Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 3 - You've Already Bedded Me, What More Can I Play At?

Chapter 3: You’ve Already Bedded Me, What More Can I Play At?

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Ji Nuan raised her head, asking him, “Do you want to come back to the Yu Garden for dinner tonight?”

Mo Jingshen loosened his tie, keeping silent.

“I learned to make a few dishes from Auntie Chen~.”

Hearing this, Mo Jingshen finally looked her in the eye. “You? Cooking?”

The way he said it was as though she was a rich lady who would not even dip her fingers in spring water!

Even if she once was like that…

Cough, but everything was different now!

“En. Do you want to give it a taste?” Ji Nuan glanced up at him; her brows tilted with her smile.

Mo Jingshen smiled coldly. “Since medicine didn’t work, are you planning to use poison this time?”


Indeed, she had made too many mistakes. After all, the use of the medicine had only occurred yesterday.

In the past… Thinking back, Ji Nuan too felt that she had been very willful. With her new experiences in mind, the person she was in the past seemed almost ridiculous.

Ji Nuan raised her head to look at him causing the light to fall on her neck. He did not know if she did this on purpose or not, but this caused the love bites on her collarbone to come into his line of sight.

“Just using that medicine alone caused you to torture me for the whole night. If I still used poison, the first one to die will probably be me!” She spoke openly, her eyes reflecting no dishonesty whatsoever.

Mo Jingshen stared at her with his dark eyes.

Indeed, last night he did not hold back whatsoever. This morning when he looked at how she limply laid on the sheets, her body littered with the marks left behind by him, he headed for the office immediately unwilling to hear how she would once more insist on a divorce when she woke up.

“After last night, based on the hatred you hold for me, it’s not surprising if you tried to kill us both together,” Mo Jingshen said coldly.

“Killing us both together? Why don’t I just attach a time bomb to myself to come and find you! Isn’t that more straightforward?”

Mo Jingshen did not bother to pay her any mind.

Ji Nuan remained standing there for a long time; her eyes fixed on him. Even as Mo Jingshen treated her like air, focusing on his work, she stood there unmoved.

Mo Jingshen rubbed his brows. “What on earth do you want?”

“I want to have dinner with you,” Ji Nuan replied straight to the point.

Mo Jingshen frowned. “For the sake of a divorce, you really are willing to do anything. What act are you putting on?”

Soft tactics seemed not to affect this man. Did that mean she had to go hard?

She went forward and laid her head on his desk, staring at him closely as he worked.

They say that a man is the most attractive when he is working, but she felt that her husband was attractive at every moment. In the past, which screw exactly was she missing in her head that she insisted on divorcing this man?

Mo Jingshen flipped open a page of a document. Ji Nuan moved her hand forward to block him from reading it. Earlier on she already noticed that it was the company’s progress report. Even if she messed with it, there probably would not be much trouble caused.

“Removed your hand.” Mo Jingshen could no longer ignore her.

Ji Nuan leaned her face close to him, smiling brightly.”You say, do you want to go home?”

Ji Nuan indeed had an attractive face. At this moment, her smile made her look like a charming young lady.

He spoke calmly, “I’m working.”

Ji Nuan blinked, unmoved. “I can wait for you to finish your work and return home together.”

“I still have a video conference tonight. You head back first.” Just as before, his eyes did not hold much emotion.

“That’s fine! I’ll wait for you!”

Mo Jingshen closed the file in his hands and stared at her coldly. “What are you playing at this time?”

Ji Nuan’s expression was especially calm. She even fluttered her lashes at him on purpose. “I’ve already slept with you. What more can I play at?”

“…” Mo Jingshen really wanted to throw her out.


He said that he had a video conference and he really left for it. Mo Jingshen did not plan on leaving anytime to spend with her whatsoever.

Two hours passed just like that, and Mo Jingshen did not return once.

Having just fallen asleep on the sofa, Ji Nuan woke in shock once more.

Could it be that he planned to just leave her here without any care? Would he leave her here to sleep for the whole night?

After all, what she did in the past was really too much. It was not completely unlikely that he planned to leave her behind.

Thinking for a while, Ji Nuan stood up to pushed open the other door in the office. Inside was Mo Jingshen’s break room.

There was a bathroom, a bed, and some living necessities.

Ji Nuan was used to showering every night before 10 p.m. In her past life, when she was imprisoned, she was only allowed to shower once a month. As a result, she often felt that ants were crawling on her body. Now she was sensitive to the point where even the slightest bit of sweat on her body made her uncomfortable.

Should she take the chance to shower before Mo Jingshen returns?

She walked in, grabbing a random white dress shirt from the closet.

Ten minutes later, Mo Jingshen returned from his meeting to see that Ji Nuan had vanished.

The office was completely quiet, with Ji Nuan’s fresh scent faintly lingering in the air.

Mo Jingshen stared at the empty office, remaining silent for a long moment. Just as he was about to pick up his jacket from the back of the office chair, he suddenly heard movements coming from his break room.

Was she still here?

Ji Nuan walked out of the bathroom in Mo Jingshen’s white dress shirt, drying her long hair that was still dripping wet.

At the sound of the door opening, she glanced up to see Mo Jingshen by the door.

She instantly stiffened.

Mo Jingshen did not expect to see such a scene when he entered. Not only did Ji Nuan shower here, but she stood under the warm light of the room in his shirt. Her eyes seemed slightly teary and dazed.

His shirt was very large, and the collar shifted at this moment to reveal a large patch of snow-white skin.

Ji Nuan felt burned by his gaze and consciously rushed to cover her own legs, flushing red at the awareness of the skin she could not cover.

“I thought you planned to leave me here alone tonight…” She placed down the towel, finding a random excuse to explain why she was in the room without permission.

Mo Jingshen looked away. “Wear your own clothes!”

“I didn’t bring clothes to change, but I called the Yu Garden earlier. Someone should be coming to drop some off soon.” She walked towards him as she spoke, “Are you done with your work? Can we head back to the Yu Garden together now?”

Mo Jingshen stared silently at this woman who did not seem to be afraid of death, given that she dared to dress like this in front of him.

“What time is it? It should be quite late,” Ji Nuan spoke to herself while holding up his wrist to look at his Patek Philippe watch. The time was already nearing at 10 p.m.

The watch was nice to look at. It suited his noble disposition perfectly. A man with such a good taste, how on earth did he fall for her?

Ji Nuan was about to let go of his wrist when she felt his hand tighten around hers. He pulled her against the wall, directly pressing her on it with his own body.

“Ji Nuan, what exactly are you planning!” His eyes were dark, and his voice low full of warning.

Ji Nuan stared at him for a long time before speaking up, her voice firm with determination, “After last night, I decided to rethink our relationship seriously…”

Mo Jingshen stared at her coldly. “Suddenly so sensible? What’s the price? Divorce?”

In her past life, the matter of a divorce harmed her so much. Ji Nuan lifted her face to meet his gaze straight on with her bright eyes.

She bit her lips lightly, pulled down his neck with force and leaned forward to kiss those cold lips of his.

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