Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 2 - She Could Not Recall Herself Ever Being the One to Initiate Contact with Him

Chapter 2: She Could Not Recall Herself Ever Being the One to Initiate Contact with Him

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Everything that happened last night felt so clear in her memories… which meant that she had really reborn!

“Big sister, didn’t we promise that after Brother Jing Shen drank that cup of wine, I would drive him out of the Yu Garden?” Ji Mengran walked toward her, her voice hiding her unhappiness.

Ji Nuan woke up from her daze, staring at her sister who often visited her at Yu Garden ever since her marriage.

Without taking notice of the coldness that flashed by Ji Nuan’s eyes, Ji Mengran grumbled, “How did you end up sleeping in his bed instead?”

Hearing this, Ji Nuan smiled and asked, “His bed? Isn’t this our wedding room?”

“I’m just anxious for you! Now that the plan is messed up, god knows for how long your divorce will be delayed for!” Ji Mengran knitted her brows.

Ji Nuan walked towards her, looking at the suspicious transparent silk outerwear and the intricate makeup she wore.

Ji Nuan asked indifferently, “Meng Ran, why did you wear so little? Thank god I didn’t have you send him home last night. If anything had happened, how would I be able to face our family?”

“Ah? I…” Ji Mengran carefully hid the guilt in her eyes. “It was too hot last night, so I changed into a thinner set of clothes.”

“It’s the beginning of spring, is it that hot?”

“It’s not especially hot… Big sister, since the plan didn’t work, I think if this goes on you should just pretend to suicide!” Ji Mengran felt that something was off and quickly changed the topic.

“Oh? Suicide…” Ji Nuan dragged out the word.

Thinking back, from the moment Mo Jingshen and she had gotten engaged, it was as though Ji Mengran had become a different person. She often spoke of marriage failures in rich families, bringing up all sorts of examples, causing Ji Nuan who did not want to get married to become even more scared and to stay away from Mo Jingshen.

“How about cutting your wrist? If he sees that you would rather die than stay by his side, perhaps he would agree to your wish,” Meng Ran suggested innocently.

“Doing so will have risks, what if I lose too much blood and no one comes to save me?” Ji Nuan smiled, yet her smile held no warmth whatsoever.

“Aiya, what are you worrying for! Regardless of whether Brother Jing Shen rushes back, the moment it becomes dangerous I will immediately call for a doctor!”

Ji Nuan kept silent, staring suspiciously at Meng Ran who was only a year younger than her.

She could not forget that back when she slit her wrists, lying in that tub filled with hot water, she lost so much blood she could not even move. Even so, Ji Mengran did not inform the doctor or even Mo Jingshen.

Had Mo Jingshen not suddenly returned and suspected something was wrong, kicking the door down and carrying her out from that blood-filled tub, she probably would not have lived to obtain the divorce papers.

Ji Nuan’s smile had some degree of coldness; it showed both laziness and lack of care. “I’ll think about it. However, since I didn’t sleep at all last night, right now I want to get some rest.”

Hearing her say that she did not sleep at all last night, Ji Mengran hid the jealousy revealed in her eyes and bit her lip. “Then… you must consider it through. I’ll come to find you again tomorrow.”

“All right, I won’t send you off.”

Ji Nuan stood unmoving, watching Ji Mengran disappear from her line of sight.

The room was silent.

She turned to look at the room that was once deep within her memories. Her hands touched the soft blanket; it was warm as though it still retained the heat left behind by Mo Jingshen.

Everything could restart again.

Did she still want a divorce?

Of course not!

In her past life, she was naive and trusting. Her relatives bullied her, her marriage was ruined, and her father passed away tragically. She had lost everything and was even wrongly imprisoned.

In this life, not only would she be Mo Jingshen’s wife for the rest of his life, but she would also take back her pride and everything else she once lost. She would not allow herself to be used by anyone again!

But right now, the biggest difficulty was…

She remembered that in her past life, after last night, Mo Jingshen rarely returned to the Yu Garden. The last time she saw him was the day she woke up after attempting suicide. As she wished, he left the divorce papers by her bedside and completely disappeared from her life.

That cold and distant expression of his, till this day, remains in her mind.

Ji Nuan raised her hand to hold her temple.

Mo Jingshen, that man, when he spoiled her, he was limitless with his love; and when he was cold, he was completely untouchable like an ice mountain.

How would she coax him back?


In the evening, the CEO’s assistant stared in surprise at Ji Nuan who suddenly showed up and rushed forward to receive her.

“Miss Ji, why are you here?”

Ji Nuan did not bother to correct his way of addressing. After all, she once prevented anyone from addressing her as Mrs. Mo.

She glanced around, asking, “Is he in the office?”

Shen Mu understood that she was asking for CEO Mo but could not tell if she came to cause trouble for him.

“CEO Mo is currently in a meeting. He will probably need an hour or so before he finishes.”

“That’s fine. I’ll go up and wait for him.”

After being brought to the CEO office, Ji Nuan thanked Assistant Shen and walked in alone.

It was a modern office space, both large and comfortable. The design was simple yet had the effect of seeming luxurious. The most attention-grabbing portion was the 270 degrees floor-to-ceiling window. It was clear and bright.

Today’s Mo Jingshen had yet to take over the family business and was not Shine’s CEO.

A few years ago, he set up this technology company and within a short span of three years, he managed to monopolize most of the country’s technological resources. The company that was initially worth 500 thousand yuan was now worth 20 billion yuan.

Now that Mo Jingshen was already the prominent Mo Group’s CEO, four years from now when he becomes Shine International Group’s CEO, he would surely become a legend in the corporate world.

Ji Nuan waited for nearly an hour yet never once caught sight of him.

She barely rested at all last night, and the whole of today was consumed with ruminating about her rebirth. By now, her eyes could no longer remain open for long.

When Mo Jingshen returned to his office space, this was the scene he saw:

Ji Nuan—who wore a thin long dress—laying upon his dark leather sofa with her eyes closed. Her peaceful expression made her seem even more attractive under the warm office light.

Feeling someone’s eyes on her, Ji Nuan opened her eyes in alarm but quickly became lost in his dark eyes that seemed to stare deeply into hers.

She immediately sat up, gazing up at that man who stood silently in the office.

Just as she remembered he stood tall, dressed in a clean pair of suit. His figure was perfect to the point that no one could find faults, and his features were equally attractive.

“You’re back…” Ji Nuan stood up.

“En.” Mo Jingshen made a sound of agreement as he walked toward his desk.

Ji Nuan did not think through her actions and subconsciously rushed forward to grab onto his elbow.

This action not only surprised Mo Jingshen but caused Ji Nuan to feel embarrassed. It would be weird to remove her hand at this point, but keeping it there was strange as well…

She could not recall herself ever being the one to initiate contact with him.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her snow-white hand around his elbow, and then slowly and firmly removed his arm from her touch. He asked, sounding cold and light, “Do you need anything?”

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