ji Nuan sat down and then rushed to search her mind. “I drove the car here today myself.”

“Let Shen Mu drive it back.”

“Assistant Shen Mu is nearby?” Ji Nuan glanced around curiously but did not see anyone.

“What do you want to eat?” Mo Jingshen got in the car.

“Anything will do; eating simple is good enough~.”

“The issue about your card being frozen, why didn’t you mention it?” His voice was calm, but he was clearly upset about the fact that she had been acting strong all this while.

“It’s not completely frozen. Every month I still have around ten thousand yuan. I also don’t have much to spend on, so I never brought it up,” saying this, she rushed to hand over the black card in her hands, “I do not lack anything in the Yu Garden. I won’t be able to spend much money. This card should still…”

Her words had yet to finish when she saw Mo Jingshen’s gaze, as though warning her that the moment she returned the card he would pluck off her head.

Ji Nuan froze. Right now, Mo Jingshen was not the man he was when they just got married; the man who would constantly give in to her. If he were to lose his temper and not care about her, then even if she cried, it would be too late.

She immediately felt conscious and took back the card, keeping it in her purse. “Then I’ll keep it with me first. In the future, if I see any nice shirts or comfy daily wear, I’ll help you buy them.”

“I don’t need too much; buy whatever you like.”

The street lights outside the car were bright. Ji Nuan stared outside for a while but could not help turning to ask, “Why did you appear there just now?”

“Passed by.”

That hospital did have several roads nearby. It seemed like it was necessary to go by them to return from Mo Corporation to the Yu Garden.

Ji Nuan stopped asking but turned her head to stare at him.

Mo Jingshen wore a black handmade shirt. She could not see any obvious brand tag, but with one glance, it was clear that it was not cheap.

She thought that later when they got home, she would have him try on the shirt that she had bought. She had just opened her mouth to speak when she sneezed, “Achoo-”

Her nose felt sour and somewhat uncomfortable, Ji Nuan raised her hand to rub her nose, yet another sound came out. “Achoo!”

“I just reminded you not to catch a cold this morning.” Mo Jingshen heard her sneezing and immediately turned on the heat in the car.

Ji Nuan held her nose while speaking gloomily, “In the afternoon, when I came out I didn’t feel cold. It’s probably just my nose that is slightly uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be a cold.”

In the afternoon, she had left in a rush. Since she was planning to drive, she did not even wear a thin cardigan. Recently, Hai Cheng had just entered into autumn. The difference between the temperature in the day and night was very different. Earlier, when she left the hospital, she had felt a little cold but did not pay much attention to it.

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