Zhan Long

Chapter 2 – The Driving God of Legends

Chapter 2 – The Driving God of Legends

In the curtain of rain, the Ferrari’s window rolled down to reveal a young man with dyed hair, eyes full of arrogance. “Yo, I see today you brought a loser as well.”

34D smiles, saying: “Yes…”

My self-confidence was attacked and I clenched my fist tightly in anger. I really wanted to rush out there and smash the Ferrari but after smashing it, I wouldn’t have enough to pay for the damages. Forget it, I’ll resist the temptation.

“Let’s start!”

The 34D at my side pushed the gear stick down and started the engine. The Ferrari at the side also started to move.


The car chassis rushed forward and the inertia was extremely frightening.

The three cars rushed forward together and raced down the mountainous road under the curtain of rain.

Straight ahead was a sharp turn and I grabbed onto the armrest tightly, mouth clenched. At this speed, if the car did not drift, it would get flung into the ravine below.


The beauty at my side violently turned the steering wheel while simultaneously tugging on the gear stick. Such precise drifting!

As expected, the tyres of the car skidded on the ground, taking a nice drifting arc. Completing this turn, 34D managed to pull ahead of the other cars.

34D’s lips curled into a smile, laughing sweetly. She turned to look at me, to which I returned a blank stare. This made her a little disappointed. She probably wanted to scare me into kneeling on the seat and asking “Please, spare me and let me out of this car”.

From behind, the roaring of an engine could be heard. The Ferrari swerved past the TT, overtaking it in an excellent arc. The TT truly could not compare to that of a race car.

The Goddess tightly gripped the steering wheel, her eyes glued to the front. She continued to accelerate.

34D tried to overtake the Ferrari but to no avail. She was slightly irritated and nearly scratched into one of the guard rails once.


Rain water splashed up from the front when the Ferrari turned sharply, perpendicular to the TT. 34D had no choice but to slam the brakes, causing her visible displeasure.

Slamming the steering wheel, 34D gritted her teeth.

The man in the Ferrari continued to laugh, saying: “What’s wrong? Do you only have this much skill? Where did the fiery attitude you challenged my younger brother with from last week go? Hahaha!”

I exited the car hurriedly, walking over to the driver seat and knocked on the window. “Climb over to the passenger seat, let me try!” I said to her.

34D was stunned: “You? Do you have a driver’s license?”

I crack a smile and reply: “Nope, but you don’t have to worry…”

“You’re asking me to relax when you don’t even have a driver’s license?”

“You already lost anyway, and since you want to die with me, you might as well let me try it out!”

“Okay then…”

34D decided, climbing over to the passenger seat. A pair of snow-white legs were displayed in front of me, which made my mouth water. If she didn’t hate me, that would be great. What a beautiful lady, snow white…

Sitting in the driver’s seat, I push down the gear stick, poking my head out of the window. “Hey, it isn’t over yet. First one to the mountain wins, deal?”

The Ferrari man’s face contorted with disdain, saying: “Tch, a security guard… let me bet with you then!”

The Ferrari flew into action, followed closely by the Camaro, and me at the end. Neither quickly nor slowly, I approached the second bend and slammed the gas pedal, pulling up the gear stick. Skshhhh The sounds of the tyre screeching flew past the Camaro as I brushed past it. That was a beautiful pass if I do say so myself. End-to-head, the Camaro guy was afraid and had no choice but to slow down. Who would dare to follow me that closely?

At the fifth bend, I seemed to have no intention to accelerate at all, but when I reached the bend I immediately accelerated, speeding forth. The TT was now side-by-side with the Ferrari, completing a high-risk overtaking move. The muddy water splashed onto the Ferrari’s car as I completed the maneuver.

Upon hearing the angry shout of the Ferrari man, 34D could not hold in her laughter.

A few minutes later, the Ferrari overtakes another car again. This time I gently hold on to the steering wheel, tilting the rear of the car. This scared the man and he turned the Ferrari as well, causing the rear to scratch against the Ferrari’s number plate.


