Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 28 - Who Said That Mo Jingshen Was the Only One Who Could Tease Her

Chapter 28: Who Said That Mo Jingshen Was the Only One Who Could Tease Her

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Ji Mengran looked at the scene before her, keeping quiet.

She slowly ate her food, her gaze occasionally landing on Ji Nuan.

It seemed like from now on she had to change her tactics. Brainwashing Ji Nuan for her to stay away from Mo Jingshen and working on plans to help them divorce, would most likely not work anymore.

“Dad, drink more soup. It’s good for the body.” Ji Nuan personally served some soup for Ji Hongwen, placing it in front of him.

Ji Hongwen saw that Ji Nuan had really changed a lot and felt very comforted.

This child was mature right now, could it be that with regards to Han Tianyuan’s two companies, she really did have some proper plans?

During this meal, everyone was preoccupied with their own thoughts. After eating, Ji Nuan originally wanted to make a call to the Yu Garden but was immediately called to the study by Ji Hongwen.

“Speak, what are your plans with those two companies? You are my, Ji Hongwen’s daughter. If you become a joke because of this matter, you would be embarrassing me!”

In the noon, before arriving home, Ji Nuan had specially printed two sets of documents.

She removed them from her purse, placing them on the table. “Dad, you cannot predict the development of the property market or technology within the country for the next ten years. Simply focusing on the property market alone, the prices of houses and land have been slowly but steadily increasing over the past three years, and this increment will not simply stop here.”

“Right now, several property prices are dropping rapidly, aren’t they? Many experts have predicted that jobs in the property market will soon disappear! The more you invest, the more you will lose!”

“Don’t believe in those so-called experts. Look at the evidence I’ve found for you first. It’s not too late to make a judgment after reading it.”

Ji Hongwen glanced at the stack of documents and then eyed her. “You’ve really done quite some preparation.”

“This is the first time your daughter is entering the business world. Of course, full preparation and planning have to be done. I have to do it, and I will do it. I promise I definitely won’t embarrass you!”

Ji Hongwen looked through it for a while before saying happily, “All right, you have the boldness that your father had back when I just started. However, how can you be sure that the direction of the economy in the next ten years would go as you predicted? What if you planned wrongly? Have you thought of the consequences…”

Ji Nuan lowered her eyes and smiled.

The changes that the world would experience in the next ten years, including in the business world, were all in her mind. Since her finances and various relationships were stable at the moment, the first thing she had to do was, of course, to take advantage of the stable and profitable property business to come.

Originally, she could not find much opportunity to do it. That day when she saw Han Tianyuan, she suddenly remembered that two of his companies were about to be sold.

She could make him eat a loss and at the same time push for the gain she wanted. It could be considered killing two birds with one stone.

Given that she dared to stand here right now, she naturally had the ability to convince her father.


After two hours.

Walking out of the study, Ji Nuan glanced at the time, “Dad, it’s not early anymore. I’ll return home now.”

Ji Hongwen had already seen through her documents and heard an overview of her plans. After that, he did not state his thoughts, but he no longer disapproved of her plans.

It could be seen that his heart had already wavered.

“Don’t leave now, just sleep here tonight,” Ji Hongwen spoke from inside the study. “You’ve just recovered from a cold. At night, the temperature is colder, and the wind is also strong. I’ll have Jing Shen come pick you up tomorrow.”

After speaking, he immediately gave Mo Jingshen a call.

Ji Nuan was about to speak up but had to swallow down her words. Since her father said so, if she did not let Mo Jingshen come pick her up, he would most likely overthink and suspect that she was lying when she said that she planned to live happily with him.

After a few minutes, Ji Hongwen walked out of the room. “I’ve already spoken to Jing Shen. You will stay at the Ji home tonight. He will pick you up tomorrow morning.”

“He’ll come in the morning?”

“Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking about, you’re worried about delaying his work, aren’t you? You brat, your feelings for him have just improved, and your loyalty has already shifted out of the house!”

Ji Nuan pouted, was her current thoughts so obvious?

“Have you been living your days in a blur? It’s the weekend tomorrow! I think your heart has long flown back to the Yu Garden. What on earth did Mo Jingshen do to grab hold of your heart so well all of a sudden?”

Ji Nuan face burned slightly. “Dad…”

Seeing her face turn red, the big worry in Ji Hongwen’s heart could finally be placed down. She was truly sincere this time.

Right now, his heart could be considered to be filled with comfort.

If she were to stir up so much fuss that the son-in-law that he favored the most was lost and they really got a divorce, they would really be tossing their luck away to some other family’s lady. Just thinking about it caused his heart to hurt.

“The issue about Han Tianyuan’s two companies, I can give you an opportunity to test the water, but I have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“If within half a year you are unable to earn the very amount that was invested into the company, then you have to go back to studying finance management obediently!”

The meaning of his words was that if Ji Nuan could not rely on her own abilities to earn the money back, she could only obediently stay within the family’s company. He would not give her an opportunity to start her own business.

Ji Hongwen’s personality has always been stubborn. That he was willing to give in this time was already considered a rather big feat on her part.

Ji Nuan was silent for a moment before nodding. “All right.”


At night, Ji Nuan was in her room. She laid on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

Half a year, thirty-million yuan. To earn everything back was not as easy as it sounded.

In her previous life, ten years ago, which was today, the local property market did have a period of stagnancy and even dropped for a moment, although not by a lot. It was in the next few years that it would rise rapidly. However, right now, she was stuck in the period where the business rates were still rather low.

Considering that, the time limit of half a year was an extremely big test for her.

She really could not sleep. Ji Nuan turned back to glance at the time.

It was already past nine o’clock. Was Mo Jingshen at the Yu Garden or was he still at the company?

After her rebirth, she had not separated from him for even a single night…

Ji Nuan tossed and turned for a little while before leaning down in a kneeling position. She picked up her phone, intending to give him a call.

However, her fingers paused for several seconds at the screen. The Mo Corporation had several partnerships overseas. At night, he would often have conference calls at this time with his international partners. If her call arrived while he was busy, would that be bad?

After thinking for a while, Ji Nuan decided to send a message. After all, Mo Jingshen seemed to rarely check his messages.

Whatever, who cared if he would read it or not. After all, she could not fall asleep. Sending a message would help her settle her thoughts.

Her fingers poked at the screen for half a day: [My precious hubby, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I really, really, really miss you…]

The words “precious hubby” was typed in after she thought for a long time. While typing it, she was smiling with a red face.

After sending it, Ji Nuan could not control her joy. She turned to lay back on the bed, and then glanced at the message she had sent before bursting into giggles.

Who said that Mo Jingshen was the only one who could tease her, she clearly could tease him too…

After sending the message out for several minutes, Ji Nuan got up to shower.

All of a sudden, the phone that was placed on the bed rang. She turned back, her heart in shock.

Mo Jingshen had actually directly called her—

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