Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 29 - Send the Charming One Out, and the Mortal World Is Covered with Smoke and Fire

Chapter 29: Send the Charming One Out, and the Mortal World Is Covered with Smoke and Fire

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Ji Nuan rushed back to her bedside, picking up the phone to answer the call.

“Can’t sleep?” Mo Jingshen’s voice came from the phone. Under the beautiful night sky, for some reason, his voice caused her heart to ripple.

The moment Ji Nuan heard his voice, her whole body softened as she laid back down on the bed. She hugged a pillow. “You saw my message?”


“It’s already so late. Have you returned back to the Yu Garden?”

“No. There was an unforeseen issue with the overseas partnership. Just ended a meeting.” Mo Jingshen’s voice was low.

“Then you should go rest early. Now that I’m not home, you’re going to start burning the midnight oil again, aren’t you?” Ji Nuan could not resist nagging, “I should just stick by your side every day. The moment it’s night, I can strip you and press you onto the bed so that you can’t go anywhere. Don’t even talk about work, you won’t even be allowed to enter the study!”

It was silent on the phone for a moment. After that, a low, warm chuckle was heard. “When do you plan to strip me?”

“I’m speaking seriously! It’s for you to sleep early!”

Mo Jingshen smiled. “But I look forward more to you personally taking off my clothes before sleeping.”


Ji Nuan buried her face into her pillow, listening to the sound of movement through the phone. She silently sighed. She was clearly the one who had taken the initiative to tease him. Why did it seem like he was the one who had ended up teasing her instead?

He seemed to have exited the company. She could vaguely hear his movements. He was most likely at the company’s underground parking lot.

Ji Nuan could not bear to hang up the phone but also did not wish to disturb his driving. She laid on her stomach, squinting her eyes as she spoke, “Put on your headphones before you drive. You don’t have to chat with me. When you drive at night, you have to focus on safety.”

“Sleepy?” he asked.

“No, I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because it’s been too long since I came back to the Ji home.” Ji Nuan lazily laid on the bed as she spoke, “It’s so strange. Even though there’s not much difference between the bed here and Yu Garden’s bed, but when I lie here, I just can’t sleep.”

“It’s most likely because the bed is lacking me.”

Ji Nuan curved her eyes in a smile, reaching out to pull the big white stuffed bear she always used to hug into her arms. She was silent for a moment.

After not speaking for so long, she did not know if he was already arriving back at the Yu Garden, but the two of them did not hang up.

She lazily said, “Uu, it seems like I can only let Mr. Bear hold me to sleep tonight~.”

Mo Jingshen directly asked, “What Mr. Bear?”

“It’s… aside from you who is my legal husband, the only one who has the right to climb onto my bed… Mr. Bear.” Ji Nuan pinched the bear in her arms as she spoke before looking at the time once more. She smiled. “All right, focus on driving. I won’t disturb you anymore. See you tomorrow.”

After speaking, Ji Nuan was about to hang up.

However, because she really could not bear to, she thought she would wait for him to hang up instead and pressed the phone back to her ear.

Yet, after half a day, Mo Jingshen still did not hang up.

Could it be that he was waiting for her to hang up first?

Ji Nuan smiled. Just as she was about to move the phone away, she suddenly heard Mo Jingshen’s low voice, “Come out, open the door.”





Ji Nuan took half a day before clambering off the bed, rushing towards the window to look out.

Seeing white headlights flash by the Ji family home’s metal gates, she could guess that the vague shape of a car in the dark was Mo Jingshen’s car.

Ji Nuan was shocked. “That car is… Is it you? You-you came?”

“Mrs. Mo, my clothes are already prepared. Whenever you wish to take them off, you are welcome.”

Mo Jingshen’s voice held some humor with intentions she could not guess. Before Ji Nuan came back to herself, the call was disconnected.

Ji Nuan was in a daze.

So, Mo Jingshen really came?

The Mo Corporation was not close to the Ji family home, how did he arrive so quickly?

He-he-he-he actually came directly tonight?


At the front porch of the Ji home, the moment the helpers and housekeepers saw that it was Mo Jingshen’s car, they all rushed forward to open the door and welcome him.

Right now, everyone at home had yet to sleep. Hearing of his arrival, Ji Hongwen directly went downstairs. Even Shen Heru and Ji Mengran were shocked when they heard of Mo Jingshen’s arrival.

Ji Nuan was the only who was in a daze for a long time as she stared at the phone screen that had already turned dark. Once she came back to herself, she turned and ran out.

“Brother Jing Shen!” Ji Mengran had just showered. She wore a thin pink spaghetti strapped sleeping dress as she went to welcome him. “Why didn’t you say anything before coming?”

After entering through the door, Ji Mengran directly stood in front of him, blocking his view of everything else.

Mo Jingshen coldly glanced at her and did not pay her much attention. He turned to look at Ji Hongwen who was walking over, speaking politely, “Dad.”

“Why did you come at such a time.” Ji Hongwen clearly did not expect that Mo Jingshen would come. “Did you not return to the Yu Garden? You came here directly from work?”

Mo Jingshen directly walked in. His gaze calm. “The company isn’t far from here. Since Ji Nuan is here, I directly came here.”

“Ah, Nuan Nuan only came back to the Ji home for one night, but CEO Mo already misses her?” Shen Heru cut in with a strange tone of voice.

She really could not understand how Ji Nuan, that brat, managed to have so much luck. Not only did she manage to smoothly marry someone like Mo Jingshen, she even managed to have him care so much about her. After demanding for a divorce for half a year, she still remained as Mrs. Mo.

The moment Ji Nuan came downstairs, she heard Shen Heru’s unkind tone. This woman really wore a mask when speaking to her, and then placed on a different one when she was not around.

“Since you’ve come, then rest here. Auntie Qin, call Ji Nuan down.” Ji Hongwen’s mood was rather good. Both his daughter and son-in-law were here, this was truly rare.

Auntie Qin nodded her head, but the moment she turned around, she saw that Ji Nuan had already come down.

“Eldest Miss, Mr. Mo is here.” Auntie Qin looked at her happily with a smile.

“I know~ We were just on the phone just now~.”

Ji Nuan did not conceal anything with her words. The moment she came downstairs, she directly walked over. The first thing she saw was Mo Jingshen who wore a fitted suit along with a black windbreaker.

This man… How could he be so good looking…

A simple windbreaker could also be worn so beautifully.

She did not even have the time to meet eyes with him when she heard Ji Mengran’s voice forcefully cutting in, “Brother Jing Shen, it must be very cold outside today, isn’t it? We’ve already entered autumn for many days. My sister didn’t pass her cold to you when she fell sick, did she? Don’t just focus on your work, you have to take care of yourself as well!”

Mo Jingshen coldly made an “En” sound. From start to finish, his gaze never landed on Ji Mengran. Instead, it looked past Ji Mengran who was blocking his view, focused on Ji Nuan who was walking over.

His appearance was handsome and perfect. He stood there, calmly looking at her. All of his focus was placed on her alone.

After entering through the door, everyone could see Mo Jingshen’s distant and cold attitude. It was only when he saw Ji Nuan that everyone understood the meaning of ‘send the charming one out, and the mortal world is covered with smoke and fire.’

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