Zhan Long

Chapter 8 – The Sword Tempest

Chapter 8 – The Sword Tempest


My head went blank as I trembled with excitement. Finally, the noob goes pro! The game really let me make a skill. Damn, that’s cool. If I equip a sword I gain a 10% increase in attack damage. This skill is a little too strong. Although my attack right now was only 6-6 and a 10% increase would basically amount to nothing, later on when I gain more strength and power, the effects would be monumental. This buff is so good. What’s more, my weapon later on should be sword-related, if not this skill would go to waste!

After pondering for a long time about what exactly I should name this wonderful skill…

My mind flashed and a name popped out – Sword Tempest1!

This name is perfect. After you wield your sword, a massacre follows. This is only but the path of the sword. It’s the opening to the fight. I’ll use this!


System Notice: Congratulations, you have successfully named the skill. You are the first person to create an SS skill in the entire server, do you want to disclose your identity?

I immediately smashed the ‘No’ button. I must stay low-key. Low-key not for fame or for showing off, but to protect my life. Since olden times, those who are famous always receive jealousy2. Once my identity is disclosed, who knows how many times I’ll get murdered. I’m not scared of publicity but instead scared of getting beaten. It’s pretty alright, being like this, a level 1 healer. The pros won’t even bother disturbing me. This feeling is simply spectacular.


System Notice: Congratulations, player xxxx has understood the SS skill – [Sword Tempest]!

Currently, the whole server was chaotic.

Very quickly, in my Skills tab an icon of a sword flashed. My first ‘obtained skill’ which was also my second skill, was a SS grade skill. The other was the healer skill, [Hemostasis3]. It was D rank, and indeed, the lousiest healing skill. No matter though, it’s still decent as I can heal myself.

[Sword Tempest] (SS) : While wielding and using a sword, your attack power is increased by 10%. Does not consume any strength. Cannot be leveled.

[Hemostasis Lvl 1] (D): Heals 50 HP, costs 5 MP. 0/100 EXP, level 1.

After finishing my preparations, finally, I was ready to take on the world!

Finally, carrying my sword, I was ready to step out of the beginner village, a whole 24 hours after the opening of the game. My inventory was completely empty of supplies, or should I say, I could not afford to put any supplies into my inventory. Whatever, slowly, I’ll get whatever I want.

Outside the beginner village, the clumsy players were killing the Straw Dogs near the forest. The Straw Dogs are level 1-2 monsters, which is also the lowest leveled monsters in the game. These lousy players…

Escaping the crowd of players, I found another road. The north of Straw Dog Village was a secret forest, but the map showed little red dots there. This means that the monsters are above my level, but who cares? I can still try, since I have a natural advatange. I can hit and heal at the same time, and I also have [Sword Tempest] to help, even if it isn’t much help at all.

In the distance, a few players were bickering over a plain white tunic, loudly shouting: “This equip can sell for 20 coppers, it’s ours! We are the main DPS dealers!”

I could not help but snicker: “What noobs!”

Looking down, I see a bunch of copper coins sitting out in the sun inviting people over. Very quickly, I ran over and looked around. Great, there isn’t anyone. I started picking up the loot.

Oh! I’m rich! Looks like it’s my day.

I spent all the money from before on fixing my sword, and currently all I had was this 1 copper. Which idiot killed all the Straw Dogs but didn’t pick up the loot? Really, what a genius.

Continuing on, after going around the Straw Dog spawning areas, the players were few and far between. There were dense clumps of bushes and shrubs. The Straw Dogs rarely spawned.

After a few minutes, a low growl sounded. Finally, I’ve found a mob worth fighting. It was a ferocious Hyena. God damn it, all the mobs around this beginner villages are dogs.

[Hyena] (Common Monster)

Level: 3

Attack: 7-11

Defence: 3

Health: 150

Skills: None

Good, a level 3 monster. Just killing two of these will bring me to level 2. Let’s go!


I pulled the sword out of the sheath, and the [Sword Tempest] activated, giving me a 10% attack boost. Walking forward, although I wasn’t very near, the Hyena got aggro’ed and howled. It rushed out, and with no skills, it looked to open its mouth and bite me directly.

Rushing to react, before the Hyena bit me, my sword was already falling on its forehead. Kacha a {12} jumped out. At the same time, the Hyena bit my leg and hung on, taking 25 hit points away from me. Hoho, it’s cleanly twice of my damage.

I was not worried and continued to attack as I attacked faster than the Hyena and it kept howling and growling. When I took two hits, I immediately raised my hand and a holy beam fell upon me. [Hemostasis]!


Strong! Able to both hit and heal, this is truly the emperor’s path to success!

After some time, I killed the Hyena and shua my experience bar filled to a full 50%. At the same time, it growled and fell to the ground, exploding into two coppers. I quickly took them. Not a bad reward…

Continuing on, after sweeping the second Hyena, shua a golden light fell on my head and I raised one level. I broke through the level 1 barrier and became a level 2 healer. All 10 points were added to strength as usual, but as a healer the 10 strength points only gave 5-5 more attack damage, as I had a 0.5x strength multiplier. If I were a berserker, it would be a 11-11 attack damage boost, this is so unfair…

Sword tilted at an angle, I walked on. I’ll farm to death!

After killing tens of Hyenas, I saw that my MP was very low. A [Hemostasis] costs 5 MP and my max MP was only 60. With no immediate healing items, I would probably die here. Luckily, at that moment, I leveled up and reached level 3. My HP and MP filled back to full and I continued adding the 10 stat points I gained to strength. My character really became a fighting priest.

