Zhan Long

Chapter 5 – The Nine Main Classes

Chapter 5 – The Nine Main Classes

In the afternoon, I was on the phone with Lin Tian Nan. The content was pretty simple – he’ll let me get close to Lin Wan Er to protect her. Moreover, I am to get rid of any male in the entire school who tries to lay their hands on her, no questions asked. If not, I should inform him immediately. Of course, he purposely stressed the last sentence, which was to never hold any feelings for Lin Wan Er. At the same time, he felt that Lin Wan Er would look down on me any way so there was no need to bother. This hurt me a fair deal.

Liu Hua University’s dorms were fairly decent. Each room was supposed to be shared by two people, and blankets, daily necessities and other commodities were given to us in a set. Sitting in the large bedroom, I finally realised why Leader Wang was so uptight about the school fees – there was no way this school term costed anything less than a few ten thousands.

At dinner time, I went to the female dorm 1 alone. Not long after, Lin Wan Er came down, followed by a girl in a green dress. She was pretty, at least pretty enough to steal a few glances in a large crowd. Too bad she’s standing next to Lin Wan Er, who was far beyond comparison. From afar, I thought: this girl made friends too recklessly!

After the two girls stopped in front of me, Lin Wan Er shot me a glance before saying: “Come on, let’s go eat!”

I kept my mouth shut, saying nothing at all. My status here constantly reminded me that I wasn’t part of the rich families that could send their children here. I was hired to be a bodyguard for her.

Surprisingly, the beautiful girl next to Lin Wan Er keep looking at me strangely. She extended her hand and said to me with a smile: “You must be the Li Xiao Yao that Wan Er talked about, right? She has told me everything. I’m her roommate, Dong Cheng Yue. Nice to meet you!”

I shaked her hand, nodding and smiling. “Nice to meet you, Dong Cheng1.”

“How old are you, Xiao Yao?” Dong Cheng Yue suddenly asked.

I shivered a little: “21…”

“Considering how you look, that can’t be true, right?” she asked mischievously, her head slightly tilted.

I tightly clenched my fists: “Fine, I’m 23.”

“That’s not true either, you definitely look like you send your children here instead.”

Dong Cheng Yue continued to make fun of me, before Lin Wan Er stopped her, saying: “That’s enough, you should stop teasing him so much, Xiao Yue. What’s there to tease about this boring guy? Let’s quickly go and eat so we can prepare a little earlier. Tomorrow ‘Destiny’ officially releases, and we need to rush to the number one spot quickly!”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled happily, saying: “Okay, okay. but I find Li Xiao Yao is really interesting though.”

I smiled sarcastically, replying: “You praise me too much, Dong Cheng. Which canteen should we eat at?”

“Number 1!”


The two beautiful girls were in front of me, talking about school-related topics in high spirits, happily laughing and smiling. Lin Wan Er finally let out a smile. From the side, I snuck a peek and my heart fluttered a little. She looks really good when she smiles.

In the dining room, Lin Wan Er sat together with Dong Cheng Yue on the opposite side, while I sat alone. The two of them wanted a Western-style dinner. I ordered two servings of omelette rice and one serving of Xie Huang Geng2. This only happened because Lin Wan Er took out her gold credit card and paid for all the food. Thank god I don’t have to pay for my food while working as a bodyguard. I could save the money from my salary to buy Xiao Lang, Lao K and Hu Li the helmets so we could enter the game world together and rebuild our Zhan Long office. Once again, we could gain fame and glory!

Hmm, to be honest the Zhan Long office never once had fame and glory…

“Xiao Yao~” Dong Cheng Yue looked at me with a smile, saying: “I’ve heard from Wan Er that you also have a gaming helmet, you going to accompany Wan Er in the game as well right?”

I nodded my head, saying: “Yea, my gamer ID is 000747, it’s relatively early isn’t it?”

Lin Wan Er puckered her lips. “Dad made people line up for days to go get the helmets, so obviously it’s early. We actually wanted to send that helmet to someone as a gift, but that person already purchased it, so you’re lucky this time.”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled, asking: “Xiao Yao, have you played any games before?”

I raised my index finger to indicate one, saying: “In 2014, wasn’t there that game that boasted 27% realism? It’s called Conquer which I played before.”

