Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 4 - Clearly, Still Angry

Chapter 4: Clearly, Still Angry

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Mo Jingshen’s eyes widened in shock. He leaned back to avoid her kiss.

Ji Nuan was also unsure of where her sudden rush of courage came from. She stood up on her tiptoes and tried to kiss him once more. She held onto his shirt tightly, unwilling to let go or even loosen her grip in the slightest.

Mo Jingshen pushed her away with some force, and said with his low and deep voice, “Ji Nuan, you don’t know what you are doing!”

“I do! I’m very clear about it!” Ji Nuan continued pressing close to him without giving up. Her bright eyes stared straight at him. “Mo Jingshen, tonight I will either stay here with you or return home with you! You choose!”

The night obscured many things from sight, but it could not cover the determination in her eyes.

Mo Jingshen stared at her for half a beat.

Ji Nuan returned his gaze without hesitation.

Mo Jing Shen did not reply to her but suddenly threw his suit jacket on her body. This was his direct way of answering.

Seeing his silent reply, Ji Nuan’s eyes burned a little.

He was clearly mad at her, yet he still treated her so well.

She really resented the cold and brutal heart she had in the past.


On the road back to the Yu Garden, Ji Nuan sat in Mo Jingshen’s car. Her snow-white hands were currently playing with the car’s seat belt.

Occasionally, her eyes moved to the side, drawn to the man driving quietly next to her. The lights on the road flashed red past the window. His thin and clear eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Looking back on everything that she had done, based on Mo Jingshen’s family background and everything he had already achieved, he could have left her alone at home and gone out to play with any female idol or famous woman of his choice.

However, he never seemed to give any other woman a second glance.

She suddenly spoke up, breaking the silence in the car, “Mo family’s chauffeur doesn’t seem to show up often. Do you always drive yourself home?”


“You didn’t sleep much yesterday. After working for the whole day, don’t you feel tired?”

Hearing this, Mo Jingshen glanced at her.

His eyes seemed to be saying: That he could not sleep yesterday, was it not all because of her?

Ji Nuan looked away immediately, her ears slightly warm. “What I mean is, you shouldn’t ignore your health for work. Next time when work ends, come straight home to rest…”

Before she could finish her words, a large truck sped towards them from the road ahead. Even when turning, it did not slow down. As though its brakes were not working, It headed straight towards them-

“Watch out!” Ji Nuan called out in a panic.

Mo Jingshen had already turned the car in the other direction, avoiding the truck heading toward them. The screeching sound of the tires rang loudly-

Ji Nuan had been playing with her seat belt earlier causing her not to have protection against the sudden movement. Her body fell forward while her head knocked against the front of the car. It hurt to the point where she could not help but call out in pain.

“Does it hurt?” Mo Jingshen immediately reached his hand over, carefully checking over her reddening forehead.

“Ss… Don’t touch it!” Ji Nuan flinched, pushing his hand away from her forehead.

Mo Jingshen pressed her down to stop her from moving. He rubbed the back of her head, sternly forcing her to turn her whole head around for him to check.

He saw that her wound didn’t seem light. It was already swelling up, causing her eyes to redden with the pain.

He frowned. “Did it hit very badly? Is it very painful? Do you feel dizzy?”

“Pain…” Ji Nuan softly called out.

To be honest, it had only smashed into the front of the car for a moment. There would most likely only be a bump tomorrow. She had not planned on whining too much about it. However, when she caught a hint of worry and heartache in his eyes, she could not help but want him to spoil her.

Mo Jingshen’s concern felt very much like a place of belonging.

A husband who was close to her, whose heart would ache for her, was really so lovely.

“I’m sending you to the hospital.” Mo Jingshen compelled her to sit properly, redoing her seat belt for her.

Hearing the word hospital, she immediately felt fear. She rushed to press her hands against her forehead, saying, “It’s not actually that serious, and it’s already so late. Let’s not trouble the doctor.”

Mo Jingshen did not give her any chance to refuse, warning her with his eyes to not move around.

“I’m really fine…”

She softly suggested the nearby family clinic but was ignored by Mo Jingshen who directly sent her to the hospital.

Mo Jingshen was only willing to send her home after medication was applied on her forehead. The doctor confirmed that the redness would reduce after a few days and that there was not even the slightest bit of concussion.

When they returned home, Auntie Chen glanced at the obvious bump on Ji Nuan’s forehead and rushed forward with worry. Ji Nuan was supported to sit in the couch as though she was frail to the point where even wind could knock her down.

“Miss Ji, what happened? Does it hurt?”

Ji Nuan smiled. “It’s all right, I just bumped onto it for a moment. It’ll be fine after two days.”

“Aiya, why is it so swollen? Did you let a doctor check on it?”

“Already did so earlier.”

Auntie Chen nodded, suddenly noticing her surrounding. It was only then that she realized that Ji Nuan seemed to have returned home with Mr. Mo?

Ji Nuan also looked up at Mo Jingshen, seeing him speak to the helper on the side for a moment before walking in to return her gaze.

“Auntie Chen, in the future you should just call me Mrs. Mo or Madam, both work.” Ji Nuan took the opportunity to declare before Mo Jingshen came back.

Auntie Chen first seemed surprised, before looking as though she was about to celebrate with joy.”Yes, Madam! Mrs. Mo!”

It seemed like Miss Ji had finally thought things through and was willing to live happily with Mr. Mo!

Earlier on, they even returned home together!

Auntie Chen was about to begin preparing supper happily. Ji Nuan glanced at the time and stood up saying, “You should go rest. I’ll prepare supper.”

“Ah? Mrs…?” Auntie Chen looked at her in surprise.

A rich young lady like Ji Nuan, how could she possibly know how to cook?

Previously, she could not even take the slightest bit of smoke or smell of oil.

“Your head has a wound, what supper are you going to make? Return to your room and sleep early!” Mo Jingshen finally walked back.

Ji Nuan did not reply, turning to speak to Auntie Chen and the other helpers, “It’s already late. All of you can go to rest.”

Auntie Chen originally wanted to say more, but seeing how Mr. Mo had returned, she quietened down, nodding her head before leaving the living room.

“You probably haven’t had dinner. It’s already so late; cooking noodles will be easy. Wait for me for a while.” She glanced at Mo Jingshen before turning away as she spoke.

As she walked past him, Mo Jingshen held onto her wrist, eyeing her suspiciously, unsure if she was joking. “You know how to?”

Ji Nuan’s lips quirked up.

Right now, she was actually confident of her cooking skills, but she did not intend to boast. “I can’t promise that it will taste good, but it will definitely be cooked all the way through.”

Mo Jingshen eyed her wound and saw that it did not look very serious. Although he did not intend to let her enter places like the kitchen, seeing how she seemed so excited, he did not want to ruin her rare moment of excitement.

As he let go of her wrist, Ji Nuan could still feel the lingering warmth from his palm.

It was clean and warm, lingering on her skin and giving her a strange sense of security.

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