Zhan Long

Chapter 1 – 34D Goddess

Chapter 1 – 34D Goddess

In the heat of summer, sunlight pierced my skin like a poison-tipped arrow. As I stood in the lookout post, the beads of perspiration dripped down my cheeks and onto my grass-green uniform. It looked as if there was an open tap spewing down my face, making this unbearable heat even worse.

I stood motionless. The sweat on my brow dripped past my eyelashes and stung my eye. God damn, that security manager took away the umbrella in the post just to pick on me, the newcomer to the security department. It’s okay, I’ll be the better man and not complain…… Damn you, I’m dying of heat here.

My name is Li Xiao Yao1. What an uncommon name, isn’t it? My parents hoped that I would grow to deal with bullies and help the poor, but I could not live up to their expectations. One could only describe me as ordinary, seeing that I have only worked for less than two months in some Hangzhou science company as part of security. I’ve had to bear the shame and discipline required to go a few days without food, all because this job couldn’t afford me three good meals a day. I didn’t even have a full security uniform and had to work a daily afternoon shift, which forced me to bear this summer heat in the first place. My life was as bitter as the juice squeezed from a bitter gourd2.

Moreover, I’ve fantasized about meeting beautiful women in uniform before, but in the two months I’ve been here, nothing of the sort happened. The women here were so ugly when without makeup they could scare someone out of their wits, and even if they put on makeup they would still make you defecate in your pants.

As I shifted my gaze away to the company building in the distance, a woman exited. She was Wang Yan, the flower of the banking department. Her chest and legs were 9 points, however her face was only 1 point.

Wang Yan knew me, and she swayed her hips, walking out of the building leisurely. She had heels of at least 7 cm3 and her slender snow-white pair of legs set in full display. She stopped at the lookout post, smiles, and says: “Li Xiao Yao, “Destiny” opens the day after tomorrow. Do you want to continue working this boring security job? Or do you want to follow me and join the group our banking department is making to be our goon? You know, I obtained the limited edition game helmet…”

I glanced at the white helmet, which indeed was the recently released Destiny limited edition helmet. This helmet costed at least 10,000RMB4 and my monthly wage was only 1,000RMB. What a long shot!

Looking forward, I said with neither arrogance nor servility, “That would be too unfair to you, Miss Wang. I must work to earn my keep.”

Wang Yan then raised the helmet, bending her waist. It revealed her two mountains. “You know, this Big Sister over here really likes your ice-cold demeanor. You should think about this carefully. If you change your mind, I can provide you with three meals a day and a game card. Also…”

She raised her head to look at me seductively, her buttocks bending upwards very obviously, saying “if you do well, a special reward as well” while smiling sultrily.

I remained silent until the tactful flower of the banking department departed, to which I breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.

The security manager Lao Yu coughed, saying with a smile: “Li Xiao Yao, Wang Yan has taken a liking towards you, hasn’t she?”

I remained silent and stood there, allowing the Sun to continue to roast me, like an Australian roasted chicken. I felt like I was steaming up.

To be honest, Wang Yan was not the one that tempted me the most. Yes, it was the game, “Destiny”. Taking 10 years of development to produce, “Destiny” boasted 97% realism, compared to the paltry 39% of those before. Additionally, to the rookie me who has not touched VRMMOs at all, how could I not be tempted? Sadly, my monthly wage was too pathetic to afford this luxury.

My body trembled a little, and just as I began to suspect that I really had been roasted, Lao Yu suddenly shouted: “Li Xiao Yao, you don’t have to keep watch anymore, Liu Zong wants you to lend a hand at the photograph department. It’s the weekend and there’s a group of models taking pictures, which is why they’re short of manpower.

“Okay, I got it.”

The photograph department is at the 7th floor. They normally invite some stars or models to photograph to promote some new products. As for who is here today, I did not know.

As I entered the 7th floor, the staff recognized me immediately. “Li Xiao Yao, go to the filming studio and help us move the boxes quickly.”

I knew it! I really had the life of a box-mover.

“Hi, do you know who is getting photographed today?” He pats my shoulder and asks.

“Nope, whoever is getting photographed does not concern me in the slightest.” I replied while shaking my head.

He smiles. “No wonder you haven’t had a girlfriend all your life, you’re so stubborn!”

Haven’t had a girlfriend!

These four words had the weight of 4 heavy punches to my heart, hurting my self-confidence.

“Who is it that is making you so excited?” I asked.

“A huge star, man. And she has beauty beyond measure! You should consider yourself lucky to even get to see such a goddess. It’s your lucky day!”

“Forget the star, I’m only here to move boxes.”


Upon entering the film studio, before I even finished moving the boxes, the film director shouted: “Li Xiao Yao, go to the 13th warehouse and grab me a ladder. Go quickly!”


I am an integral part of the company, wherever stuff needs to be moved, I’ll be there. With this attitude, I would have been the CEO soon.

Sprinting to the warehouse door, I tried to open it and realised it was locked. Well, it was fine as I had the key anyway. Grabbing the bunch of keys, I confirmed that I had taken the correct key and opened the door.


As the door opened, I briskly walked inside, only to hear a shriek. The scene in front my eyes almost paralyzed me-

There was a perfect nose-bleed scenario here. It was a young woman with an extremely exquisite body, who seemingly was changing clothes. In her hand was a pink bra that was not worn yet, and her twin peaks trembled slightly. There were two flesh-coloured strawberries. Panning downward, silk covered her private parts and beyond that there were a pair of pearl-like long legs. It was simply stunning!