“Oh, really?” Dong Cheng Yue’s beautiful pair of eyes widened in surprise, saying: “I’ve also played Conquer before, what were you called and what rank were you in the server-wide rankings?”

I replied fearlessly: “Forget about the name, I myself can’t even remember clearly. I only remember being placed at about 3,970,000th rank!”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled again, saying: “As far as I know, doesn’t Conquer have about 5 million players? Aren’t you a below-average player then?”

I nodded my head, “Practically…”

On Lin Wan Er’s beautiful face a little disappointment appeared. She said: “Wu, then… then do you mean that the limited edition helmet I passed to you was wasted? Damn, what a pity…”

Dong Cheng Yue, while smiling, lightly hit Lin Wan Er’s shoulder and said: “Everyone has some self-respect, don’t put it that way… Xiao Yao, we’ll be playing Destiny together, what plans do you have? Out of the five races and nine classes, which one will you choose?”

“Well… to be honest I haven’t looked at any information yet.” I replied.

Lin Wan Er got a little mad. “You haven’t even looked at any information and you still shamelessly accepted the helmet I gave?”

I smiled wryly and said: “There’s not much to worry about, if I just go online and read about the races and classes, I’ll naturally know what to choose. Dong Cheng, why don’t you tell us about the races and classes?”

Dong Cheng Yue seemed to be a game addict, and she recalled religiously: “The five races are humans, wind elves, barbarians, undead and moon elves3, the barbarian being the strongest class in terms of power. The wind elves are great at long distance combat and the moon elves are the best at prolonged fights. The undead have an attack boost of 15%, which is considered the most dreadful. The humans are the most average of all the five races, but they can choose any class.”

I nodded my head: “What about classes?”

Dong Cheng Yue blinked her eyes, before smiling and saying: “The nine classes are swordsmen, magicians, berserkers, knights, assassins, healers, marksmen, archers, and monks4. You should be able to tell from the names of the classes what their jobs are since you’ve played before. Oh yea, what class and race are you going to select?”

I take in a deep breath before saying: “That’s easy. I’ll select a support class, one that can heal. I guess I’ll select the healer? That’s the one they nicknamed the ‘breast milk’ class5?”

Dong Cheng Yue smiled widely: “Yeah, the healer can heal others, it’s definitely going to be a popular class. I thought you were going to choose something like a swordsman, knight or a berserker, those kinds of classes. I heard that most of the boys in our class are going to choose those violent classes.”

As she said this, she looked over to Lin Wan Er mischieviously and said: “Wan Er, there’s a guy who’s willing to play the support class for you, you should just go ahead and marry him.”

Lin Wan Er replied with no expression at all, saying: “If you want to, you can go ahead and do so yourself. I’m not happy with this at all. Li Xiao Yao, I’m interested to see how you survive the early stages of the game by picking the healer class. Picking a support class as a guy, I’ll see how well you fare!”

Of course, I understood what Lin Wan Er meant. The healer had no attack power at all, and you definitely need someone to carry you in the early stages of the game. If a girl picked it, she could just stand at the beginner village and ask sweetly: “Brother, won’t you help me level?” Definitely, some guy would help her. If a guy picked it, unless you were those super handsome Korean stars, you definitely would be sitting there alone hitting things with a wooden rod.

However, my heart was prepared and wasn’t afraid of that at all.

I confidently told Lin Wan Er with a smile: “There’s no cause for worry, I’ll be able to manage.”

Lin Wan Er’s lips pursed a little. She did not say anything and seemed as if she still doesn’t fully trust me.

Dong Cheng Yue on the other hand warmly said: “I’ve already decided to be a magcian – a class that loses out in terms of pure strength. It’s Destiny’s version of a magic-user. Wan Er decided to be an assassin, so we could alternate between short and long distance combat and get levels that way. We should be able to rush for the top soon!”

I nodded my head, saying: “Mm, good luck to you guys!”

After eating dinner, we exited the dining room and casually strolled outside. There were lots of students heading in our direction.

A few minutes later, a guy suddenly pointed at us as if he saw ghosts, and yelled loudly: “I… I haven’t seen wrongly, have I? That girl… isn’t that Lin Wan Er, the star that five months announced ago she was quitting the entertainment industry?”

