Zhan Long

Chapter 25 – Yan Zhao Warrior

Chapter 25 – Yan Zhao Warrior

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Bang! Snap!

The edge of my sword cut through the killer bee’s wings, as I attacked the bee directly!

A stream of golden light fell on us, which meant that me and Bobo leveled up. Bobo flapped his wings, and happily fluttered around. He circled around me joyfully, while following my attack pattern. He was quite vicious!

(EC: Bobo is bipolar or psycho. thaddpole and cheese agree on this matter)

Both me and Bobo put all of our 10 stat points into strength. After an hour or so, Bobo’s level was already 15, with all 150 points put into strength. I opened my pet window, and I was quite surprised. Wow, he was only level 15 but his attack damage had already surpassed mine!

[Baby Bobo] (Bee Overlord)

Level: 15

Attack: 192-291

Defense: 101

HP: 305

Magic Power: 173

Ability: [Combo (LV-1)], [Sting (LV-1)]


This attack damage was quite seductive. It was equivalent to a level 15 swordsman who put all his points into strength, and he still had a hidden trump card. Bobo’s attack and defense were both fairly good. He was going to be ready for battle soon!

Changing pet status: Battle State!

I looked towards a Killer Bee that was far away, and I aimed with my sword, “Sic ‘Em!”


Darting forward, Bobo shot off like a bullet. Wow! With 4.5 stars in agility he was so swift… Also that 97% excellence was beyond godly. This pet would absolutely be a nightmare to any enemy player. Thank god I owned it!

Bobo quickly reached the Killer Bee. He raised his stinger, and with a golden hexagram on the stinger, he delivered a one two punch, and two damage numbers popped up. Then, without warning, he struck again, and plunged his stinger straight into the bee, and the third damage number also popped up——





Poor killer bee, it died without any chance of retaliation!

I looked on with my mouth wide open. Bobo was certainly godly; it killed a level 24 monster when he himself was only level 15!

Bobo happily flew back, and I could say nothing. His damage exceeded my healer swordsman’s damage by sooo much, it made me want to go hide in a hole. Whatever. I decided to return back to the city, since there was only about an hour left until 6 p.m. I should do some business around the Ba Huang city when I got back, then I could join today’s welcome dance party. Dance party huh. Back in my mission days, I had been to parties in Paris, Tokyo, Hanseong, etc. Except for my bad English, I did have decent manners, so there should be nothing wrong with me going to that party…

I picked up my sword, returned Bobo to his seal, then returned back to the city. Bobo would have been too eye-catching. Me, a level 22 healer didn’t gather much attention, but if I brought a Bee Overlord into the city, I would become the center of attention. It could easily lead to me becoming prey for others, to speed up their leveling, so it was better not to show off for now.

Returning to Ba Huang City, I set up a stall. I put down some White equipment, and also pulled out the 74% excellence Killer Bee, and yelled, “Those who pass by dare not miss this chance! Ba Huang City’s 74% excellence Killer Bee with a 4.5 star attack! The best pet for player killers, buy it here and now! Anyone with gratuitous amounts of money come and check this out!”

After I yelled out, I attracted many stares, and there were even people who suspected me of lying——

“He’s talking nonsense right? 4.5 star attack, that’s a bit too exaggerated…”

“Yeah yeah, and that 74% excellence. He’s exaggerating right? In the entire Ba Huang City, the highest excellence percentage in a pet belongs to that top player on the leaderboard, who has a Vampire Bat, with 69% excellence!”

“Yeah, is this guy an idiot?”


But when I pulled out the statistics of the Killer Bee, no one in the crowd said anything more. They all put on heavy stares, and some even cracked their knuckles. If the city didn’t stop player killing, I would have been easily killed and ransacked!

After a while, a level 23 undead swordsman came walking up, and he stuck his head into the stall, and asked with a raspy voice, “Oi, how much are you selling this killer bee for?”

I raised 3 fingers, “This much!”

“30 gold coins? I’ll take it!”

“Who said that, its 300 gold coins…”

“Ehh! That’s a bit expensive, sorry, I can’t buy it…”


Plenty of people shouted out their bids, but none were over a 100 gold coins. Of course, a 100 gold coins were about 2500 Yuan (~400 dollars), and there wouldn’t be too many people who were willing to pull out 7500 Yuan (~1200 dollars) without thinking, but I believed that there were also people who had plenty of money, especially in a game like . As long as it was a good item, not to mention 7500 Yuan, there were people who would recklessly throw out 75 thousand Yuan (~12000 dollars)! The important thing was that this killer bee only had 74% excellence, and that was not the highest possible number. If there was one with 100% excellence, the price would go up at least tenfold!

The attack growth and excellence rate were two important factors in pets, so a pet with 5 stars in attack, and 50% in excellence would have the same price as a pet that had 3 stars in attack, and 100% in excellence. In order to come up with a reasonable price, the two factors must be combined.


I received a message, and from who else except my good friend Qing Qian, “Xiao Yao, I hear you’re selling a 74% excellence Killer Bee?”

