Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 30 - Mo Jingshen Directly Placed Her on His Lap

Chapter 30: Mo Jingshen Directly Placed Her on His Lap

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“Why did you come so suddenly? You really shocked me!” Ji Nuan walked up, going around Ji Mengran to stick close to his side.

Mo Jingshen smoothly held her hand and then lowered his eyes to look at her. “Why are your hands so cold?”

“En, it’s a little cold tonight. Earlier in my room, I forgot to turn on the heater. Just nice, since you’re here, you can help me warm up my hands,” Ji Nuan said with a smile, transforming into a spoiled little wife in a split second.

“Brother Jing Shen, tonight will you…” Ji Mengran remained a little excited over Mo Jingshen’s visit. Regardless of how they ignored her, she still wanted to speak to him.

Ji Hongwen suddenly coughed, clearing his throat. His face was unhappy. “Meng Ran, look at what you’re wearing! Jing Shen is your brother-in-law! How can you come down wearing so little?!”

It was only then that everyone noticed the sleep dress that Ji Mengran was wearing. It was almost like a sexy type of lingerie.

It was thin and short, revealing a significant portion of her shoulders and collarbone. Even her chest was somewhat exposed.

The skirt could only cover barely half of her thigh. It could not get any shorter.

His attention was all focused on Mo Jingshen earlier. After seeing what she wore, Ji Hongwen’s face became as black at the bottom of a pan.

“Dad, earlier on I was preparing to sleep. When I heard that Brother Jing Shen had come, I just ran out…”

Ji Mengran was explaining when a thin coat suddenly landed on her head.

She tugged down the clothing on her head, turning around to look at Ji Nuan, only to discover that it was the coat she had worn coming down.

“Wear it. You might not be afraid of the cold, but all of us feel cold watching you.” Ji Nuan’s voice was calm.

“Thank you, Big Sister…”

Ji Mengran suddenly could not think of anything else to say. She secretly glanced at Mo Jingshen, but his gaze never once landed on herself. Not even mentioning her legs, he did not even look at her shoulders.

“Aiya, it’s so cold.” Ji Nuan suddenly trembled. “I didn’t think it would be so cold after taking off my coat. Dad, it’s not early anymore. You guys should go to sleep soon. Jing Shen and I will return to my room now!”

“Brother-in-law has only just showed up, and Big Sister is already dragging him back to the room?” Ji Mengran mumbled.

Ji Hongwen glared at Ji Mengran. “You have so much to say? Hurry back to your room and put on more clothes!”

Seeing that everyone was standing there, Auntie Qin spoke up, “Why don’t I go to the kitchen and make some supper. The weather now is rather cold. It’s good to eat something warm before sleeping.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Auntie Qin hurry up and go cook…” Ji Mengran turned back, raising her hand in approval.

“You guys go ahead. I’ve eaten too much tonight, and I’m not hungry. Jing Shen has also been busy at the company all day. It’s already so late, we won’t eat with you ~.” Ji Nuan calmly held onto Mo Jingshen’s hand, directly preventing Ji Mengran from having any opportunity to approach.

“All right, all of you go back to your room to rest. Auntie Qin, there’s no need to cook,” Ji Hongwen sternly said.

Hearing this, Auntie Qin immediately paused her steps toward the kitchen.

It was so rare for Ji Mengran to see Mo Jingshen. She wanted to find an opportunity to speak to him.

However, she could not even sit down with him for supper, how could she have the opportunity to speak to him alone properly?

Ji Nuan’s gaze seemed to hold no concern as she glanced at Ji Mengran.

She ran down dressed this way. Based on her father’s traditional character, how could he not get angry.

My dear good sister, you are truly too short-sighted .

Your intentions will be easily revealed this way.

Ji Mengran unhappily glanced back, only to see that Ji Nuan was softly speaking to Mo Jingshen. In front of their family, the two of them actually whispered into each other’s ears. They truly did not know how to be embarrassed.

Typically, Mo Jingshen seemed so aloof. That he would give in so much to Ji Nuan truly made Ji Mengran angrier the more she looked at them.

However, right now, she could not say anything nor could she do anything.

In the past, the moment Ji Nuan came home, she would argue with their father. He would then often take her as an obedient example to compare to Ji Nuan’s immature acts. After that, Ji Nuan would be so mad that she would leave slamming the door. She would not give any face to the Ji family, and their father would always be mad to the point where he wanted to throw her out of the family altogether.

However, right now, could it be due to changes in Feng Shui?

Ji Nuan had become a considerate, warm cotton jacket while she had only come downstairs in a sleeping gown and was lectured in front of so many people.

Exactly which capable person did Ji Nuan receive advice from?

Everyone could clearly see that Ji Nuan was arrogant and proud, yet no one hated her.

Shen Heru saw that Ji Nuan and Mo Jingshen had already gone upstairs and quietly spoke at the side, “Nuan Nuan, this child, she’s still so immature. Jing Shen came in the middle of the night, at the very least, he has to speak to the elders a little to have a conversation as a proper family. She still hasn’t grown up. This caused even Jing Shen to seem disrespectful of the elders.”

“Auntie Shen is right. Dad, earlier my words were to say that Big Sister has gone too far,” Ji Mengran mumbled softly.

Ji Hongwen sternly glared at them. “Still talking? Don’t you see what time it is? Are there words that must be said when it’s so late?”

Seeing that he was angry, Shen Heru immediately softened her attitude and did not speak anymore.

Ji Nuan, that little wench, was becoming harder and harder to deal with. Seeing that Ji Hongwen was so protective towards her, she would speak less just in case.


“Shut up! Return to your room!” Ji Hongwen turned back, glaring even more sternly at Ji Mengran.

Ji Mengran immediately retracted her expression. After being shouted at by her father, she was fearful and did not dare to speak any further. She felt slightly wronged and glanced back upstairs for a while. She bit onto her lips unhappily before stomping back to her own room.


The room door opened and close. Inside the bedroom, the light was warm and gentle.

“Why did you suddenly come? You didn’t even mention it earlier.”

Ji Nuan turned back and immediately glared at the instigator who caused several people in the family to explode in stupidity.

“Didn’t you say that you missed me?” Mo Jingshen lowered his head the moment she turned back. Ji Nuan was slightly dazed, staring at the approaching clear and handsome face.

There was less than half a centimeter of distance between them. This sudden closeness caused his breath to land on her face. Her heartbeat immediately sped up.

She was conscious of the fact that they were at the Ji family home. Even if the door was closed, Ji Nuan still instinctually raised her hand, wanting to push him aside.

In the end, not only did she not push him away, her elbow was held by him, and she was brought to the bedside.

Mo Jingshen directly tugged her onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her waist and locking her in his embrace, “Earlier on in the phone, you mentioned wanting to strip my clothes. Now that I’m standing in front of you, what’s wrong, you can’t even raise your head?”

Ji Nuan pushed against his elbow. The bravery she had earlier when she teased him escaped to god-knows-where. After pushing for a long time, he still would not move. She helplessly slapped his elbow, turning to look at him unhappily. “Who asked you to come so suddenly? I couldn’t prepare my heart at all.”

He lowly chuckled by her ear. “Are you sure you don’t welcome me? Then shall I leave right now and let you hold Mr. Bear until daylight?”

At the same time, Mo Jingshen’s gaze met with the big white bear that was placed slanted on the bed, his lips curving up in a smile.

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