Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing?

Chapter 7 - You Like Looking at Me So Much?

Chapter 7: You Like Looking at Me So Much?

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Ji Nuan calmed down her emotions, only to realize that she had not even washed her face before facing him after getting up from the bed.

She grabbed her hair in shock and made for the bathroom while covering her face.

Mo Jingshen eyed the way she seemed awkward and embarrassed, his elegant brows furrowing. “This isn’t our first day of marriage. It’s not like is the first time I’m seeing your face in the morning either. Why are you hiding?”

This had nothing to do with how long they have been married!

Especially since Ji Nuan was never conscious of the fact that she was married previously!

She did not explain, running into the bathroom mirror to check if her eyes were sore. When she looked down, she found that his bathroom did not have the products she used for washing up.

Who knew if after last night Mo Jingshen would directly move his things back to the main bedroom.

Seeing how Mo Jingshen had already left the room, she took the opportunity to run back to the main bedroom and moved the things she frequently used to his bedroom.

This way, regardless of which room he chose to stay in, she would occupy both! There was nowhere he could escape!

Ji Nuan changed her clothes and went downstairs for breakfast.

On the table was the custard toast she always loved to eat.

She had just sat down when Mo Jingshen placed a cup of warm milk Auntie Chen had brought over in front of her.

She sat by the table, took the cup of milk, bit on the toast, and took a glance at Mo Jingshen. She then took another bite of the toast and glanced up at Mo Jingshen once more.

As she ate her breakfast, her eyes rarely left Mo Jingshen.

Auntie Chen who was cleaning at the side saw this and could not help but smile, quietly tugging the helper at the side to return to the kitchen.

Ji Nuan took another bite of the toast, not even realizing that a bit of custard was left on the side of her mouth. Her eyes were fixed on the man who had already finished his breakfast and was currently reading a business magazine.

He had a pair of stern and clear brows and eyes, a straight nose bridge and a handsome silhouette that seemed to be crafted by God himself. He was perfect to the point where no one could find anything to fuss about.

Mo Jingshen paused his actions of flipping the magazine, calmly turning to look at the little woman whose eyes seemed to be stuck on him. Her gaze seemed as though he would vanish at any instant.

Ji Nuan returned to her spirits and rushed to bring the toast in her hand up to cover her eyes. Picking up her glass of milk, she chugged a large mouthful.

Due to being too rushed, she choked and had to quickly put down her cup and toast, violently coughing twice: “Cough… cough cough…”

Mo Jingshen brought some napkins in front of her. Seeing how she was still coughing loudly, he directly helped her wipe the custard off her lips: “You’ve been acting strange since yesterday. Do you like to stare at me so much?”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

She actually did not choke so seriously but hearing his words she immediately coughed loudly several times on purpose.

Auntie Chen rushed out from the kitchen. “Madam, what’s wrong? You’re coughing so badly…”

“Cough, cough, nothing. I just choked on the milk.”

“So long as you’re all right. Oh yes, yesterday Miss Meng Ran said that she wants to come and stay at the Yu Garden tonight. This evening, shall I prepare dinner for her as well?”

Ji Nuan’s expression did not change. After coughing twice more, she turned to say, “Auntie Chen, clean up the guest bedroom my sister always uses. From now onward don’t let her stay at the Yu Garden as much as possible.”

“But Miss Mengran will be coming today…”

“I’ll speak to her about it. After all, the Yu Garden is not the Ji family home. It’s not right for her to come in and out of here all the time.”

Hearing this, Auntie Chen’s heart became much more comfortable.

In the past, she always felt that that second lady who kept coming to the Yu Garden, loved to ask all sorts of questions about Mr. Mo, and even treated her like a family member, was really difficult to get used to.

Auntie Chen did not wait for even a second and rushed to clean up the guest room.

All of a sudden, Mo Jingshen’s phone—which was placed on the dining table—vibrated.

Ji Nuan initially thought it would only be a spam message. Seeing how his eyes remained fixed on a particular English article in the business magazine, mindless of his phone, her gaze flew towards his phone screen. Seeing the number on the screen her eyes flashed, and she reached over to take his phone.

136xxxx: [Brother Jingshen, please don’t be mad at my sister. I didn’t expect that she would use such methods and drug you. She originally wanted to send you to another woman’s bed. I persuaded her for a really long time, but she wouldn’t listen. With the way you guys are interacting, will there be a happy ending? My heart aches for my sister, and I also feel that it is not worth it for you, Brother Jingshen!]

After reading the message, Ji Nuan’s beautiful brows furrowed.

“Your phone number, do many people know it?” Ji Nuan looked up.

Mo Jingshen glanced at her, placing the magazine in his hands to the side.

“Many people? Whom does that refer to?”

Ji Nuan remembered that Mo Jingshen’s private number was not known to many people and was not easily accessible to others.

“I just did not expect Meng Ran to be so concerned about our relationship and to message you because of my actions.” Ji Nuan smiled while intentionally allowing some jealousy to be revealed in her eyes.

Mo Jingshen eyed her restrained expression and asked, “Weren’t you the one who gave her my number?”


It seems like that did indeed happen.

Meng Ran often took her phone to play. She had not paid much attention to when exactly she had memorized Mo Jingshen’s private number.

“She sends them, but that doesn’t mean I will read them,” Mo Jingshen calmly said.

Hearing this, Ji Nuan scrolled down, discovering many unread messages.

Aside from a few emails and messages from the company, there really were several unread messages from Meng Ran.

After randomly reading a few, she discovered that they were mostly made to sound as though she was a kind younger sister speaking up for her older sister, but in fact, they made Ji Nuan sound as though she was often unreasonable and had a weird personality.

She was indeed full of schemes!

At the moment when she became silent, Mo Jingshen suddenly spoke calmly, “Being young doesn’t equate to being innocent. Family relations should not be trusted without question. That you can see things clearly early on is not a bad thing.”

Ji Nuan suspiciously eyed the man in front of her who seemed to have already known everything from the start.

No wonder Mo Jingshen rarely returned home when Meng Ran was around. It seems like he had already seen through Meng Ran’s thoughts.

She really wanted to beat up herself from ten years ago! Why was her heart so big!

Ji Nuan violently slapped her forehead and ended up hitting the wounded spot from last night. She hissed in surprise while her whole face scrunched up in pain.

Mo Jingshen sat up and walked over, pushing her hand aside. Seeing her sore forehead, he frowned. “Does it not hurt enough? Do you have to make the wound worse?”

Ji Nuan raised her head. It hurt to the point where tears were coming out. Glancing at his stern expression, she could not hold in her ashamed expression. “I won’t let anyone come in as they please anymore. In the past, did I cause a lot of trouble for you?”

“Everything concerning you is not any trouble. For this sort of thing, the decision lies in your hands.” Mo Jingshen held her head, checking her wound before calling for a helper to come over. “Bring the medicine from last night here and apply it on her again.”

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