Zhan Long

Chapter 7 – Creating a Skill

Chapter 7 – Creating a Skill

Walking back to the village entrance, I stopped for a while only to get pushed from behind by beserkers carrying their battleaxes. These people are too excited to kill Grass Dogs, aren’t they?

Having strength that doesn’t match up to others, I resisted the urge to do the same.

Looking at the stats menu, I realised the system gave me 10 stat points at level 1. I put them all into Strength. That’s right, this is my fighting style. I’ll fight the world with my ability as a healer to heal and my strength to fight. This is the true way to success!

I’ll have to take it slow and wait patiently. I can’t steal the mobs that the beserkers, swordsmen etc. with stats all added to strength out there are killing. I’ll look around in the village and see what quests I can get. Then I’ll go kill the Grass Dogs, that’s killing two birds with one stone!

In the small village, there was a well sitting right in the middle of the plaza. Beside the well was bits and pieces of stone. Each stone was separated from the rest, but together they lined up to form a brilliant formation.

I took a good look for a whole 5 minutes before realising – it’s the Seven Star Style! There’s no mistaking it, this is the formation of the Seven Star Style. Previously, while I was training under the old man, I had to learn the way of the Seven Star Style while wielding a sword, which gave me heaps of suffering. In the game, there actually was a Seven Star Style! This can only mean one thing – between the game designers, there must be an actual sword master. If not, there’s no way the Seven Star Style was implemented.

As if magnetised to it, I couldn’t stop myself from walking to the foot stands, facing the shining light’s mysterious form. Spontaneously, I drew my sword and starting slashing.


Although I’m a healer, I added all 10 points into strength, which gave me a decent physical strength boost. The sword was unsheathed and it carried sword energy. I have not felt this since so long ago, who knew it would be in a game that I felt this familiarity with the sword again.

My heart beated furiously. Damn, if it’s really like this, plus with the info that was given in that pamphlet, this could really be the time for me to shine!


The second time I slashed, my feel for the sword grew a little.

It was as if I was in a daze, standing there just swinging my sword over and over again. I lost myself in the game and was slowly understanding the way of the sword. There’s some pleasure to be had in this if you were a swordsman.

About an hour after I started practicing with my sword, many noobs gathered around and watched me curiously. There was even a level 2 beserker with his battleaxe, shaking his head while looking at me. “Oi, even if the game said that you could create your own skills, do you really think it’s possible? Only an idiot like you would believe this stupid rumours. This guy looks as handsome as me, I wonder why he’s so dumb though.”

I didn’t show any expression at all and continued swinging my sword. Just like this, everything else was swallowed away by my concentration.

In a blink of an eye, it was already afternoon. I didn’t make any progress at all. I kept feeling as if I was about to break through but it just didn’t happen. I continued all the way to 8pm at night, when the phone outside rang. It connected to the game system and displayed Lin Wan Er’s phone number.

“Li Xiao Yao, Xiao Yue and I are going offline for some dinner, you want some?”

I was very excited once I heard that. “I’ll go with you guys. I haven’t eaten much since afternoon… I mean I need to protect you guys…”

Lin Wan Er giggled and then continued: “Okay, come to us and when we see you, we’ll go down too.”


Logging out in this some town should be fine since it was a safe zone.

Taking off my helmet, I looked above my bunk to see glasses boy shivering, as if he had a stroke or something. He should be leveling. I shouldn’t disturb him, and just eat with Lin Wan Er.

Outside, I reached the girl’s dorm and soon after a graceful Lin Wan Er arrived together with Dong Cheng Yue, who was carrying a white handbag. Despite the distance separating us, Dong Cheng Yue shouts with more enthusiasm than Lin Wan Er: “Hi, Xiao Yao!”

I nodded and smiled: “Good evening, where should we eat?”

“Let’s go, canteen number 1 again? After we come back we can continue leveling. On September 1st we have to start lessons already, so we should take this opportunity to focus on the game!”


In the dining room, we ordered several fried dishes, and the three of us sat there facing each other, waiting for our dinner. The two ladies were also pretty hungry, as the sound of stomachs rumbling could be heard. It was as if they were about to eat me up too.

Lin Wan Er looked at her phone, resting against the back of the chair. Her long hair extended past her shoulders. In that short period of time, she captivated everyone who was looking at her. I too was looking at her and I had to tell myself: Don’t forget, I need to respect Lin Tian Nan’s orders as well.

After a while, Lin Wan Er raised her head to look at me, saying: “Li Xiao Yao, after one whole afternoon, what level are you?”

“Level 1, I haven’t had any experience fighting at all.”

Lin Wan Er was shocked and her mouth was gaped. “There’s no way, right? Not killing mobs or gaining experience, what were you doing? Even if you become our mule1, you at least need enough stamina to run back to the capital. At this rate even the small monster on the way back can kill you…”

I rubbed my nose, embarrassed by what she had said. I said: “Actually… actually I was just getting used to the freedom this game had to offer, at the moment I have not gotten completely used to the 97% realism of this game.”

“Ha… what a noob!” Lin Wan Er suddenly smiled.

She should have achieved her goal and must be feeling quite satisfied right now, making fun of me. I knew this woman bore a grudge… or did she? That’s not quite right, considering I practically saw everything that day. With this big shot’s personality in mind, Lin Wan Er not killing me straight away can be considered as forgiving already.

Dong Cheng Yue also looked at me with shock. “Xiao Yao, you’re really one of a kind…”

I nodded and smiled, saying: “Xiao Yue, what levels are you and Miss?”

