Zhan Long

Chapter 27 – A Gentleman’s Revenge

Chapter 27 – A Gentleman’s Revenge

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My body tensed up. How did he know my ID? Who was he? Focusing on him, I quickly realized the pampered prince wearing a Vacheron Constantin watch, was none other than the man I had defeated several times in Ba Huang City, Tyrant of Western Chu!

I calmed down quickly, and lightly asked: “Do I know you?”

Liu Ying coldly glared at me: “You may not recognize me, but I surely recognize you! How’s that Bramble Thorn Sword working out for you? In Seven-Star Valley, you killed our entire group. How impressive!“

I showed a calm smile: “It wasn’t much, I was just punishing evil.”

“Get out of my face!”

Seeing Lin Wan Er behind me, Liu Ying calmed down before continuing, “Look, because Lin Wan Er knows you, I won’t continue this quarrel… I’ll give you 3 seconds to get out of my face, a worthless dog should know its place.”

I stood still: “Lin Wan Er has had too many drinks, I’ll toast with you in her place.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

Liu Ying’s face became red. The white wine in his glass splashed into at my face. The spicy smell of an aged thirty year old bottle of 53 degree Maotai, worth 25000 yuan (4100 dollars) surged into my nose. Ah… What a waste.

“Xiao Yao!” Glasses suddenly stood up.

Liu Ying glared at Glasses with killing intent, defeating Glasses’ courage. He faltered and sat back down slowly, without speaking another word.


I stood still, staring blankly at Liu Ying. I had over 20 methods available to kill him instantly, but I restrained myself. I was the last line of defense against any threats towards Lin Wan Er so I could not reveal my identity by showing off my skills for such a trivial matter. I must remain under the radar, because my usefulness would be at its end as soon as I acted.

“What? Aren’t you going to fight back?

Liu Ying continued to edge me on: “What’s wrong? Are you a coward outside the game?”

I stared at him coldly, emitting killing intent.


Liu Ying unconsciously took two steps back. It seemed like he felt the killing intent in the air, but he probably didn’t realize exactly what he had just experienced.

Lin Wan Er stood up slowly, holding in her hand, a glass of red wine, and said: “That’s enough, I will drink it!”.

She took a large sip of wine. Afterwards, she picked up a napkin and wiped the liquor off my cheeks.

Liu Ying just stared at us, shocked: “Just wait, sooner or later, Xiao Yao, I will make you regret your decisions. I will have my way, and never once have I been unable to have my way!”

I said nothing, and turned around. The shocked faces of my classmates fell into my view. I groped for a glass of white wine from the table and finished it. With the spicy wine sliding down my throat, my anger slowly faded. I told myself, I was no longer the young man governed by my emotions. The me today only had one mission, to protect Ling Wan Er.

Dong Cheng Yue murmured “Xiao Yao, sorry about that..”

I smiled at her, “It’s nothing.”

Lin Wan Er who had been silent since drinking the wine, suddenly made a bow towards everybody before saying: “Sorry, I’m feeling a little unwell, I’ll be leaving.”

Without waiting to see the reactions of everyone, she turned around and left. I hurriedly followed after her, after all protecting her was my job. Looking at our backs, Dong Cheng Yue’s lips parted, but no sound came out.


Outside of the Assembly Hall, the freezing wind tended to sober people up rather fast. Wan Er’s dark blue skirt fluttered, sticking to her beautiful, slender legs in the sparkling snow, under a lamp post. She walked somewhat unsteadily, so naturally I approached her and attempted to support her with my arm: “Miss, are you alright?”

Lin Wan Er shook her head, and removed my arm: “Go away.”


Letting Lin Wan Er lead the way, I quietly followed her into the flower garden. She finally stopped at a stone bench, hugged herself, and started to cry.

I stood by her side, a lone figure in the chilling wind.

After a long time, Ling Wan Er raised her head, her eyes filled with tears, and said: “Xiao Yao, do you know how much I dislike you? I hate you, I really hate you!”


Her tears didn’t stop: “You’re his will, a shadow that’s always imposed on me. Why? Are mother and me just tools to you? Why can’t I do things that I want to do? Why do I have to do things that I don’t want to do? Why am I being monitored like a criminal? I never asked for any of this, I don’t want any of this! I hate him and I definitely hate you…”

I kept my mouth shut, but I knew who she was talking about, her father Lin Tian Nan.


After a while, I sounded out: “The evening is cold, we should return now before anyone gets sick. “

But Lin Wan Er kept sitting there, crying. Finally she stood up, wiping away her tears away revealing blood-shot eyes: “I’m sorry.”

I shook my head with a faint smile: “No, you haven’t done anything wrong, nothing at all.”

