Zhan Long

Chapter 4 – Meeting the Goddess again

Chapter 4 – Meeting the Goddess again

Entering the training grounds, I could see two people sparring in the distance. Their swords clashed again and again, what’s more, both of them were not using the fake competition-use swords, they were using swords like Xiao Hei – plain, heavy large swords!

One of them was wearing black outerwear, his appearance looking very imposing. His lips slowly formed a smile. Just one slash of his blade rendered the opponent’s attack useless. He carried the aura of a winner. There’s no need to think hard about it, this person is definitely my employer, the legendary CEO of Tian Xi Corporation!

Wang Xin brought me up to the front, shouting out: “Director Lin, I’ve brought the person I introduced!”

The person stopped his blade, turned around and smiled. “Leader Wang! You’ve arrived at last. Let me see, this person you’ve personally recommended. You’ve praised him a lot, now show me what he’s made of!”

Wang Xin pointed at me, saying: “This is the person I’m talking about – Li Xiao Yao. Xiao Li, this is the CEO of Tian Xi Corporation, Li Tian Nan, you should introduce yourself.”

Lin Tian Nan looks at me, eyes devoid of any feelings. He extended his hand, and smiled. “Young One, nice to meet you!”

I stretched my hand out in return. “Nice to meet you too!”

Luckily, there wasn’t any excessive strength used when he shook my hand. If not, it would have been a blood bath!

The person in white beside Lin Tian Nan looks at me and smiles arrogantly. “What can someone like him do?” he says.

Leader Wang smiled and answered: “Once you test him, you’ll find out.”

Lin Tian Nan consented, saying: “Li Xiao Yao, this is my third brother, Lin Feng. Third Brother, why don’t you test this guy’s skills?”

Lin Feng nodded his head, walking forward with his sword in hand. “Do you know how to use guns effectively?”

“Of course, I’m experienced in both long range combat and near range combat.”

“Can you use a sword?”

“Yes, I’m experienced!”

“Good, then let’s see your skill in using a sword.”

Saying that, Lin Feng raises his broadsword, eyes full of contempt. The two bodyguards brought a large cement tile over. The tile had a steel bar in it as well, but luckily it already started to rust.

Lin Feng smiled, saying: “One slice of the blade to cut it in half, can you do it?”

Saying that, his blade swung down and the sword made a loud clang sound. The cement tile split into two and fell to the ground.

Leader Wang praised him: “Excellent, excellent. Li Xiao Yao, it’s your turn to try.”

I walked up nonchalantly, receiving the brand-new sword from Lin Feng. Smiling, I swung the blade down. ka cha, the blade slices the cement tile into two cleanly.

Lin Feng looked a little shocked, saying: “Good, let’s carry on then!”

Lin Tian Nan said otherwise. “Third Brother, you don’t have to test anymore. Li Xiao Yao is way stronger than you.”

“Big Brother, what do you mean?” Lin Feng was puzzled.

Lin Tian Nan walked forward, pointing at the blade. He then responded: “Third Brother, although you did indeed slice the cement tile in two, your blade chipped a little. Look at Li Xiao Yao’s sword. It’s the exact same material, but after he cut the tile in two, his was perfectly fine. Do you understand the difference between the two of you now?”

Lin Feng was stunned. “Why is this?”

Lin Tian Nan smiled slightly and replied: “You used brute force to slice the material in two. He, however, controlled the blade with his internal energy, allowing it to flow into the blade and split the tile into two. It wasn’t actually the blade of steel that sliced the tile, but his internal energy. Do you understand? Okay. Li Xiao Yao, since you were introduced by Leader Wang, I don’t have to check your morals and qualities. Tomorrow, you’ll accompany my daughter and enrol in Liu Hua University. Since she’s attending her first year, you’ll be a first year as well. I’ll send someone to help you admit into the university this afternoon.”

“Liu Hua University… Year One…”

My mind was mangled. “Mister Lin, I’m already 25 years old, don’t you think it’s unsuitable for me to join as a Year One student?”

“There’s no problem, you might have the vibe of an elder, but you can always have a young heart!”


Just like that, we left the training grounds, my Xiao Hei still on hand. Sitting in the police car, Leader Wang instructed: “Liu Hua University is a renowned upper-class university, to be honest it’s really expensive. I’ll tell you first, your school fees are all handled by our department’s resources. However, if you finish the semester with 7 red marks1, you can expect your death!”

I felt remorseful for accepting. “I don’t want to continue this life any more…”

“There’s no escape, if you break your promise, I’ll ensure you’re locked up for 10 years!”

Since it was a new job, I was still feeling unaccustomed. The 10000RMB I got from Leader Wang was kept safely in my hands. I’ll just find an apartment near the university. Whatever happens, I will deal with it as it comes.

Carrying my luggage with me, I walked up to the front of the university. From afar, the school environment looked pleasing. Xiao Hei in hand, I walked around the campus grounds before entering one of the housing districts beside the campus. I looked around a bit before seeing an advertisement on an electricity pole. Dialing the number, I soon found myself knocking on the door of the apartment. Not long after, a 100kg woman walked out and smiled happily. “You’re looking at the apartment right, come in!”

The moment I entered, I knitted my brow. There were melon peels all over the living room, which was fine. However, the really disturbing part was there was a used Durex condom lying on the floor. The first thing I thought of was disgusting. Really disgusting!

“What’s the condition at night like here? Is it noisy?” I questioned.

I must be careful about this. The previous situation was unbearable, it was as if there were mentally challenged before living there.

Especially since everyday, I hoped that the 34D beauty was my next-door neighbour. What I got was a pot-bellied old uncle who played the Er Hu2 until 3am in the morning!

It was still bearable last week, but this week it turned into something horrible!

