Zhan Long

Chapter 26 – It’s You!

Chapter 26 – It’s You!

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Liu Hua University, Big Assembly Hall

The entrance was mobbed by a crowd, already many people had been waiting to go through. Several males dressed in black tuxes collected admission tickets from the crowd. But as freshmen, we only needed our student identity card to be able to go in.

“Uhhh… Don’t tell me you didn’t carry along the student identity card….” Dong Cheng Yue teased.

I extended my hand out of my pocket, pulled out a wrinkled student identity card and smiled: “Relax, I’m certainly not that forgetful, see?”

“Then hurry up!”

Lin Wan Er nodded, and grabbed onto Dong Cheng Yue’s hand. The two beauties resembled night elves that were known for their grace and beauty. I quickly followed behind and waved my student ID at the “guards”; they paused before saying: “Come on in…”


The moment I entered the hall, I stood still, shocked at the extravagance of the party. In the huge and spacious hall, huge feasts were arranged; there was enough to feed me for an entire year, no, probably two years. And the wine glasses were stacked on top of each other with red wine in them. Damn, what a waste of expensive wine, if someone even touched the stack, they would all go to waste! I wondered who was hosting and paying for today’s welcoming part. Did he have too much money to spend?

Looking up, countless bright chandeliers were embedded at the top of the ceiling, appearing similar to that of a starry night. The scene was indescribable, my best attempt would be, this was the pinnacle of luxury……

“Chinese department, class 1!”

Far away, several males wearing formal black attire extended their hands out with a courteous smile: “Isn’t that the freshmen Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue? We are here, Chinese department’s class 1 table is here!”

Lin Wan Er looked up in surprise but recovered almost immediately, leading me and Dong Cheng Yue over to that table. At the table, a male with black moles on his long chin stepped forward extending his hand: “Hello classmate Lin Wan Er, I’m the Chinese department’s student union president, fourth year student. My name is Jack, nice to meet you.”

But, Lin Wan Er didn’t shake hands with him. Instead, she simply lowered her head and said: “Hi, Senior!”

Flustered, Jack’s hand still stood in the air.

I seized the opportunity to move forward, reaching for his hand and smiled: “Hello president, I’m a first year freshmen Li Xiao Yao, and at the same time, Lin Wan Er is my friend. Nice to meet you!”

Even though Jack was surprised by gesture, he realized that I had just saved him from an embarrassment and showed a grateful smile: “Nice to meet you……”

Dong Cheng Yue secretly smiled, and dragged Lin Wan Er: “Wan Er, let’s sit over here. Li Xiao Yao come after you finish acquainting with senior……”



I sighed as I appraised Jack’s very expensive suit. For me… my shirts were from American Apparel while my pants were from G2000 (Hong Kong brand), and my shoes were New Balance. However, even though the clothes could be separated by cost, self-respect did not separate into valuable and worthless. Therefore, without hints of servile nor overbearing, I greeted my senior and afterwards headed to Lin Wan Er’s table. From today on, my role would be of a university freshmen, and also Lin Wan Er’s friend. Of course, this was Lin Tian Nan’s arrangement. In fact, he even altered my records, so now no one could find out that I used be be a mercenary, commando, SWAT, criminal police, traffic police, guard etc. Although it wasn’t hard for Lin Tian Nan to do this, it really helped me.

Soon afterwards, more and more students came with young immature faces revealing their envy for the extravagance displayed at the party. Moreover, some students that had come to the party were from prestigious family, and were wearing luxurious attires that put Jack’s attire to shame. Looked like tonight wasn’t a welcoming dance party but more like a show off how rich you are party.

Behind me, sharp gazes stung my back. Several class 2 students of the Chinese Department were staring daggers at me after discovering delicious prey, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. Because these two beauties were sitting very close to me, almost giving the impression that they were leaning against me, the target of their hatred was me. Because I, if I may say so, gave off the impression of a handsome, courageous young man, they probably thought that I was dating the two. I concentrated, blocking out all sounds until I could finally hear them gossiping quietly:“Look, the two beauties on the next table, aren’t they Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. Supposedly come from extraordinary family background, tsk tsk……”

“Lin Wan Er!! Didn’t she…… Is it the Lin Wan Er that sang heart of time? Damn, she really resembles her posters. She…… she is my girl….. goddess. I…… when did I start stuttering…”

“Pah, you good for nothing! She is Lin Wan Er……wow, looking good!”

“Say, who is that repulsive fellow, he seems very familiar with Ling Wan Er……”

“Doesn’t matter. He’s wearing the 2017 styles of American Apparel, he’s definitely a nobody. Right after the party starts, you guys go and “help” him to start drinking. Make sure he leaves the two girls so that I can start!”


My gaze flirted over to that table. The person that just spoke was a young man with red dyed hair. He seemed about 25 years old, the same as me! But, from his posture, he seemed very arrogant. He was wearing a deep red suit, definitely by some famous brand. In fact, even his watch was sparkling gold. Oh, that was the 2016 limited edition of Vacheron Constantin embedded with pure gold and diamonds. I remembered seeing that it cost about 2,000,000 Yuan (333,333 USD) per watch. Who was this guy?

“That person……red hair, who is he?” I looked at Dong Cheng Yue: “Why do I feel like seen him before? Yue Er, don’t turn your head, just casually glance over…….”

