Zhan Long

Chapter 1359: Strategic losses

Chapter 1359: Strategic losses


Li Mu raised his head and looked at the dense amount of Sword Spirit Cavalries. He shuddered, “Is this right? Where did Sif get so many of them? Damn, Azure didn’t have so many when he was alive right?”

Mocha said, “The hybrid demon army in hell is like an oil storage, Sif dug a very full well so she was able to take out such an army.”

Yue Qing Qian spat out her tongue, “Can we win?”

“Yes!” I said firmly, “Form up the Furnace God Cavalries, Archers, Mages and Musketee protect our cannons!”

“Okay!” Wan Er and Qing Qian went to arrange the troops.

I turned around and entered god form. I held my sword and flew above the Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army while shouting, “All the cannons change the angles and shoot into the sky. Don’t let the Sword Spirit Cavalries enter our space, all heavy cavalries prepare to use archers to fire!”


The Royal Army’s cavalries were different from other armies. All of them need to learn archery. So they were all good at riding and shooting. It was good for such a war.

A girl’s voice spread from the sky and it was really penetrative, “Li Xiao Yao congratulations on becoming king but why did you want to run here to die? I really don’t understand.”

It was Sif!”

In the distance, a golden light pierced through the darkness. Sif rode a sword and numerous flying hybrid demons surrounded her. Dust billowed and many more demon hall cavalries charged from the deep mountains and there were over 2 million of them! Oh my god, 2 million level 9 demon hall cavalries. Were they trying to kill us?

“Your Highness!”

Xia Ye looked into the distance and his body shook. The sword flames on his blade flickered and he looked over at me, “We didn’t expect Sif to have so many troops… We didn’t bring enough people, there is such a huge gap in strength, why not… We retreat, I will lead the shield soldiers to hold up the rear!”

Long Xing clenched his fist, “Right, General Xia Ye is right. Sir retreat! You are the Xiao Yao King, we are just generals. We are different!”

The moment Sif’s army appeared, the color of the sky changed. There were too many of them. Our intel system failed. No one told me that Sif could bring out a million Sword Spirit Cavalries and 2 million Demon Hall Cavalry. If I knew I definitely wouldn’t attack. In truth, we had arrived. If we lost then everything was lost.

Long Xing and Xia Ye’s reason for me to retreat was because of my identity right?

I lead Tian Ling City’s army to win many wars but I was about to lose here. That was something they weren’t willing to see. Probably even Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, Jing Yin thought so too. They looked at me and their faces were filled with shock. Even the majors of Royal Army were shocked so much less other people.

Heaven Barrier Army’s majors were filled with despair.

Clear Black Eyes didn’t threaten me. She was right. If I wanted to complete my quest, she would use the opportunity to kill 70% of our elites. She was such a woman, she won’t scare others and she would only do what she says.


Right when everyone was confused, I raised Butterfly high up and shouted, “What are all of you doing? Prepare to fight! Don’t forget, all of you are from the empire. No matter how strong our enemy is, we need to fight! If not then we won’t know who wins!”

Seeing my firm attitude, Han Yuan sighed, “Prepare to fight!”

At that moment, there were dragon roars and dragonriders arrived. They were from Dragon City and were led by Qing Luo. Apart from that, there was also a beautiful figure. Frost had arrived.

“Seems like I am not late, prepare to fight.” Frost smiled.

Pearl raised the king’s blade and said loudly, “Begin!”

Horse hooves rumbled forwards. Pearl’s million-strong army charged at their 2 million Demon Hall Cavalries Sun shone down from the east onto their armor. In the next moment, both sides clashed. The Sword Spirit Cavalries above also charged down. They waved their swords to use sword energies to attack. The players and hybrid demons were badly injured. Most of the players here are from Hero Mound and Vanguard so they suffered the heaviest losses.

“Even if we all die we have to hold on!” Q-Sword shouted.

But more and more Sword Spirit Cavalries appeared in the sky. The people on the ground not only had to handle the attacks from the ground but also those above. These Sword Spirit Cavalries were too smart. They aimed the healers and then the archers and then the heavy armored players. All of a sudden, Vanguard and Hero Mound suffered unimaginable losses.



Sword energy pierced through the crowd and lowered the health of a bunch of the Sword Spirit Cavalries. Jian Feng Han used god form to slice at them while shouting, “Li Xiao Yao what are you waiting for? Use the cannons to fire. Fire at us, we are heavy armored, we can hold on. Sword Spirit Cavalries are flying troops and can’t block the cannons. Quick, don’t hesitate!”

Simple was stunned, “That… That? Us…”

Mu Xuan sent me a message, “Zai zai, fire, quickly, this is a great chance!”

Right, at least 300 thousand of them circled above Vanguard and Hero Mound. Using cannons on them now would achieve a miraculous effect.

Lin Wan Er held the Dragontooth Blade and stood above. She lowered her head, “Hubby, are we really going to fight?”

I bit my teeth, no choice!”

I raised my sword and said loudly, “Heavy cannons, aim at where the Sword Spirit Cavalries are densest and fire right away!”

Without needing a general to give commands, cannons fired. Numerous cannons fired together and among them were 64 God Dragon Cannons. Mushroom clouds exploded above and covered the whole map. This destructive attack was just so strong, just one round and over 50 thousand of them were killed!

After a few rounds, the ground was a mess. Heavy cannons not only killed the Sword Spirit Cavalries but also many of the heavy armored Hero Mound and Vanguard players. Most of them were down to low health!

I raised my sword and said loudly, “Han Yuan, stop the fire, continue in five minutes! Zhan Long brothers, charge with me. Switch for the brothers from Vanguard and Hero Mound!”

Tens of thousands of Furnace God Cavalries raised their blades and took a few seconds to reach full speed. More Sword Spirit Cavalries charged down fiercely and their blades smashed into the crowd. Just one touch and we suffered losses but no one held back. We sliced in to protect those from Hero Mound, Vanguard and Appearance Alliance. Once they retreated, the hybrid demons changed their targets to us.

I flipped my wrist and used King’s Domain to raise stats.

Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Tang Gu, Don’t be Foolish, Tang Qi etc weren’t willing to retreat. They stayed to fight alongside Zhan Long. Dragon City’s dragonriders were here too and we attacked their densest portion. But Frost, Sif, Pearl etc top NPCs didn’t make a move. To them, this was just an appetizer.

Five minutes later, Royal Army fired once again and the flame light spread out from all around. While the God Dragon Cannons ripped them to pieces, our players were affected too. Many Furance God Cavalries were killed at the same time.

Everyone was bloodthirsty. Since they were much stronger than us, we had to continue to go all out.

The Furnace God Cavalries were destroyed so another batch took over. Healers found a chance to revive them and they would end up just losing a level. Everyone could take that. Our strategy was to use numbers to kill the million Sword Spirit Cavalries. If not the million of them would deal too much damage to us.


This lasted for 3 hours and the battlefield was covered in bodies. The million that Ye Lai led were all dead at the foot of the mountain. Over 5 million chinese players died from the cannon fire but they could revive here. With our strategy, we managed to kill most of Sif’s million. We also blocked the 2 million Demon Hall Cavalries on the ground.

“Time to show our air superiority.”

Lin Wan Er smiled, “Let the Gryphon Cavalries attack!”

Yue Qing Qian smiled and ordered in the guild.

Very quickly, many cavalries changed mounts and they flew into the sky. The Gryphon Army of Zhan Long had formed and there were at least ten thousand of them. Under Yue Qing Qian’s leadership, they dove down. Their blades were covered in lighting energy and they charged into the Demon Hall Cavalries. The momentum was now on our side.

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