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Novice Healer)

Level: 3

Attack: 11-13

Defence: 4

Health Points: 120

Magic Points: 70

Charm: 0

Although a healer is naturally weaker than the others, if I change to a good weapon, I can break through the monster’s defence if they are at least the same level as me. If I can break through, it’d be great since I can heal myself, then I won’t have to worry about dying. After a prolonged battle, I’ll have better survival capabilities than any other class. Though, I added all my points to strength and not magic, so I don’t have enough MP. I need to get healing items, if not I can’t fight for long.

Mm, I’ll stay here and kill some more. After earning about 50 coppers, I can go back and buy some potions. With the potions, I can go deeper into the woods and kill higher leveled monsters.


After slicing through a Hyena’s head, another two coppers exploded out and I quickly grabbed them in one swift motion. I moved onwards to kill more mobs. After leveling up, my attack power got higher and killing the Hyenas proved to be less of hassle than before. It’s pretty useful.

Crossing some plains, and then moving forward some more, in the distance I saw a Black Bear wondering around the trees. It’s level 5 and it’s attack, defence and health stats are all ridiculously high.

Tightly grasping my sword, I took a deep breath. Let’s try killing it, if I don’t manage to kill it I can run!

About 10 yards from the Black Bear, it got aggro’ed and came sprinting after me, it’s massive body flying through the plains. It’s furs stood on end and it raised it’s paw, ready to attack.


The fresh blood splattered everywhere. The combat in the game is so realistic, my shoulder got a large wound and blood pooled dyeing it red. A damage number popped up –


God damn, it hurts!

I quickly raised my sword to attack but it only dealt {15} damage. I continued to attack and at the same time, the holy light of [Hemostasis] shined down upon me, healing 50 health. Once it went off cooldown, I immediately used it again.


The Black Bear ferociously opened its jaws and took a big bite of my arm, leaving it dangling. Again, it took a large amount of hit points.


My god, I could only get hit once more.

I got scared and quickly took to my legs and ran. Who in the world would be idiotic enough to stay there?

After running for my life, I took two steps backward and managed to aggro the Black Bear again. It ran after me, and in the short period of time where I wasn’t being attacked, I raised my sword and healed myself for {50} HP with [Hemostasis] at the same time. I continued to attack the Black Bear in this manner.

It was only a level 5 normal monster, and yet it took me a full 30 seconds to beat it. At last, the Black Bear let out a deathly cry. I only had 41 HP left when it ended.


The bear dropped to the ground and disappeared. I heard the sound of items dropping but it wasn’t the clear tinkle when copper coins dropped. Wow, I even got an equip, not bad. That looks like a really dumb wristguard though.

Rushing to grab it and see, I realised it average.

[Black Bear Gloves] (White Equip4)

Type: Armor

Defence: 7

Required Level: 4

Armor, huh? I can’t equip it anyway, so I’ll just sell it. It’s a white equip anyway, so I doubt anyone would want it.

On the ground, there was also 5 coppers. High level monsters are so much more generous than those Hyenas. I picked it up, turned around and left. I’m not killing any more bears for now, since their attack is so high and I’m so squishy. I simply can’t take the hits. Currently, I have no equips besides my sword. Some random guy with no armor will simply be killed anyway.

I continued killing the Hyenas. At level 3, killing level 3 mobs becomes so much easier. In only an hour, I reached level 4. At the same time, my inventory was 47 coppers heavier. It seemed like it was going to explode.

Taking a look behind me, there were quite a few players training here now. I probably can’t stay here for too long. I’ll go back to the village and sort my items, buy some potions, then go find higher leveled places.

Carrying my sword, I walked back past the plains with my head lowered. At this moment, several people walked past and a level 6 barbarian carrying a battleaxe rushed up to me and asked: “Hey, dude. In this grinding spot, did you get any equips that a beserker can use?”

I discreetly took out the armor gloves from my inventory and said: “White equip, no class specifications, do you want it?”

Barbarian guy smiled: “7 defence, huh? Being a tank, of course I want it. How much are you selling for?”

I looked around. “The shop buys it for 21 coppers, can you pay more than that?”

“Of course!” The barbarian smiled happily. “I’ll give you 50 coppers, how’s that?”

“Okay, deal!”

After few seconds later, I walked away with my sword, my inventory close to 100 coppers, or a single silver.

Returning to Straw Dog Village, I took out the level 2 armor I got from killing those Hyenas, as well as their skins and other white equips and sold them all. At last, my inventory had 121 coppers! I took a look around the shop. Level 2 tunic, +2 defence, 70 coppers. That’s too expensive. No thanks, I’ll just wait for mobs to drop some equips.

I reached the potion shop. A level 1 blue potion healed 50 MP and costed 5 coppers each. In one breath I bought 23 and repaired my sword as well. Again I was broke, having only 1 copper left. Yet again, I was like a noob.

Leaving the place, my path to becoming a fighting priest has begun!

剑起波澜 If anyone has a better translation please comment.

木秀于林风必摧之, which means something like people will always wish for popular people to fail or something like that.

Using Inkira’s spell names, since I want to promote consistency.

There are levels to the item rarity which are represented by the colors, I can’t seem to find any additional information on this though. Apparently the author forgot to mention the tier list and mentioned it only later on in the story. Thanks to Arissa for pointing that out. White < Green < Bronze < Silver < Gold.

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