Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 19 - We Actually Saw the Male God in SuChapter a Place

Chapter 19: We Actually Saw the Male God in Such a Place

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Inside the main bedroom.

“Crunch, crunch…”

Ji Nuan listened to the sound of chewing through the phone, feeling helpless yet amused.

“Nuan Nuan, you didn’t even forget to nag me in the message you sent me earlier, asking me not to contact the guy who injured me. What on earth is going on? Do you know that person?” Xia Tian chewed on an apple, asking in confusion.

“Anyway, he is not a good person; just stay away from him.” On this issue, Ji Nuan was very insistent.

“Ooh~. From your tone, it sounds like he is extremely bad.”

“Very bad! Bad to death! He can even be called the ultimate bad man! So you definitely cannot get close to him!”

“Cough, cough, don’t be agitated! If I ever see him again, I’ll turn around and walk away~. Will that do?” Xia Tian said as though she was trying to coax her. “I promise to keep my distance from him!”

Ji Nuan smiled, but her smile did not reach her eyes.

That bastard who caused Xia Tian to not even be at peace in her death, in this lifetime, had better not show up in front of her again.

Xia Tian finished her apple and wiped her mouth. She turned to the television in the room. “Just now, the news broadcast was very interesting. Previously, at one of the parties, there was a person who kept finding problems with you—Zhou Yanyan. The one who has a huge ego, do you remember?”

“Why are you mentioning her?”

They had just met yesterday. Toward such a person, Ji Nuan was lazy even to bring her up, but she never expected that Xia Tian would suddenly mention her.

“Didn’t you see the news? Yesterday, at Hai Cheng Square, Zhou Yanyan wore a bikini and pole danced for three hours! It was as though she had taken too many drugs and gotten too high! The number of people who gathered to watch was considerable. She was immediately taken away by the police after that! Also, the news that she was featured in wasn’t some simple media entertainment gossip outlet, but the official government business news! Ha, I really laughed to death!”

“… She really went to dance?”

“Of course! Earlier on the television, they even showed several pictures taken from afar! One glance and you can tell it’s Zhou Yanyan!”

“Ah, she deserves it.”

“Why do I feel like you know more about this? Anyway, that Zhou Yanyan’s mouth is smelly to the point where there were several times when I felt like giving her a few slaps! Now, she has received the appropriate retribution! She deserves to be embarrassed! I just don’t know what on earth did she take to become so crazy~. Aiya, the hospital is really boring. There are barely any news coming in. I can only watch the television~.”

Ji Nuan smiled, “God is watching everyone’s actions. Her embarrassment are but the consequences of her own act.”

While speaking, Ji Nuan picked up the remote controller, turning towards the crystal display screen in the tea room in the other corner.

Having found the Hai Cheng news station, the story about Zhou Yanyan’s pole dancing had already ended. Now, they were showing the scene of the Zhou family being surrounded by the media.

Considering Zhou Yanyan’s father’s temper, he was most likely already about to explode. His own daughter had embarrassed herself to the point where the whole Hai Cheng knew. She was even suspected of having taken drugs, leading to her actions of pole dancing while wearing so little. These were all news headlines that would make it difficult for him to face anyone.

Even if the Zhou family wrecked their brains, they still could not be considered one of the top families in Hai Cheng. Nonetheless, their influence was not small. However, after such an incident, the Zhou family’s company stocks would most likely fall.

Such a butterfly effect, Zhou Yanyan herself could never have seen it coming.

“Nuan Nuan, her issue is not related to you, is it?” Xia Tian suddenly asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“I heard that the Zhou family has people behind them and that they are all shady people. You definitely cannot be involved in this. Otherwise, if they were to use dirty methods, they would be difficult to deal with.”

Ji Nuan recalled the resentful expression in Zhou Yanyan’s eyes yesterday and smiled lightly. “Don’t worry. So long as there is the Ji family, no matter what tricks they choose to use, there are not many people that can touch me.”

“That is true. If they want to touch you, not only do they have to consider the Ji family’s reputation, they also have to consider that the Mo family is not easy to deal with.” Xia Tian clicked her tongue while she said, “Tsk tsk, your biggest support is Mo Jingshen. If you still don’t learn to hold onto your husband’s thigh tightly, one day, if he were to be stolen by someone else, you would definitely cry!”

Ji Nuan smiled. “Don’t worry; his thigh will only have me. There is no space for anyone who wishes to hold onto it~.”

Mo Jingshen stood outside the door. When he heard, “will only have me,” his lips curved. He brought out his phone and his long fingers dialed a number.

He walked towards the hallway. His deep and calm eyes stared out of the window. “Help me with something.”

The voice coming through was a male’s low voice. It had some lazy sexiness in its tone. “En?”

“Keep an eye on Hai Cheng’s Zhou family’s every action. Inform me immediately of any unknown person coming into contact with them. Watch all of their actions clearly. Don’t allow them any chance of scheming in the dark.”

“Zhou family? They managed to provoke you?”

Mo Jingshen replied calmly, “Somewhat. Watch them.”

It was silent for a moment before laughing sounds came through. “All right, I got it.”

Mo Jingshen placed down the phone, turning around to see that Ji Nuan had already walked out of the main bedroom.

“Hungry again?” He directly walked over.

Ji Nuan touched her stomach with some embarrassment. “Maybe it’s because of falling sick. My body is consuming too much energy even though I already ate last night.”

“Return to the room. I’ll have Auntie Chen send food up.”

After seeing her remain by the door with some hesitation, Mo Jingshen eyed her again, “What else do you want?”

“I want to eat the four-style glutinous rice ball soup that is sold near your company.”

Seeing Mo Jingshen furrow his clear brows, she rushed to say, “Actually it’s fine even if I don’t eat it. Everything that Auntie Chen makes is delicious. I’ll just eat the breakfast that she made.”

Seeing that she was acting like a glutton for the first time, yet rushing to explain herself, Mo Jingshen could not hold in his smile. He raised a hand and gently rubbed her hair. “I’ll go buy it.”


Mo Jingshen curved his lips, signaling for her to return to the room to wait.

Ji Nuan then obediently returned to the room. When she closed the door, she secretly peeked outside to find that Mo Jingshen had already gone downstairs. She felt like Xia Tian’s gluttonous mouth had influenced her. One bowl of Auntie Chen’s porridge and a bowl of rice ball soup could make her happy for half a day.


The four-style rice ball soup that Ji Nuan spoke of was indeed very close to the Mo Corporation.

A black Rolls-Royce Ghost was parked by the road. Mo Jingshen came down the car to see that this small shop had a long line of people in front of it.

He glanced at the time and walked towards it.

There were also two young girls queueing. One of them suddenly pushed the girl next to her, speaking quietly, “Quickly look, isn’t that Mo Jingshen?”

The other girl turned around, replying softly with a face full of shock, “That should only be a person with a physical resemblance, no? Why would CEO Mo come to this sort of small shop personally to buy glutinous rice ball soup?

“You see that car parked nearby? That is the 100th-year-anniversary edition Ghost! There is only one in the entire world! I heard that this is Mo Jingshen’s car. There shouldn’t be any mistake, right?”

“My god! It really is! Quickly pinch me. Am I dreaming? We actually saw the male god in such a place-”

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