Dong Cheng Yue carefully picked up her glass of red wine and sneaked a glance: “Liu Ying, son of the chairman of Feng Ling Corporation in Hang Zhou. The company is worth about 1,000,000,000 Yuan (166,666,666 USD). But, he’s a third year student, dunno how he got into this party. By the way, Liu Ying has a very bad reputation at the university. Stay away from him.”

I nodded: “Ahh, I understand.”

Beside me, Lin Wan Er pursed her red lips. She threw a sideways glance at me : “Why are you paying so much attention to him?”

“Not really. But I do think that, in a moment they will come over to invite you girls to a dance or toasts. I need to be prepared for that……”

Lin Wan Er: “…….”


Just then, another person plopped down beside me. It was glasses, Tang Gu.

“Haha, so you’re here….” Tang Gu put his arm around my shoulder, but his eyes stayed glued to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. This guy…….

I pushed off Tang Gu’s arm and said: “Glasses, why did you come?”

“C’mon, I’m also a freshman and, I’m also in the Chinese department. If not, how would I be living in the same dormitory as you?

Xiao Yao: “……”

Tang Gu looked at Ling Wan Er and then his voice began to tremble. His cheek blushed blossomed into a deep crimson and soon after he started to take disgusting deep breaths: “Miss Lin Wan Er, hello…… I am…… I am Li Xiao Yao roommate Tang Gu, it’s very nice to meet you.”

Lin Wan Er humbly smiled. Her eyes squinted into crescent moons: “Same to you……”

Tang Gu nearly choked on himself. Instead of responding, he hid behind his cellphone and then in a low voice he said: “Li Xiao Yao, you truly have good fortunes……”

I was astounded: “ What fortunes?”

“Keep pretending!” Tang Gu placed his cellphone in front of me and said: “Look! The university has a tradition where when freshmen enter the school, the school posts a list of the top 10 most beautiful women of the school!”

“Oh, the top 10……”

“That right……” Tang Gu wiped off his saliva and said: “The results are in. Lin Wan Er is ranked number 1 and Dong Cheng Yue came in second.The second year female student Xi Tu Xue went from first to third place. Furthermore, in fourth and fifth place respectively is Wang Ran and Liu Lu. They all got bumped down……”

The corner of my mouth twitched: “Useless……”

Lin Wan Er glanced: “Exactly, that’s useless……”

Woah, this was the first time she and I reached a same agreement.

Tang Gu lightly smiled and looks away. Suddenly, he turned back to me when he saw Liu Ying’s group: “Yo, Li Xiao Yao, are Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue your friends?”

I nodded: “Of course, what’s the problem?”

“Then get ready to protect them…..”


“That guy, Liu Ying, do you known him?” Tang Gu lowered his voice, to the point where only I could hear him: “Liu Ying, crown prince of Feng Ling corporation is a third year university student. In two years that he joined Liu Hua university, he gained a reputation of being a queen killer. Last year, out of the top 10 most beautiful women, seven were rumored to have gone on Liu Ying’s bed……”

I was astounded, speechless to say how could this matter be permitted. My virgin self couldn’t accept this!

Beside me, Lin Wan Er dully said: “Men that are two timing are the most loathsome…..”

I turned around amazed, surprised to see that her hearing was very keen. Lin Wan Er’s beautiful face was also staring at me and with a charming smile: “Relax, I’m not going to drink or dance with that guy……”

I nodded: “Ahh, Ok….”


Soon afterwards, the host declared that the evening party had finally begun. And me? As soon as the food came out, me and Glasses devoured through the food. As if we had just gotten back from a hungry trip to South Africa. Soon, me and Glasses swept away everything. At the table were around 20 people. Although a couple of the guys started to chat with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue, I kept on eating. Not my problem!

When I was only slightly full, a group of students from Economics Department surged toward us. These freshmen were obviously drunk with their cheeks bright red. Among these people, one tall individual respectfully asked: “All the student from the Economics Department are here, please don’t say no, ok?”

“How could I….”

Lin Wan Er stood up, holding a filled red wine glass and drank it in one gulp. Her cheek had turned a slight pink when she finally sat back down. Afterwards, she shot a gaze at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

As people continuously arrived to give a toast, Lin Wan Er continued to drink glass after glass. She became somewhat languid, slumping in the chair. Tilting her head, she began to boldly stare at me, showing a complicated expression. But I did not dare to look at her in the face. I could tell that she was furious, furious at her father for sending a someone to monitor her. Furious at having her unrestricted life restricted. I knew this, but at the same time, I had no say in the matter.

“Wan Er, you’ve drank enough, shall we go back now?

I reached out and lightly grabbed Lin Wan Er very soft and tender wrist.

“Don’t touch me!”

Lin Wan Er furiously withdrew her hand, like a wounded beast. Beside me, Dong Cheng Yue seemed puzzled: “Wan Er, are you alright?”

Lin Wan Er looked at me: “I’m sorry, I….”

I didn’t speak. I only silently returned her gaze.


At the same time, another group came. Then, a very familiar voice floated through the air: “Miss Lin Wan Er, can I, Liu Ying be fortunate enough to invite you to a toast?

I got up abruptly, looking at Liu Ying and said: “ Wan Er has had too many already, let me replace her instead!”

“Who do you think you are?”

Liu Ying’s eyebrows were raised, exerting his overbearingness. But as soon as he saw me, his eyes widened: “I knew you looked familiar, Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

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