Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 26 - Father-Daughter Relationship Has Broken Ice

Chapter 26: Father-Daughter Relationship Has Broken Ice

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Auntie Qin and the Ji family helpers had already prepared dinner.

When Ji Hongwen came downstairs, Shen Heru and Ji Mengran saw that he seemed cold and stern. His expression was dreadful.

He did not even glance at Ji Nuan who was following behind him.

Seeing this scene, Ji Mengran took the opportunity to speak up, “Father, don’t be mad at my sister anymore. She rarely returns home. It’s likely that she fought with Brother Jing Shen again. Why don’t we just let her stay here tonight instead of returning back to the Yu Garden? Anyway, even if she returns, Brother Jing Shen may not be there…”

“What did you fight about again?” Ji Hongwen glared at Ji Nuan who was behind him. “It’s already been half a year, when will you stop your thoughts of wanting a divorce?”

Ji Nuan eyed Ji Mengran.

Very good, she had just shown up, and she was already attacked.

Even though Ji Mengran had known that the issue about the divorce has always been the cause of all their fights, she still directly brought the topic up.

Shen Heru stood by the table without speaking, but her eyes moved towards Ji Nuan. She knew that Ji Nuan would always make a big fuss about Mo Jingshen so she stayed silent, calmly waiting to watch the show.

“Dad, I wanted to take the opportunity to apologize properly.” Ji Nuan reached out and wrapped her hand around Ji Hongwen’s elbow just as he was about to walk toward the dining table. “I was too stubborn in the past and didn’t realize that you had planned all of the best things for me. I kept bickering with you. I was wrong.”

Ji Hongwen was surprised, immediately eyeing her in suspicion.

She didn’t start a fight?

Ji Nuan actually knew how to apologize?

Ji Mengran and Shen Heru tried their best to cover up the shock in their eyes.

How could this be?

“In the past, I was too stubborn. After marrying Jing Shen, because my heart was dissatisfied, I kept making trouble. But in the end, the human heart is made of flesh. After spending a long time with someone, you can’t help but notice their goodness. Right now, I don’t wish for a divorce, and I’ve decided to live well with Jing Shen from now onward. I definitely won’t let you worry for me anymore.”

As Ji Nuan spoke, she sat down with Ji Hongwen, at the same time turning to look at Ji Mengran. “Actually, I had already shared my thoughts with Meng Ran several days ago, isn’t that right, Meng Ran?”

The focus suddenly turned toward her. Ji Mengran froze for a moment.

Ji Nuan did say these words before…

Ji Mengran had thought that she had only said those words about giving up the divorce because her brain was not working momentarily. She had never even thought of informing her father what had happened.

Suddenly pushed into the spotlight by Ji Nuan, Ji Mengran could not lie even if she wanted to and could only smile. “That day I left in a rush and almost forgot about this. Big Sister did say that to me. She said that she has thought things through and no longer wishes for a divorce.”

Ji Nuan smiled at her, making it seem like there was a deep sibling love between the two of them as they shared a smile of mutual understanding.

However, this smile caused Ji Mengran to feel like her whole body was surrounded in cold water.

“Dad, you should believe me now, right? I really want to be happy with Jing Shen.” Ji Nuan held onto Ji Hongwen’s elbow. Her voice was light and soft, sounding like a little girl whining for attention.

Ever since she grew up, Ji Nuan has never acted this way with him. The soft part of Ji Hongwen’s heart was immediately touched and his anger reduced by a lot. “All right, it’s good that you know Jing Shen is good. After marriage, one needs time to be comfortable. Now that you’ve thought things through, it’s not too late. If the two of you have any conflicts, tell us. Don’t always act so temperamental, and don’t always be so immature, understood?”

“I got it, Dad.” Ji Nuan leaned her head on his shoulder. “I apologize for all the bad things I previously said and did to you when I was being temperamental, so don’t be mad at me anymore, all right?”

“Hmph, it’s no use even if you apologize now. I can let the rest go, but on the issue of the two companies, don’t think that I will let you off so easily.”

“I will explain that to you later.”

Ji Hongwen clearly still did not trust her much on this, waving his hand. “All right, let’s eat first. Ever since you got married, you’ve rarely been back. It’s good that you have finally been enlightened. Initially, I never placed any hopes on you coming back with Jing Shen. But since the two of you have grown close, bring him back with you the next time. Don’t always move about alone, or people will start to speak about your marriage again.”

“That’s right. Nuan Nuan, since you’ve decided to live well with Jing Shen, why didn’t you come back together? Are you just making up words to please your father?” Ji Hongwen had just finished his words and Shen Heru immediately cut in. Her face was bright with a smile, but her eyes were cold.

Ji Hongwen glared at Shen Heru. “None of your business! In the morning I was the one who called her to come back immediately. It was a sudden plan. Jing Shen isn’t an idle person who always has free time, how could he suddenly make time to come back.”

“But I feel that Big Sister and Brother Jing Shen’s relationship cannot be so simple. A few days ago, they were still fighting so fiercely,” Ji Mengran quietly muttered. “Previously, they were clearly fighting to the point of no return. Yet, you are suddenly saying that you don’t want to divorce anymore. Big Sister, could it be that you have some other thoughts that you are purposely hiding from us?”

Ji Mengran’s face was completely innocent as she spoke, seeming as though she was only asking curiously.

Ji Nuan continued to hold onto Ji Hongwen’s elbow, coldly glancing at her. “What other thoughts could I have? I’ve already married Jing Shen for some time. After being together for a period, feelings have grown. We should just be together happily. Marriage is simple, how could there be any complicated thoughts? How could there be so many whys?”

“These words are good. Simple is the best.” Ji Hongwen nodded his head. After Ji Nuan had acted spoiled in front of him for a while, his heart of a father was unused to it, but at the same time, he felt very comforted.

In actuality, before returning, Ji Nuan had considered asking Mo Jingshen if he had time. However, after considering that her father had wanted to ask about Han Tianyuan’s companies, not to mention there were also Ji Mengran and Shen Heru at home, she felt that the return home would definitely cause chaos, and after consideration, she did not mention it to him.

Besides, she did not want to see Ji Mengran interacting too much with Mo Jingshen. It would cause her to feel nauseous.

Ji Mengran tolerated it and did not speak anymore, but quietly glanced at Shen Heru.

If the relationship between Ji Nuan and her father worsened, the one to benefit would definitely be Shen Heru.

Now that Ji Nuan was suddenly so obedient, seeing the ice break between the father and daughter, how could Shen Heru sit still and watch?

“Auntie Shen, don’t you feel like my sister has changed too much?” Ji Mengran spoke carelessly.

At this moment, Shen Heru was indeed suspicious.

Why did Ji Nuan suddenly change? Becoming so obedient and mature?

“Nuan Nuan ah, Auntie Shen hasn’t seen you for a while. Quickly come here and sit with me.” Shen Heru smiled as she pointed at the seat next to her, the one furthest from Ji Hongwen.

Ji Nuan sat at the seat closest to Ji Hongwen without moving, acting as though she did not hear anything as she calmly spoke, “Dad, your health has barely any problems. Don’t eat too much medicine from here on. Those strange medicines sound like supplements but eating anything extra will affect your body’s immunity.”

Hearing this, Ji Hongwen had yet to speak up, but Shen Heru’s hands which were about to pick up the chopsticks staggered.

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