As the TT rolled to a stop, the Ferrari stopped as well. The angry man opened the door and scolded: “Lin Wan Er, count yourself lucky this time. We will meet again. Damn it!”

The Ferrari and Camaro sped into the rain as losers of the race, quickly escaping in shame.

I lie back into the seat, body poised to look out the window. The rain slowly stopped as well.

34D silently sat there for awhile, for saying: “Your driving techniques aren’t half bad, where did you practice?”

I laugh, “I was in the traffic police department for awhile. I was known as the number one driving god.”


Seeing the heavy atmosphere, I decide to ask: “This is horrible weather to have a race in, how could you not treasure your life?”

Eyes a little red, she looks out the window. “Someone like you can not understand my past grievances.”

I laugh a little. “Your grievances? Look at me, I don’t even have money for the next meal, and my rent hasn’t been paid for the past two days. Look at you, you drive an Audi TT and you still call it a grievance? Your mother is a grievance!”

34D looks at me pitifully with apologetic eyes. She pushes the door open and says “You should get out…”

Of course, I get out.


The car engine roars, and the Audi TT speeds away into the distance.

Standing in the rain water, I was dumbfounded for a short while before realising: “Damn it, I just got left on the mountain top! Great, this is a good comeback, this is a brutal comeback!”

Wiping the rain water off my face, I smile. Reaching into my pocket, I find less than 10 cents. There’s no way I’m going to be able to ride public transport back. What a minor issue, this couldn’t set me back one bit.

Taking to my heels, I run an entire 20 kilometers back to the company. An incredible sight occurred – a young man dressed in a security guard uniform continuously ran past public transport and rental cars, dredging deeper and deeper into the stream of traffic, stopping for no one at all.

After a little over an hour, I arrived at the entrance to the company, short of breath and panting heavily.


I only managed to get back to the company at 5pm, which worried me a great deal. I did not have any dinner prepared, but since it’s the rush hour now, I couldn’t go to the company’s cafeteria to eat as well.

Changing out of my uniform, I left the company building.

As the night fell, the city’s lights shone brightly, as if a graceful woman had just put on her evening gown. What a pity, this sight could only be enjoyed by rich people and as for people like me… I belonged to the group known as ‘city garbage’1.

Oh well, it’s time to earn money now.

Clang clang clang

The sound of the chuan2 banging against the wok3 clamoured into the night. This was a stall that only opened at night4. Fried rice, fried noodles, fried vegetables, small dishes like this were sold and there were many customers.

After cooking about 20 plates of fried rice, head full of sweat, the boss patted my shoulder and said: “Well done, Xiao Li, you’ve worked really hard today. Here’s your pay for today…”

I ecstatically took the 5 yuan5 and set off for the next destination.

Beside the big road, there was a red light district club called Bi Hai Lan Tian6. This is the place where rich people gather and waste money. As I slowly walked up to the entrance, the young bouncers ahead recognized me immediately.

After entering, a fatty looked at me and smiled heartily, saying: “Ah, you’ve finally arrived, Li Xiao Yao!”

I nodded my head, asking: “How many songs today?”

“3 songs, 10 yuan each!”

“Okay, thanks Brother Biao7!”

“Hold on, wear your attire first!”

A Western style top was thrown at me and I quickly put it on. Walking deeper into the club, I walked up the stage and sat in front of a big piano. Putting my fingers to work, I played three songs in total – the first Tian Kong Zhi Cheng8, the next being Xiao Gou Yuan Wu Qu9, and the last being Yu De Yin Ji10. After finishing the last song, the club erupted into applause.

I quickly exited the stage, smiling for the audience before preparing to leave. Just as I was about to leave, a tender arm grabbed my hand. It was the arm of a beautiful foreign lady, who hurriedly put a piece of paper into my front pocket. On it was a string of numbers. She smiled seductively and said: “Hi, call me!”

I smiled lightly and exited the main entrance, removing my attire and taking the three 10 yuan bills from the fatty, walking away.