“I shouldn’t have gotten angry at you.”

“Its alright, the angry Wan Er is the best Wan Er.”

“So you like being yelled at…”



A girl’s mood was like the weather, changing quickly without any pattern. But I knew my place. Although it seemed like me and Lin Wan Er were very close, we were actually very, very far.

We walked side by side on our way back to the dorms.

After a while, I asked: “Miss, do you truly want to revolt?”

Lin Wan Er suddenly stopped and gave me surprised look, “What do you mean?”

I showed my brightest smile, “If you truly want, I’ll support your revolt against him.”

Lin Wan Er suddenly stopped, showing an astonished face. After a while she started laughing and patted me on the shoulder before continuing, “Forget about it, I don’t believe you because you’re just one of father’s little pet dogs.”

“Little pet dogs…” my anger throbbed through my words.

Lin Wan Er had a smile on her face when she walked into the women’s dormitory.


I stood still, watching the already faded backline of Wan Er. But soon afterwards, a sexy women with a small red purse came up to me: “Does this handsome fellow want to accompany me tonight?”

Damn, even prostitutes came into the school?

I pushed down the urge to arrest her. Instead, I clenched my teeth, without saying a word.

Not too far away, a group of people were walking towards us. It was Tyrant of Western Chu aka Liu Ying and his group of friends! Judging from the manner in which they were walking, they probably had drank a bit too much. But Liu Ying still dangled a half-full bottle of wine in his hands. He had an unusually wretched face when he said, “It’s such a pity that I didn’t get Wan Er today, her body is out of this world and her face is simply too beautiful. Haha, if I get her to my bed, I wouldn’t leave for 3 days straight, if you know what I mean…

Several of the boys in the gang started laughing.

An idea immediately hatched within my head. I rushed forward, and pulled the prostitute into some nearby shrubs.

“Ow, don’t rush!” The girl spun around, stuck onto me, and said, “Do you want to do it in the grass? I’m fine with it but you’re gonna have to pay 50 dollars, alright?”

Without a second thought I pulled out 200 yuan and say: “This is for you, if you help me do one thing!”

“What is it?”

“You see that red head over there? He’s a rich idiot. All I want you to do is lure him into a room with you.”

“Is he really, really rich?”

”Filthy rich”

“Alright, deal”.


The prostitute pushed me away and walked towards Liu Ying’s group. Under the lamppost, she quickly made a deal with Liu Ying. Although the prostitute wasn’t ugly, Liu Ying had just been rejected which was probably why she convinced him so easily.

I hid in the shadows, tailing them closely while they walked out through the campus gate. I took out my cellphone and dialed for Wang Xin.

“Brat, what’s the matter?” Wang said

“Boss!” I laughed into the phone, “Can you notify the people that are responsible for H(illegal adult) stuff to come near Liu Hua University? Also, get me a uniform, we’re gonna bust someone tonight.”

“Hmm? When did you start caring about that kind of stuff?”

“Because I saw it alright? Just send them over quickly or I’ll just leave…”

“Alright, but kid, don’t you ever dare threaten me again.”



I followed after Liu Ying and the prostitute until I saw them entering 168 Quick and Easy Inn. Shortly afterwards, I found 4 police officers sprinting over. I knew all of them, “Brother Xiao Yao!”


“It’s here.”

I quickly changed into the brand new police uniform. There was even a badge in the shirt pocket. Holy, it was the deputy officer’s uniform.

With the other 4, I entered the hotel and we flashed our badges. When asked about what room Liu Ying went in, the receptionist answered with: “Its room 308.”


We went quickly to the third floor and gathered around room 308. I tried entering by swiping the card, but a chain was in place. So I kicked the door open and heard moans.

I pulled out my police badge while lowering my hat, after all I didn’t want to be recognized. Then I shouted: “Freeze both of you, we suspect that you are involved in prostitution. You can seek counsel from a lawyer, but you must come with us.”

Liu Ying was staring drunk at me: “You sh*ts, get out! Don’t you know who my father is?”

I moved forward and brought my knuckle down on Liu Ying’s cheek. It was satisfying to hear a slight crunch and a slight trail of blood leave Liu Ying’s mouth.

“It doesn’t matter who you are… Go and cuff em.”

Satisfied, I left with a smile. I took off my uniform and gave it to the guard stationed outside the room. Before I left, I told the guys to not take the girl and only take Liu Ying. With quick strides, I walked out of the inn. Now any bad feelings that I had because of the party were gone. Hmph, even though I didn’t act out at the party didn’t mean that I wouldn’t take my revenge. I always adhered to one rule – Gentlemen take their revenge the same night.

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