Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 18 - Mr. Mo Is Taking Care of Madam

Chapter 18: Mr. Mo Is Taking Care of Madam

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Ji Nuan suddenly felt a kiss fall between her brows.

“Don’t think that I really have no hidden intentions. You are still sick, be good and go to sleep.” His gentle voice fell between her brows. Seeing that her eyes were still open, he uttered softly, “Quickly, sleep.”

This time Ji Nuan really stopped talking. She closed her eyes, breathing in the pleasant fresh scent that belonged to his body.

This was a feeling of belonging that led one to feel at ease.


The next morning, Ji Nuan woke up at 9:00 a.m.

She pressed her hand against her forehead. It seems like her fever had already reduced, but the symptoms of a cold were still around.

She sat up, pushing aside the blanket. Just as she was about to get off the bed, she became surprised, lowering her head to stare at her own body.

She wore a soft silk pajama dress. Yesterday, after showering, she clearly fell asleep in a towel.

This… Did Auntie Chen change my clothes? Or was it…

The door suddenly opened. She raised her tousled head and saw Mo Jingshen walk into the room.

The automatic curtains slowly shifted open, and the golden sunlight landed on his body.

The man before her was of calm and handsome temperament. Charming to the point of causing people to be dazed.

Mo Jingshen saw her sitting by the bed with a strange and silly expression. “Feeling better?”

“What time is it? You haven’t gone to the company?” Ji Nuan woke up from her daze, asking rather than replying. As she spoke, she picked up her phone by the bedside.

9:30 a.m.?

It was already 9:30 a.m.!

Although Mo Jingshen did not need to be in the company every day, in her memory, he rarely ever missed work on weekdays and barely ever took any holidays.

“There’s nothing much happening in the company today. It’s fine if I don’t go.” Mo Jingshen approached the bed, picking up the thermometer and measuring her temperature while she was still looking stunned.

Ji Nuan was still reprimanding herself for disturbing his work, but heard him say, “Thirty-seven point six degrees, how do you feel right now?”

“Much better, it’s not as hard to bear as last night.” Ji Nuan raised her hand to touch her own forehead. “This temperature shouldn’t be considered a fever anymore, right?”

“There’s still a little fever. Don’t go out today. Stay at home to take your medicine and rest well.” Mo Jingshen pressed her shoulder, pushing her to sit back down on the bed. “Whatever you want to eat, have Auntie Chen send it up. Don’t walk around, en?”

“I’m not that seriously ill, and this isn’t considered a fever anymore…”

Ji Nuan had yet to finish her words when she heard the sound of footsteps outside. The helper called out from the door, “Mr. Mo, there is a phone call for you.”

Mo Jingshen threw a glance at Ji Nuan, using his gaze to signal for her to obediently stay in the room before he left to answer the call.

Ji Nuan sat on the bed, picking up the cup by her bedside and drinking a sip, soothing her throat. She then picked up her phone to send Xia Tian a message.

Yesterday, she had promised Xia Tian she would visit her today at the hospital. But with her condition, Mo Jingshen most definitely would not allow her to leave and experience the wind outside.

In addition, her body that was weak against the cold really did need to be properly taken care off. It was not good to always fall so sick whenever she caught a cold. She could not be so delicate.

Downstairs, Mo Jingshen walked down the marble staircase, seeing the handset placed on top of the tea table.

He asked lightly, “Who called?”

The helper by the side spoke respectfully, “It’s Miss Meng Ran.”

Mo Jingshen’s footsteps paused. He turned to glance calmly at the helper.

The helper rushed to explain, “Earlier, Miss Meng Ran suddenly called. Originally, I was also curious why she did not call Madam’s handphone and instead called the house phone. My mouth slipped, and I told her about Madam’s illness. After that, Miss Meng Ran asked if Mr. Mo had left for the company. I said that you were staying at home to accompany Madam. She then asked for you to receive the phone.”

Mo Jingshen’s expression became colder. He did not walk over and instead spoke coolly, “In the future, if we receive the Ji family’s second daughter’s call, there’s no need to inform me.”

The helper nodded her head quickly. “I understand, Mr. Mo. So, this phone call…”

“Tell her that the Madam’s illness is already fine. There’s no need to ask about her condition from me. If she is really concerned, tell her to ask Ji Nuan herself.”

Mo Jingshen turned around to walk back.

Ji Mengran was still waiting in anticipation on the other side of the call. As preparation for when Mo Jingshen picked up the phone, she had even made a mental draft of everything she wanted to tell him.

Right now, she could not visit the Yu Garden frequently. Although she could not go, she still had to find opportunities to speak properly with Mo Jingshen. Ji Nuan’s changes were indeed a bit strange. She just did not know Mo Jingshen’s thoughts about it.

That day, Ji Nuan had said that she did not want a divorce. But the things she did previously were all out of line. Could Mo Jingshen really continue to tolerate it?

“Hello, Miss Meng Ran. I’m really sorry, Mr. Mo is currently taking care of Madam. He is unable to squeeze out the time to pick up the phone,” the helper declared. “Mr. Mo says that if Miss Meng Ran wishes to find out more about Madam’s condition, you could ask her yourself.”

The helper did not dare to be as blunt, keeping her words as tactful as possible.

However, Ji Mengran could hear the meaning behind those words! He clearly did not want to pick up her phone!

Earlier in the phone, she had heard Mo Jingshen approaching. He had come downstairs to take the phone call but, in the end, he did not do it!

Since the past, Mo Jingshen has never cared much about her. She wanted to go to the Yu Garden frequently, to appear in front of him more so that he would see the good in her. After all, regardless of how she acted, she still appeared better than the Ji Nuan who was always unreasonable and insisting on a divorce. Surely, sooner or later, he would develop feelings for her.

However, she had yet to make progress, and she already could not enter the Yu Garden. She did not even have the opportunity to be close to him anymore.

Now that he refused to pick up the phone, she could not even know the development between Ji Nuan and him!

Ji Mengran was angry to the point where her face twisted. She raged, “How did you pass the message? Didn’t I say that I have things to tell Brother Jing Shen? I’m very clear about my sister’s condition. Every time she catches a cold, it’s the same thing. Why would I need to ask more? Go tell Brother Jing Shen, I wanted to tell him that…”

“Miss Meng Ran, if you have any business please call Mr. and Mrs.’ handphones. This handset phone will usually only be called by the Mo family elders. You can directly call and inform them. I’m really sorry; I have other things I need to do.” The helper quickly said and hung up the phone.

“Hello? You! You’re not allowed to hang up, you…”

The beeping sound from the phone caused Ji Mengran’s expression to turn bad as she threw the phone on her bed with force.

Since young, Ji Nuan had always loved to pick fights with their father. However, at the end of it, he still prioritized her. Why was it that the one who got to marry Mo Jingshen was not her!

Why was it that Ji Nuan could own all these things without any effort on her part!

Was her performance in the past too obvious? Why on earth did Ji Nuan suddenly push her out!

Even if Ji Nuan did not clearly say it, Ji Mengran could feel that her attitude had a tremendous change!

But, so what if it has changed?

Mo Jingshen and Ji Nuan would not have a good end!

One day, Mo Jingshen would be hers for sure!

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