After that, several guys turned to look our way, and some nodded: “Yea! That really is Lin Wan Er! Wow! Who knew Lin Wan Er would go and attend Liu Hua University, I’m so lucky!”

Several male students suddenly rushed forward, and one in particular shouted: “Lin Wan Er is that you? We… could we take a picture? I’m your greatest fan, and I really loved your [Heart of Time] piece!”

Lin Wan Er looked a little embarrassed, softly saying: “I’m sorry, I already quit. I only want to study here normally from now on.”


I quickly stood in front of Lin Wan Er, my arms spread out wide, holding several guys back. I smiled and said: “I’m sorry, but Miss Wan Er doesn’t want to be disturbed, so please respect her decision as fellow schoolmates!”

One guy got enraged, saying: “Who in the world are you? Is this a place where you can speak? Get lost!”

I did not speak a word, but I jerked my arm a little, and hu the sounds of a few guys stepping backwards could be heard. Each one of them stood there, all slightly afraid. They didn’t even understand how they got pushed back.

Coldly standing there, I didn’t say a word. I didn’t let any stranger get close to Lin Wan Er, which was Lin Tian Nan’s biggest order.

Dong Cheng Yue giggled from behind, saying: “Woah, this Xiao Yao is actually pretty decent.”

“Let’s return to the dormitory?” I asked.


Lin Wan Er was standing below the female dorms, when she suddenly looked at me and said: “Li Xiao Yao, tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch will be sent to our dorm directly, you don’t have to come. At 12 noon tomorrow Destiny opens so don’t disappoint me.”

“I understand.” I nodded.

Only after seeing Lin Wan Er did I myself leave. Walking on the pathway connecting our dorms, I wiped the sweat off my forehead. I don’t know what job she had, to actually have so many hardcore fans. The journey ahead of me will be long and arduous!

Entering the bedroom, I opened the door only to find a diary on the table. There was a guy sitting on the bed on the opposite side of mine. There’s no need for much guessing, this should be my roommate.

My roommate raised his head, his thick glasses reflecting light into my eyes. He smiled and said: “You must be my roommate, Li Xiao Yao right? Nice to meet you, I’m called Tang Gu, but you can call me Ah Gu.”

I nodded my head, saying: “Mm, nice to meet you glasses boy.”

“Please use my name, Tang Gu!”

“Sure, glasses boy.”

Glasses boy’s age was definitely above 25, seeing as his head contained so many wrinkles. I wonder how much money this guy poured into the school before they allowed him to attend, what complete horse hockey.

Glasses boy quickly pulled the chair out, seating on it. His face was extremely excited, and he said: “Just now, I was at the canteen and I saw you and Lin Wan Er sitting together. What’s your relationship with her? Hoho, knowing Lin Wan Er, you must be really lucky!”

“Lucky for what?” I asked with a little confusion. “Who exactly is Lin Wan Er?”

“My god!”

Glasses boy slammed the table, saying: “You don’t even know? Lin Wan Er… two years ago, when she was 17 years old, she came out with a hit single [Heart of Time] which shocked the entire Asia continent. From then on, she was known as a goddess. She’s the idol of many guys’ dreams! What a pity though, five months ago she quit the entertainment business. Who knew, she actually came to Liu Hua University to study.”

I was shocked: “So… she could sing?”

Glasses boy spat a mouth of blood on his computer screen.

Translator Notes

They address each other as __同学, which means Student __. That would be too long though, so it’s currently just __. If anyone knows a better way to address that, please leave a suggestion.

It’s a broth made of crab meat and other stuff, apparently it’s high in protein and fat so it’s a highly nutritional meal. Here’s an image: http://www.ttmeishi.com/Images/CaiPu/PicK102853333265.jpg for reference.

Chinese gaming terms that I can’t really find suitable translations for. Please leave suggestions for this as well. Original text: 人类、风精灵、野蛮人、亡灵、月灵

Again, not sure about these gaming terms. Original text: 剑士、灵术师、狂战士、骑士、刺客、悬壶医者、火枪手、弓箭手、苦行僧.

奶水职业 meaning breast milk class, it’s supposed to mean a heavy support class.

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