Looking at my back, Brother Biao lets out a deep sigh-

“My gosh, what a talent!”

Spending 5 yuan on a plate of omelette rice, I guess I managed to get by another day. Slowly walking along the big street, I see a huge LED screen displaying a “Destiny” advertisement. This game was a major breakthrough that many video game addicts have been waiting for. I as well, am a video game addict and I really wanted to dive into the world of “Destiny”. However, I did not have enough money at hand. What’s more, there were only 1 million helmets sold worldwide, and the black market is selling it for 10000RMB a piece. There’s no way I would be able to play. Forget it, I should just slowly save up and wander around11.

It’s such a shame, the day after tomorrow will be the launch of “Destiny”. If I miss the first day launch, I’ll surely fall behind the rest!

I returned to my lodging, Long Hua Xiao Qu12. It was a two room flat consisting only a bedroom and living room, with a rent of 800 yuan. However, I have not paid the bill for two days now, and the sarcastic old landlady whose heart is cold and criticism is fiery would not let me stay for much longer. There was no other way to deal with this kind of woman at this age other than to endure it.

Arriving at the first floor of the building, I reached for my keys and tried to open the door. Hmm? It wouldn’t open!

What’s going on?

Looking closely, I realised the lock had been changed. There was also a note above that saying: ‘Li Xiao Yao, since you haven’t paid the rent in two days, there are people coming tomorrow to decide if they want it. There’s no choice, I’m kicking you out. Your stuff is beside the kitchen!”

I turned around to find a blanket and some toiletries on the floor, all collected in one place.

Racking my brain to understand what’s happening, I finally understood-

Damn it, I’ve been evicted!

Lifting my head, I see countless bright stars in night sky. It would be great for poetic inspiration…

Hmm, today is a weekend, there will countless mushy and romantic lovers in the park. I definitely can’t sleep there. Guess there’s no choice, I will have to sleep in the lawn outside Long Hua Xiao Qu. It’s summer anyway so besides the mosquito bites, there won’t be much else to disturb me. I’m a strong man, and I know martial arts so I won’t be scared of any robbers.

Around 11pm, the night was cooling and I was cuddled in the blanket. In the corner of the lawn, my consciousness slowly drifted away.


The mosquitoes buzzed incessantly around my head. This was a challenging task to endure but I wouldn’t let it affect me. I placed a thick mosquito net over my head which covered my face and protected me from the mosquitoes but did not obstruct my breathing.

The night passes and at dawn, the rooster does it’s job.

I open my eyes and see the morning sky, which reminded me of a poem: I wake from my dreams, the willows billowing in the dying of the moonlight13.

Before I manage to finish reciting the poem, an arm suddenly rests on my shoulder. “Brother Xiao Yao, what are you doing sleeping outside?”

Translator Notes

Trash of society, not sure why the author decided to phrase it differently.

The chuan is shovel-like cooking utensil that helps when frying using a wok. http://www.wokshop.com/HTML/products/accessories/access_wok_implements.html for reference.

The wok is a bowl-shaped cooking vessel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wok for reference.

In China road-side night stalls are very common and cheap, so people usually eat there.

5 yuan is about 1 USD

碧海蓝天, if anyone would like to suggest a name first this please do.

彪哥 means “Tiger Brother” but that would sound weird.

天空之城, directly translating it means Fortress in the Sky, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to mean something else.

小狗圆舞曲, d/t means Round Dance of the Dog, again not sure if it has other meanings.

雨的印记, d/t means Imprints of Rain.

笑傲江湖 Apparently it’s a famous novel meaning The Proud, Smiling Warrior written a long time ago, but I’m not sure what the author means here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Smiling,_Proud_Wanderer for reference.

龙华小区, d/t means District of the Dragon.

今宵梦醒何处,杨柳岸,晓风残月 It’s a part of a poem by 北宋 柳永, unfortunately I couldn’t find any English articles on this. There is a Chinese explanation of this here:http://www.exam58.com/scmj/3647.html. I tried my best to translate it into English but you probably shouldn’t take it seriously.

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