“Yep, do you have an interest in it?”

“Yes, so don’t sell it for now, and wait for me. I’ll come in two minutes!”


In exactly two minutes, Qing Qian, with a smile, came running to my stall from the crowd with the Bloody Dagger by her side to look at the statistics of the Killer Bee, “Waa, this is a pretty high-end pet! Xiao Yao, how much are you selling it for?”

I smiled as well, “I’m holding an auction right now, so whoever bids the highest wins. But, Qing Qian, if you want it, I can provide some…accommodation.”

She shook her head, “Nah, I can’t possibly buy a pet of that quality, it’s my uncle who’s interested in it. Wait a while, he’ll be here in three minutes, and he’ll discuss the price with you.”


After a few minutes, a level 26 swordsman pushed away the crowd. He had the darkish face of a berserker, and hovering on top of his head was a line of words, and they were eye-catching words——

ID: Yan Zhao Warrior LV-26 Swordsman (Highest level player in Ba Huang City)


Damn, he even had such a cool leaderboard indication, that golden ID was pretty nice. Even Qing Qian had a golden ID hovering over her head. So this was the difference between power and status. I was really jealous of them!

Yan Zhao really seemed like an uncle. He smiled and looked at me, “You’re Xiao Yao right? Not bad, you already have these accomplishments. Who would have guessed after the Silver-Feathered Bird, you even got this high-end Killer Bee? Your luck doesn’t seem to end, and I hear you work solo, and you even finished the promotion quest for healers, you are really not bad…”

I smiled as well, “Boss, you want to buy the Killer Bee?”

He nodded, “Yep, give me a price!”

I shook my head, “Nope, the merchandise is here. You name the price, if it’s the right price then I’ll sell it to you!”

“In that case…”

He thought for a while, and raised 5 fingers and said, “Would you sell it for 500 gold coins? If you sell it, I will immediately get the money!”

I nodded,”Yep, 500 is good!”

“Ah, nice and quick. Give me 10 minutes!”


Yan Zhao then leaned against the city walls with his black sword, while laughing and talking to Qing Qian about some of the internal matters of [Prague]. I continued selling the White equipment, and less than 10 minutes later, 3 or 4 people came and traded with Yan Zhao, then he straightened up and walked towards me, smiling, “I’ve collected the coins, let’s trade!”


I opened up the trading window, and put in the Killer Bee. I also double checked to make sure it was killer bee instead of my Bobo. I would suffer a huge loss if it was Bobo… Bobo had such strong attributes. I would rely on that when its level was higher. I wouldn’t sell it for 500 gold coins, and even if 5000 gold coins were offered, I still wouldn’t sell it. Don’t spend mindlessly when you’re rich, and don’t do greedy things when you’re poor!


With a ding, the trade was complete. I received my 500 gold coins, and Yan Zhao clapped his hands and released the Killer Bee. “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, are you sure you don’t want to join my guild? There are a lot of groups and guilds in Ba Huang City, and I can say this with confidence, [Prague] is absolutely one of the most powerful guilds in this city. If you join us, with your power, you will have a bright future!”

I smiled, “Thanks for the offer, but I will not be joining any guild for now since I have friends waiting for me.”

“That’s fine. I guess that’s it, see you then!”


Qing Qian waved to me, and after giving me a smile, she followed Yan Zhao and left. A beauty like Qing Qian was wasted on a person like him, who didn’t have the looks…


Looking at the time, it was almost 6 p.m. My stomach was growling, so I disconnected from the game.

A warm gust of air blew past Liu Hua University.

Night had already fallen, so I waited under a lamppost. Before long, Wan Er and Cheng Yue walked out. My eyes almost popped out after seeing them. Wan Er was wearing a dark blue skirt, and that perfect face under the light really gave off a charming vibe. Also, combined with that 34D and that elegant hip, her figure could really capture my soul…

I swallowed my saliva to focus, ahh, the miss was very pretty…I needed to keep it together!

On the other hand, Cheng Yue was wearing a white skirt, and clinging onto Wan Er’s arm. The two of them looked just like twins!

Wan Er arrived at the side of the road and glared at me, “Can we go now?”

I looked at her, but my soul was still captivated.

“What are you doing, still staring?” Wan Er seemed a bit shy, and her face was slightly red.

Cheng Yue teased me on the side, “Xiao Yao, isn’t Wan Er fabulous today?”

I nodded, “Yep.”

Cheng Yue swallowed her laughter, “Don’t look too closely, you’ll have plenty of chances later when you accompany her~”


I elegantly turned around, “Okay, let’s go the dance party…”

With a bang, I hit my head on the lamp post, and I saw stars within my vision…Damn it, why was there a lamp post here?!

The two ladies quietly laughed behind me, and the three of us walked towards the dance party hall. This was probably one of the liveliest places in the the school, and the poor little me could join these kinds of parties… Yep, I would be sure to eat until I was full, and I wouldn’t hold back at all!

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