Dong Cheng Yue pursed her lips a little: “We’re alright, I’m level 7 and Wan Er is level 6. To be honest you don’t have to call her Miss, Wan Er doesn’t really mind. Just call her Wan Er…”

Lin Wan Er stared at me: “No! He’s not allowed to call me Wan Er!”

“I understood, I won’t call you that, Miss.” I replied.

Dong Cheng Yue looked at me, then at Lin Wan Er. After that, she seemed to have understood something, and covered her mouth while laughing: “Oh, looks like something must have happen between the two of you. There’s no way it would be like this if that’s not the case… Ahhhh, Wan Er, stop pinching me, I’ll stop!”

The two beautiful ladies were messing around and several males that were eating were stunned. Even the noodles that were in their mouth dropped out.

Not long after, the dishes arrived. I didn’t take much, only the food in front of me. I also ate three bowls of rice though. Lin Wan Er looked at me with surprise. That’s no expression to have, she must think I eat too much while only being level 1. I guess she thinks I am a good-for-nothing.

At 10pm that night, the phone sounded and Lin Tian Nan’s number showed up.

“Xiao Li, how was today? Wan Er didn’t trouble you much, did she?” Lin Tian Nan asked.

I shaked my head, saying: “How can that be, Miss has treated me well. Mr Lin, you can rest assured!”

Lin Tian Nan smiled. “Mm, Wan Er’s personality is actually gentle, but… regarding the situation of having a bodyguard around to protect her, she has always been non-compliant. The several bodyguards’ I’ve hired before you couldn’t take it any more and gave up. I hope you can perservere and continue on…”

I smiled lighty and said: “To be frank with you, it’s not that tough. It’s just accompanying her for meals, playing games, little stuff like that. I can handle that much, at least.”

Lin Tian Nan laughed heartily at my response, saying: “That’s great, then. How’s your aptitude in gaming? What rank were you in the previous game?”

“About 3 million plus.”

“Wow, that’s really noob…”


Hanging up the phone, I realised that glasses boy logged off and cooked himself some instant noodles. He was very excited, saying: “Little Li2, how is it, this 97% realism game? It’s awesome, isn’t it? I’m already level 4, not bad right? What level are you?”

I said with an expressionless face: “Level 1, how did you get…”

“Haha, level 1? Wow, how many times did you get killed by monsters, to only be at level 1?”

“There’s nothing I can do, level 1 it is. I’m a healer anyway so I have no attack power…” I calmly replied.

“Healer, this breast milk class? Although you can’t kill anything, but you can heal yourself. Surely you couldn’t be killed back to level 1, right? Li Boy, you’re a special kind of noob. No worries though, with your brother over here, I can return and help you level. I’ll definitely make you one of the top ten in Destiny!”

“You idiot! Will you die if you stop bragging?”


At night, I played a little over an hour more, returning to try and find the special sword skill feeling, but again, there was no progress. I’m not worried though. It’s only a game anyway. Even if I don’t break through, there’s no rush. At 12, I logged off and slept. This was the schedule given to me by Lin Wan Er.

The next day, I got up at 7am, went out to get some snacks, and wanted to give them to Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. It’s a pity I couldn’t go up, as the dorm lady fiercely shouted: “You rascal, if you want to get into the female dorms, you’ll have to get past me!”

I quickly left and at the same time, I found out there were two other young bodyguards in the dorm main office. From their movements, I can tell they know gong fu. Mm, this must be Lin Tian Nan’s arrangement. For his daughter, he hired other bodyguards besides me.

Returning to my dorm, I continued practicing the sword.

In a flash, it was late morning again. I had to repair the sword as I practiced with it but as usual there wasn’t any break through. Though, I felt like it was very close, an imminent and intense feeling of breaking through.

In the afternoon, I was in the dining room with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue again for lunch.

“24 hours already…” Dong Cheng Yue smiled and said: “Apparently, most of the players have left their respective beginner villages and the highest level achieved so far is level 12.”

Lin Wan Er held her hair as she ate, saying happily: “I’m at level 11!”

“After this, all I need is 2 more hours to reach level 11. I’m a spiritualist and yet my training speed is slower than an assassin. Wan Er, you’re giving me too much stress…” said Cheng Yue.

Lin Wan Er smiled, pointed at me and said: “It’s alright, that person over there can give you some solace. Li Xiao Yao, what level are you? Oh and, what rank are you?”

I hesitated a little before saying: “Level 1, I’m exactly 1,000,000th place.”

Lin Wan Er’s pretty face turned to stone, staring at me completely shocked. “There’s only a million players in the opening of the game… You… you’re really a disgrace to Destiny”

I scratch my nose silently.

Dong Cheng Yue smiled as she ate: “It’s fine, when I have a break I’ll come back and carry you through.”

I nodded my head, saying: “Thanks a lot, Dong Cheng, you’re a lot more caring and sincere than our Miss over here…”

Lin Wan Er immediately shot a glance at me, killing intent awaiting: “Oh, can you repeat that?”

I tightly grasp my chopsticks, saying: “Come on, let’s eat. Once we finish eating we can go back and level more.”

1pm, at the Grass Dog Village.


I slashed for the Nth time. At that moment, the sword surged with a formless energy. At the same time, my body shivered. A gold color rose from my feet and the system sound played.


System Notice: Congratulations, you have completed the proficiency training! You have created a skill. As a result, when you have a sword equipped and drawn, your attack power is increased by 10%. Please choose a name for your skill!

Mule in MMORPG terms means an extra character that stores more loot for your main characters.

李小子, usually to refer to a younger person, or if you look down on the person.

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