Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 6 - If You Still Don’t Go to Sleep, Then Don't Think About Sleeping Tonight!

Chapter 6: If You Still Don’t Go to Sleep, Then Don’t Think About Sleeping Tonight!

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“I really didn’t mean to… Uu!” Mo Jingshen kissed her.

This kiss was different from when he had roughly kissed her before. In an instant, she felt as though an electric current had rushed through her body. Her whole body became powerless, becoming lax from head to toe.

Even though she had been married for half a year, and experienced her first time yesterday, Ji Nuan still did not have enough experience. She could not even give a response. She accidentally moved her tongue slightly but was instead kissed even more deeply by the man on top of her. The kiss was deep and heavy, stealing almost all her breath.

Ji Nuan closed her eyes in dizziness but suddenly felt Mo Jingshen’s lips move to her sensitive ears. His low and hoarse voice whispered in her ears, “It’s almost morning. If you don’t go to sleep right now, then don’t even think about sleeping tonight.”

She opened her eyes, immediately becoming lost in his deep dark eyes.

“Mrs. Mo, if yesterday was painful to the point of death, are you sure you can handle it tonight?”

Ji Nuan initially thought that they would only lie down to have a good chat. She did consider the possibility that something could happen. However, after thinking about how he did not let her off yesterday even when she cried to the point where her voice became hoarse, her body instantly shrank backward.

But she had also noticed that he had addressed her as Mrs. Mo…

So, everything she had fought for today was not completely useless.

Since she was still Mrs. Mo and planned to remain so for the rest of her life, how could she possibly avoid such a thing?

“Will the second time hurt as much?” she asked, her tone somewhat ambiguous.

He clearly did not expect that she would return such a question. He stared at her for what felt like half a day, his eyes looking as though they could eat her up alive.

For an instant, his eyes lingered on the love bites that had yet to fade from her neck…

Mo Jingshen clearly remembered how much he bullied her yesterday because of the aphrodisiac and his anger.

In less than a day, if he were to do it again, she probably would not even be able to move off from the bed.

Mo Jingshen sighed, speaking hoarsely, “Don’t test a man’s patience. I’ll let you off tonight. If you still dare to stick into my embrace tomorrow, you can experience the consequences yourself.”

Ji Nuan shrank in his arms quietly.

“Sleep.” Mo Jingshen rubbed her head gently.

Just as he was about to move up from the bed, she rushed to wrap her arms around his neck.

“I’ll sleep here where you are!”

Mo Jingshen’s eyes darkened, staring at the young lady whose face held both determination and slight bashfulness.

He stared at her to the point where she could not take it. She rushed to remove her hands from his neck, grabbing the blanket to cover her face and hiding from his line of sight.

He chuckled. “If you’re embarrassed then go back to your room.”

“Don’t want to! I’ll sleep here where you are!” Ji Nuan said rather unhappily from inside the blanket.

Finally, unable to ignore her personality change, Mo Jingshen laid back down. His eyes were fixed on the Ji Nuan who was still hiding inside the blanket.

The room became silent all of a sudden.

Ji Nuan carefully lowered the blanket.

The moment she lifted her eyes, she saw Mo Jingshen lying on his side, his clear eyes staring at her.

Ji Nuan blushed under his stare, asking softly, “You’re not sleeping?”

“You’re lying here. How can I go to sleep?”

Ji Nuan consciously glanced at the bed beneath them. “The bed isn’t small. It’s the same as the one in the main bedroom. I won’t take up your space even if I sleep here! Why can’t you sleep?”

Hearing her words, Mo Jingshen smiled.

“What are you smiling at?” Ji Nuan thought that he was still suspicious of her sincerity and directly moved closer to him under the blanket, communicating that she did not plan to separate from him anymore.

“Ji Nuan,” He suddenly called her name. His voice was low and hoarse.


“You should have been this aware from the start.”

Ji Nuan consciously leaned closer to him, deciding not to listen to his words anymore. She feared that if she listened to him any longer, she would be teased to the point where she could not sleep.

Due to her action, Mo Jingshen suddenly grabbed onto her chin, giving her a deep kiss. He only let go when she began to struggle to breathe.

If they kissed any longer, both of them would not get any rest tonight.

Ji Nuan was kissed to the point where her ears were bright red. She shifted inside the bed uncomfortably when Mo Jingshen suddenly got off the bed.

She rushed to sit up with the blanket in her arms. “Where are you going?”

Mo Jingshen went into the bathroom without glancing back, only throwing one word at her, “Shower!”

Ji Nuan was confused for a moment.

“Didn’t he just shower? Why shower again?”

It was only after the sound of water went on for a long time in the bathroom that she understood.

With a bright red face, she laughed. Laying back, she hugged the blanket, inhaling the cooling and clean scent that belonged to Mo Jingshen.


In the early morning at six, the mist began to fade as the morning light arrived.

Ji Nuan jerked awake from a nightmare about her previous life, sitting up on the bed in a rush.

The space next to her on the bed was already empty. The silence in the room caused her heart to feel empty. She rushed to push the blanket aside, but because her actions were too fast, she staggered and had to grab hold of the bookshelf next to her.

The sound of the door being opened came from the front. The moment Ji Nuan lifted her head she saw Mo Jingshen standing there already well-dressed.

It seemed like he had not been awake for long, having just showered. He wore a shirt and long pants, looking clean and neat.

“Feeling unwell?” Mo Jingshen saw that Ji Nuan’s skin was pale to the point of almost transparency and walked toward her.

Ji Nuan only stared at him, watching him. When he came nearer, even as he placed his hand on her forehead in concern, she still stared at his actions.

So, everything that happened yesterday was not a dream.

Mo Jingshen retracted his hand because of her gaze. In the past, she would always refuse his touch. Perhaps she was behaving so oddly yesterday because of a nightmare?

Had she finally woken up? Was she going to start pushing for divorce again?

“Dizzy?” He did not move to touch her again. “Maybe the wound yesterday caused some side effects. Take a CT scan today. I’ll have Auntie Chen come to help you change clothes.”

Finishing his words, Mo Jingshen turned around to walk away with indifferent eyes.

“Mo Jingshen!” Ji Nuan suddenly called him without thinking.

He had just turned around when Ji Nuan suddenly flew into his arms.

Startled, Mo Jingshen unconsciously wrapped his arms around her. Yet, the little woman in his arms continued pressing herself into his arms with force, her arms gripping around his waist tightly.

He froze for two seconds because of her sudden embrace, before looking down at her small head. Placing a hand on it, he gently patted her. “If you’re not feeling well, we’ll go to the hospital, en?”

Ji Nuan did not speak. She continued hugging him tightly, breathing in the smell of the soap on his body.

“Had a nightmare?” he asked.

“En.” Ji Nuan continued her tight grip, unwilling to let go. She spoke with a hoarse voice, “I dreamed that you didn’t want me anymore. Once you left, you left for ten years. After that, you even married another woman.”

She had just woken up, so her voice was both soft and filled with dependence. It was a rare event for her to act spoiled.

Mo Jingshen rubbed her head, speaking in a low voice, “Don’t think about ridiculous things. I will never marry someone aside from you.”

Ji Nuan pressed her face into his embrace and did not argue.

Regardless of how her previous life went, in this life, she did not want to lose him again!

“Is your head still hurting?”

“It’s not hurting. Earlier on when I woke up, I stood up too quickly and stumbled. It’s all right.”

“Auntie Chen has already made breakfast. Go wash up and eat.”


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