She was shocked speechless and stood there in a daze, staring at me for a full two seconds with her eyes full of anger, before calmly saying: “Who are you?”

I was also stunned. Not saying a word, I immediately slammed the door shut.

It was as if I was suffocating, silently standing there. Luckily, when I rubbed the area under my nose there wasn’t any blood. There wasn’t any sound coming from inside. This woman was refined and refreshing, eons above the women at our company. And if I am not mistaken, this is the star that the guy was talking about. What in the world have I done?

1.7 meters in height, appearance with a full 10 points, body 10 points as well, and not to mention a 34D bust. Definitely must be the star.

Although my heart ripped a little from all the toughness of this life, I think this life can be considered fulfilled.

Taking a look at the door plate, I realised my mistake. The sign said Changing Room B, which I mistook for 13. Where is the 13th warehouse? Who in the world designed this door plate, spacing the B so far apart?

Ten minutes later, a trembling me arrived at the filming studio with a ladder in hand.

On stage, there was a person showered with bright lights dressed in purple, our company’s product in hand. Her smile was radiant and melted my heart. One could sit here for a long time just admiring. The studio directors stood there dazed, admiring her beauty but I did not do the same. That’s right, this woman was the 34D! I’m dead, she really is the star.


Putting the ladder down, I whispered to the director: “Director, I’ve brought the ladder, do you need anything else?”

Not turning his head from 34D’s stunning legs, he told me: “It’s fine, you can return first!”


As I was about to leave, the woman who was blasted with shining lights stood up and said: “Ah, the man in the security uniform over there, please don’t go yet.”

The film directors were confused. “Miss Lin, what do you need?”

34D looked at me, her beautiful eyes stared cunningly. With a profound smile, she said: “My bodyguard had matters to attend to, so he left first. In a short while, I’ll have to return home alone. I’ll let this security guard bring me home instead.”

“Okay, sure!”

One of the film directors patted my shoulder, murmuring in a low voice: “Lucky son of a gun, she’s got her eyes on you.”

My lips curled into a wispy smile, lifting my head to gaze at her. “Got her eyes on me? She’s obviously thinking of how to dispose of me…” I thought to myself.

Half an hour later, all the filming was done. 34D walked over, her fragrant smell attacking my nostrils. She smiled at me saying, “You just wait here, don’t leave yet.”

I lowered my head in silence, palms full of sweat. The situation just got a whole lot worse.

After about 10 minutes, 34D appeared from the changing room with a white top and shorts, looking fresh and new again. A dazzling pair of long legs and intoxicating cheeks led one to admire, but I did not have the heart to appreciate it. This is because I could feel her murderous intent beneath that smile. A girl of this caliber definitely had more killing power than those ugly women.

“Let’s go?” she asked with a smile.

I nodded my head gravely.

I followed her out the building, only to realise the sky was clouded and it was about to rain.

In the parking lot, a white Audi TT’s lights shone. I clenched my fist, not sure what to expect.

“Get on!”

34D said imperatively.

I obediently got into the passenger sit while she sat on the driver’s seat comfortably. Hanging her stuff, she turned to look at me with mysterious eyes and said: “Don’t worry, we’ll go out to play for a while.”

“Go out to play…” I softly murmured. My heart was beating furiously. Did she want to play with her Audi, or did she want to play me?

The Audi TT’s engine roared and it bursted out of the parking lot. Not stopping in the urban district, she drove directly to Mt. Tianping’s mountainous roads. At the same time, the sky rumbled with thunder and rain started to fall. Pi pi da da The pitter patter of the rain against the window started. However, the car showed no signs of slowing down, which made my heart almost stop. Although this 34D drove masterfully, it was definitely too dangerous to drive like this.

The Audi suddenly came screeching to a halt, the car in the road shoulder. Silently, she laid against the seat and looked at me while smiling: “Wait here for a bit.”


She dialed a number, saying “I’ve arrived, what time will you guys be arriving? Why? Just because it’s raining, we can’t race anymore? Don’t joke with me and come here immediately!”

I did not say anything, but I’ve already smelled the scent of something ominous.

As expected, thirty minutes later, two cars raced up the mountain path, one a Ferrari, and the other a Camaro. Both of them were excellent at racing, this was definitely a race between rich people’s children, dear lord. Though the TT is great, how can it compare against a Ferrari?

I looked at 34D, and she looked at me. giving a pleasant smile which bewitched me.

“You…” I maintained calm and said: “Are you planning to die with me?”

34D smiles and softly says: “What’s wrong, are you scared?”

I straightened my chest, saying: “Don’t be ridiculous?”

“Also, the way you stared in the changing room just now already decided your fate” she said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it. I was only trying to get a ladder.”

34D stretched her body, saying with a smile: “No problem, don’t mind it.”

“How can I not mind it, I’m about to die here!” I thought to myself.

Translator Notes

逍遥自在 xiāo yáo zì zài meaning carefree and taking life leisurely.

Hard to localise this, in Chinese the word 苦 can mean both bitter and tough, so the author is comparing the bitterness of the bitter gourd juice to MC’s tough life.

7 cm is about 3 inches.

10000RMB is about 1600USD.

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