Everyday I worked morning, afternoon and night shifts. When I returned home, I still had to endure the pestering of this stupid old man. If the ocean could wash away my worries, I hope it will wash away this old man first.

Delved deep into my thoughts for awhile, the landlady brought me back to reality by saying: “The conditions aren’t too bad, it isn’t that noisy. You should enter the room and see for yourself.”

I nodded my head and entered the room. Just as I entered, I could hear the squeaking of a bed next door. There were occasionally moans from a woman as well. As I listened to it, my face flushed a full spectrum of red. I’m sorry I can’t handle it since I haven’t had a girlfriend yet!

“How much do I have to pay?” I asked.

“Three-room flat, the final apartment as well, I’ll charge 400. I’ll take a 3 month deposit on top of that, so a total of 1600RMB!” The landlady replied.

I shake my head: “That’s too much isn’t it? Look at the state of this place. You still want to charge 400 a month?”

“This place costs this much, even if you go to other places to look, you’ll still get this price. It’s not expensive at all, think about it yourself. If you don’t want it, I’ll give it to someone else instead.”

Knitting my eyebrows, I walk up to the window. Once I lifted the curtains, I saw a nude woman happily humming in the opposite building.

Immediately I turned around and said: “I’ll take this place!”

The next morning, I casually woke up, got dressed, and carried a small bag out. I’ll use this place as a home for now.

25th of August was the admission day for Liu Hua University.

When I reached the school gate, there were already tons of people around.

My phone sounded. It was Leader Wang, asking me to wait at the right side of the gate for him. Meeting up with him, I looked at the crowd and asked: “Leader Wang, about the person I need to protect, what kind of person is she exactly?”

Leader Wang smiled deeply, answering: “I’m not too sure, but according to rumours, Lin Tian Nan’s daughter is super beautiful, even more so than those stars on TV!”

I nodded my head. “That’s good…”

Soon after, a Lincoln stopped by and a female student exited the car, surrounded by several bodyguards. She entered the school grounds from quite a distance away. The man walking in front was a man I knew. It was Lin Feng.

As the crowd made way, a beautiful girl wearing a short skirt walked up, tugging a luggage. Her long hair fluttered in the wind. A beautiful and captivating face appeared from within the crowd, and very quickly, she garnered the gazes of the crowd. She widened her pair of precious eyes, staring at me sternly. “So it was you…”

My body trembled a little and my heart clamoured: “How in the world could it be her again? The person I need to protect, it’s 34D Goddess again! I’m done for, this life is over for me.”

Lin Feng smiled, saying: “Oh, you guys know each other? Li Xiao Yao, this is the person you need to accompany in the University, it’s my elder brother’s precious gem, Lin Wan Er! Wan Er, come and meet the new student!”

Lin Wan Er walks forward, dragging her luggage as well. Her short skirt fluttered in the wind and her mystifying snow-white pair of legs was exposed. Her face brimmed with a large captivating smile, and she happily sounded: “Li Xiao Yao, nice to meet you.”

This one line of formality was supposed to sound pleasant, and yet I could only hear the faint sounds of a murderer. It’s August and the days are supposed to warm, yet my entire back was shivering. My god, my future is gone.

Nodding my head, I say: “Wan Er, nice to meet you…”

“Come on, let’s go register.”

She grabbed my collar and dragged me to administration. At the same time, she stole glances of the black bag in my hands, asking: “What’s this?”

“It’s my dining partner!”


34D Goddess, no, Lin Wan Er smiles, turning back quickly and waving at the bodyguards. “Okay, I’m fine now, you guys can go back now. Third Uncle, you can leave as well!”

Lin Feng and the bodyguard team left for tea, while I was dragged around by Lin Wan Er. Since I haven’t studied in a university before, she helped a great deal.

Arriving at the registration counter, Lin Wan Er hands the admission notice, saying: “Chinese department, Lin Wan Er, as well as… oh. Chinese department, Li Xiao Yao.”

When the teacher-in-charge raised his head, his jaw dropped. Saliva spewing, he said: “Oh, you’re placed in the first female dorm, do you need me to show you the way?”

Lin Wan Er smiles, her eyes wide and sparkling: “There’s no need. Can you tell me Li Xiao Yao’s dorm number? I’ll have him accompany me and I should be able to find the way myself.”

The teacher-in-charge wiped his saliva, saying: “Li Xiao Yao is placed in the second male dorm, you two are quite close together.”

“Oh, thanks, teacher-in-charge.”

“Lin Wan Er, please leave me a message…”

Entering the first female dorm block, Lin Wan Er’s dorm room was on the fourth floor. Seeing as there was no one, I carried her bags up the stairs, helping her place her things down. After that, I say: “Miss Lin, you should give me your number so it’s easier to contact you.”


After swapping numbers Lin Wan Er opens her suitcase. She took out two helmets, one white and one red. She took the red helmet and passed it to me, saying: “Here, this is for you.”

I was shocked. “This… this is the “Destiny” headgear right?”

Lin Wan Er replied: “Dad says to let you play this game as well, so you can watch over me in the other world too. You should understand already, right?”

I nodded my head, taking the helmet. Then, I asked: “Miss, do you hate me?”

Lin Wan Er bit her lips, looking deeply into my eyes, both of her arms folded. Her twin peaks showed, and she smiled, saying: “This question, I’m not too sure of how to answer so I’ll answer you with my actions in the future. Go on, go back to your dorm.”

Exiting the female dorm, I held the red helmet tightly in my hand. It’s a limited edition one too! My heart fluttered as I thought: “Damn it, who cares if you hate me or not, my path to conquering “Destiny” cannot be blocked!

Translator Notes

7 red marks means 7 failures, in case you’re unsure.

The Er Hu is a classical Chinese Orchestra instrument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erhu for reference.

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