Zhan Long

Chapter 1360: Real stand

Chapter 1360: Real stand

Reinforcements continued to pour into blood mountain range for both sides and the battle lasted for 7 hours. Both sides suffered heavy losses but no one won out. What was good for us was that the 5 million troops that Sif summoned were all lost in this battle.

Smoke billowed on the battlefield. Half of the map was turned into ruins by the Royal Army cannons. There were many holes left on the ground and corpses were all around. A dense stench filled the nose.

“Hua… Hua…”

The Hybrid Demon flags fluttered in the wind. The Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen had fallen and turned into corpses.

Han Yuan rode a lightning dragon across and he slashed a flag into two with his blade. He smiled, “The Hybrid Demon flag is not allowed to fly in the sky!”

“Save the wounded!”

Looking at the injured Royal Army troops, my heart was filled with pain. Although these NPCs were spawned by the system but seeing them cry out on the floor made me pity them.

Jing Yin held a bloodied sword and ordered, “Medic, go do it!”


Large amount of NPC troops entered to carry the wounded to the tents. Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army suffered heavy losses and over half of them were injured.

Han Yuan held a tattered flag and walked over, “General, Sif led 100 thousand troops to retreat into the Bone Refining Basin, should we continue to charge? This is a chance to kill Sif. If we hesitate, we would lose the chance to kill Sif forever.”


Frost floated down with her sword and on the blade were many stars. Frost personally forced Sif back. If not, with Sif’s current strength, Pearl wouldn’t be able to defeat her alone.

“Frost also supports us killing Sif?” I smiled and asked.

Frost glanced at the north and smiled, “I only know how to fight. I don’t understand the big situation so it is up to you. If you decide, Dragon City’s soldiers will follow you into Bone Refining Basin to kill Sif. Sif is already injured and won’t be able to run far.”

I struggled and hesitated.

At that moment, a boss grade hybrid demon general leading dozens of troops charged over. Pearl had a king’s blade and smiled, “Why aren’t we attacking? As long as we do, I believe Sif will only surrender. Li Xiao Yao, attack?”

I looked at the blood and decomposing bones before raising my head. I pointed at Royal Army, “Pearl look, Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army have suffered heavy losses. They are just humans without the life force and recovery of the hybrid demons. We lost over 100 thousand troops and they are all elites of the empire. We need time to heal up if not half of them will die.”

“This…” She pouted, “Send those that can fight. I checked, at least 150 thousand of them can still fight.”

I clenched my fist, “No, these 150 thousand need to guard the cities if not the empire will be destroyed. Lochlan is your cousin, you must help him consider…”

I pointed at the players, “Moreover, look at the adventurers that suffered losses because of Sif. They need to rest before they can attack. Moreover, Bone Refining Basin is the deepest part of blood mountain range. Sif won’t be able to run, don’t worry!”

Pearl looked at me and smiled, “Who knows how blessed Lochlan is to have a teacher like you? Okay, we will rest up before heading out.”

Pearl pointed at the army behind, “Sif’s troops are too strong and she hurt many of our members. Now I can only bring about 170 thousand people.”

I felt a little awkward, “So many losses…”

“Right.” She jumped off her horse and her white boots were instantly covered in blood but she didn’t mind. She walked over to look at me and her eyes could see through all my thoughts. She lowered her voice, “So how long do you want to drag this?”

I panicked a little and lowered my head, “Anyways just wait a little…”


Pearl smiled and then she smiled towards Frost, “Lady Frost, thank you. Thanks to Li Xiao Yao and you for leading troops over to let us win. But I have a request.”


Frost and I said at the same time.

Pearl smiled, “Actually it is very simple. I need a hybrid demon army as my shield to defend the north but most of my troops have died here, so… I hope you can leave the hell crack open for me after we take down Bone Refining Basin.”

I was stunned, “Your Highness is planning to use it to summon your own troops?”


Pearl nodded, “When the hell hybrid demons are summoned they all recognise their master, so can I keep this crack?”

I laughed, “Your Highness really knows how to joke. If you want more troops you can open a hell crack yourself?”

“How is it that simple!”

Pearl pouted and said, “With Azure’s strength, he can only open three cracks in his life. Sif took over his power and opened it once but it should be the last time. No matter if she dies, this crack will be the last one on the continent.”

“So that…” Frost was deep in thought.

I saw this good chance to truly wipe out the hybrid demons. If this hell crack was destroyed then the number of hybrid demons would be fixed. They won’t be endless like before.

“Can?” Pearl looked at me, “You are Xiao Yao King and you have troops. If you nod then I can really defend the north. This is our dream right Li Xiao Yao?”

I sucked in a deep breath, “Pearl you are a human and not a hybrid demon, why do you want them to survive on this plane?”

“Because… Because…” Pearl naturally couldn’t explain why. After a few seconds, she said, “I was once a hybrid demon and I know that pain. They have thoughts like us and also emotions. So I hope you can help me, okay?”

“Okay then.”

I looked towards the north and said, “An hour later we will attack. I will lead 80 thousand Royal Army troops to lead and Frost can lead the Dragonriders to hold up the rear.”

Frost nodded.

Pearl said, “What about my army?”

I smiled, “You need more troops to defend the north so don’t make sacrifices. Let me men do it. Once we take down the crack, naturally we will send War Hawk Knights over to call for you.”



Very quickly, Zhan Long was geared up. 110 thousand players spread out and were waiting for my order to attack blood mountain range.

In the distance, a red pillar shot into the sky along with energy-shattering fragments. If was the effect of the hell crack. Sif used this crack to summon my demons to fight us. If not for our cannons, we wouldn’t be able to win this war.

A while later, Han Yuan and Xiao Lie rode their dragons into the sky. Royal Army’s 80 thousand were prepared. 200+ Dragonriders were prepared. Frost jumped up and flew into the sky to command the troops.


Sword out of its sheath. I looked at the Bone Refining Basin. This basin wasn’t huge but it was really dangerous. It was the spot that was easy to defend but hard to attack. Numerous hybrid demons were waiting for us. The Sword Spirit Cavalries circled and the Demon Hall Cavalries waited on the ground.


I ordered and numerous horses charged. This was our final battle with the hybrid demons!


Two hours of fighting. Furnace God Cavalries turned into the first group that entered the basin. Next was the dragonriders and then Royal Army’s heavy cavalry.

Half an hour later, 64 God Dragon Cannons appeared and fired to shatter Sif’s forces.

Another 2 hours and only tens of thousands remained. They surrounded the hell crack and looked like they were going to fight to the death.

Han Yuan stood proudly in the wind and laughed, “General, just one order and we can destroy it and slay Sif!”

“Wait a while.”

I stood in the front and ordered the cannons to continue.


Not long later, dense cannonfires fired. A cavalry galloped over. It was a Demon Hall Cavalry holding a white flag.

“Be careful.”

Jing Yin said, “archers, prepare to kill him!”

A thousand Royal Army archers pulled their bows and tensed up.

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