Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 25 - There Must Be Something Wrong with This Medicine

Chapter 25: There Must Be Something Wrong with This Medicine

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“You brat, you’ve never focused on anything, and you’ve never been interested in the company. That’s fine, I didn’t force you. Ever since you’ve gotten married, you’ve been emotional all the time. I know that you don’t feel good inside, but you cannot mess around like this!”

“Dad, please trust me. These two companies have a rather significant chance of bringing in profits within the next few years.”

Ji Hongwen was just about to say more but paused in surprise.

This daughter of his has always been extremely stubborn. Ever since her mother passed away and he remarried, she was even more impolite to him as a father. It was rare that they would not end up fighting each time he called.

However, earlier she had said, “Dad, please trust me.”

Such a sincere and polite attitude was very different from the way Ji Nuan would usually speak…

Ji Hongwen was stunned for a moment, and his tone remained unkind. “Come back to the Ji home now and clear things up. I’ll send the chauffeur over to pick you up!”

“There’s no need to pick me up. I’ll drive myself over.” Ji Nuan’s cold had already healed. Originally, she had planned to visit Xia Tian after getting changed. She slowly said, “Xia Tian was involved in a car accident a few weeks back. Her leg is fractured. I’ll drop by the hospital to visit her first.”

“Fine. Watch out for your safety when driving and don’t be so absent minded.” Although Ji Hongwen’s tone sounded just as cold as before, it warmed up slightly.

Ji Nuan smiled. “I’ll be back before six. Dad, don’t forget to have Auntie Qin save some food for me.”


Ji Hongwen was utterly unused to facing such a gentle daughter. After half a day, he still could not make any sound and directly hung up the phone.


It was past six in the evening when Ji Nuan drove back to the Ji home.

The car drove into the Ji family’s old residence’s front yard. Ji Mengran was on the balcony of the second floor playing with her phone. When she saw Ji Nuan, she immediately placed her phone down, glancing at her in surprise.

“Big sister? Why are you back?”

Ji Nuan seemed as though she did not notice her. After parking her car, she directly strolled in.

Auntie Qin had already come out to welcome her. “Eldest Miss, you’re finally back. It’s been months since I last saw you!”

“Auntie Qin, did you miss me?” Ji Nuan smiled as she reached out to hold Auntie Qin’s elbow.

“Of course I missed you, how could I not have? Mr. Ji said that you would be coming back for dinner tonight, so I specially made your favorite braised ribs and steamed lotus root!” Auntie Qin happily patted her hand. “Since you’re back, do you want to stay at home for a few days?”

Ji Nuan had yet to reply when she saw her stepmother, Shen Heru, approaching the moment she stepped through the door.

Seeing that she had really returned home, Shen Heru appeared to smile bright as she squeezed in—pushing Auntie Qin to the side—and tugged Ji Nuan’s hands as she said, “Nuan Nuan, if you still did not come back, your father would have rushed to the Mo family demanding for you.”

Ji Nuan glanced at her while coldly and calmly pulling her hand back. She turned back to ask Auntie Qin, who had been pushed to the side, “Where’s my father?”

Auntie Qin rushed to reply, “Mr. Ji hasn’t been feeling too well in the past few days. Earlier he said that he would return to his room to have some medicine before coming down.”


Ji Nuan’s expression did not change, but she quickened her footsteps towards the staircase.

“Ai, Nuan Nuan, don’t argue with your father the moment you are back. Ai, you child, why are you walking so quickly…” Shen Heru nagged from downstairs seeming very proper, all the while turning back to glare harshly at Auntie Qin.

Auntie Qin retreated without saying anything more.

Ji Nuan had quickly arrived outside Ji Hongwen’s room door. Just as she was about to knock, she heard the sound of a glass of water being placed on the table and pushed the door open with force.

A loud “peng” came from the door—

Ji Hongwen held onto two white pills as he turned to stare at Ji Nuan who had suddenly barged in. He immediately frowned unhappily. “How old are you? Do you know how to behave? Even when opening the door, you have to make so much noise!”

“Dad!” Ji Nuan walked over, stopping him from placing the pills in his mouth. “What medicine is this?”

Ji Nuan snatched away the pills in his hands and picked up the small medicine bottle on the table, scanning at it.

All the words on it were in English. It mainly wrote that it contained supplements suitable for the middle-aged to strengthen their body.

“This is the medicine that your Auntie Shen specially brought back from abroad when she went overseas a while ago. It’s a whole set of body supplements. There are pills and tablets,” Ji Hongwen simply replied, looking at her unhappily. “Didn’t you say you would be back before six? It’s almost 6.30p.m! Such a poor sense of time!”

“It was the rush hour earlier; there was a traffic jam,” Ji Nuan explained while she continued holding the pill bottle tightly.

In her previous life, she felt that her father had died very strangely.

Back then, because she was on poor terms with her family, she could not remain by his side in his last moments. She had only managed to catch one last look at him before he had passed away at the hospital and did not even have the opportunity to understand the cause of his death from the doctor. However, on his death certificate, it was written that the cause of death was respiratory failure and a sudden heart attack.

In her impression, her father’s health had always been excellent. He was only fifty years old when had he passed away. How could his health have worsened so dramatically in the span of a few years?

Even if the Ji family had gone bankrupt, leading to a series of misfortunes, the stress should not have impacted him to the point where his heart had stopped within a night, causing his death.

Back then, she was not at home and was therefore unclear of the situation. Earlier when she heard Auntie Qin said that he was taking his medicine in the room, Ji Nuan was suddenly reminded of this.

Her father was not ill, why would he have to take medicine all of a sudden?

Shen Heru had said that these were supplements, was it true?

Ji Nuan did not forget that Shen Heru’s family had several members who studied medicine and learned to produce it. This was definitely not simple.

“Why are you still holding onto my medicine? Quickly put it down!” Ji Hongwen stood up, scowling at Ji Nuan, “Also, the issue about those two companies, you better explain it well today!”

Ji Nuan raised her eyes, changing the topic and speaking seriously, “Dad, can I have this medicine for a few days? I’ll let people from the state’s Food and Drug Administration check what’s inside.”

Ji Hongwen frowned and angrily spat, “Nonsense! What are you checking for! I have already been married to your Auntie Shen for several tens of years. And you suspect even the medicine she buys? No wonder even though you both call her Auntie Shen, Meng Ran and she are like a pair of mother and daughter while you treat her like an enemy, never showing her a good side!”

The room door was suddenly pushed open again. Ji Mengran gently opened the door, poking her head in and asking with an obedient looking face, “I just passed by and heard noises from the room. Dad, Big Sister, you just returned, and the two of you are fighting again?”

“This doesn’t concern you, leave!” Ji Hongwen glared toward the door.

Ji Mengran made an “Oh” sound and then gently closed the door again.

Although she was yelled at by her father, Ji Mengran was not affected at all and was instead happy about the disaster as she left.

Ji Nuan had only just returned for a while, and she had already argued with their Father. There would surely be a good show to watch tonight!

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