Zhan Yue

Chapter 17: Green Forest Armor

Chapter 17: Green Forest Armor


I called and a few seconds later, the cloud and smoke in the air rolled and formed into Ding Heng’s body. He stood in mid air and smiled. “Little fellow, do you have something for me?”

“I have some things to ask,” I said.

“En, speak.”

I sat right on the Wind Cloud Platform. “I don’t know how to say this, but… this is not my original body, master. My identity doesn’t allow me to do many things, so I want to askhow I can return to my past identity.”

I tried my best to beat around the bush. If I said that I was once human, Ding Heng would probably not understand.

“If that’s the case…”

It seemed like he understood. “In this world, each person lives in another body. If you wanna find yourself, you must cultivate. In other words, if you can reach your own soul, separating a part of it, that will be what you call your past identity.”


“Right.”He nodded. “As long as your mental strength is strong enough, you can awaken your soul, but before that, you need to consolidate your energy, reachBody Refining and higher realms, etc. Currently, you can’t even form a corporeal body, much less awaken your soul.”

“So I should continue gathering energy?”

“Right, only by cultivating can you touch death laws and awaken the power that you should have.”

“Yes, thank you, master.”


It seemed like I could only rely on cultivation in Black Castle. I was really different from other players. However, before cultivating, I had something else to do. I must head to the Precious Treasure Pavilion. From the Zombie Valley battle, I gained close to 900 contribution points. It was time to splurge on it; maybe I would have a huge discovery!

I carried my dagger, stepping on the mountain path towardthe Precious Treasure Pavilion.

In the morning, the mountain path was wrapped in fog. Birds chirped and dew dropped from trees. Above me, the morning sun passed through the clouds and shone down on the mountain range that Black Castle was located. I looked up; there were many mountains with towering trees all around. The dense spiritual energy made this place look like a paradise.

A large portion of the cultivators here were undead, but they still came into contact with the laws and spiritual energy.

Precious Treasure Pavilion.

When I stepped inside it, I sensed the gazes of those around me. Male and female all looked at me with weird gazes as they whispered to one another.

“I heard that Wind Cloud Platform’s senior uncle Ding Heng took July Wildfire under his wing.”

“Yes, senior uncle Ding Heng hasn’t had a disciple in a decade, so who knew that he’d accept such a fellow with low cultivation?”

“You can’t say that. I heard that after July Wildfire represented Wind Cloud Platform in battles, he caused huge damage to the human race. He killed many enemies, so he might even get rewarded for it.”

Snort.That might not be true. If any of the younger generation headed over, instead, the outcome would be the same. How is the human race so strong? They are just useless.”


I ignored their unfriendly gazes and headed to the counter. I rejected the attendant’s offer of assistance and looked around by myself. During this period, it seemed like there were more goods in the Precious Treasure Pavilion. Not long after, I looked at a green leather armor andcould not shift my eyes away—


Type: Leather armor

Defence: 23

Agility: +11

Required level: 15

Needed contribution point: 500


An Excellent-grade leather armor. It was the top equipment in the current stage! Moreover, it added 23 Defense and 11 Agility, which were precious stats that I needed! Once I had this armor, my survival ability and damage numbers would change, but the required level was a little high and it needed 500 contribution points. All these made my heart hurt!

I hesitated for a few minutes before gritting my teeth and buying it!

Pa ta.The Green Forest Armor landed in my hands and my contribution points decreased by 500. I was left with 392, which I could not use anymore. I had to use them to exchange for skills in the next Wind Cloud Platform!

I placed the Green Forest Armor into my bag before leaving. There was nothing more I bothered about here, for I either could not afford it or was not interested in the other treasures.

After returning to the back mountain, I entered the space rich in spiritual energy and sat cross-legged. I absorbed energy and obtained experience.

Just like that, I cultivated up to 2pm. With a loud bell, I leveled up a second time and was finally level 15! After adding all my stat points to Agility and wearing the Green Forest Armor, my stats exploded—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 15

Attack: 54-74

Defense: 58

Health: 1950

Critical Strike: 0.81%

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 392

Combat strength: 138


If such stats were multiplied by ten, that would be relatively terrifying. 740 Attack, 580 Defense, and close to 20000 Health. Along with strong skills, I would be able to sweep a bunch of players!

However, I was wary about something. The reason why I could sweep Breaking Dawn Destruction and Breaking Dawn Ash was my stats had increased by folds. If I had my current stats, it would not be enough at all. Never mind players like Breaking Dawn Ash, I might even be unable to defeat Man of Steel. After all, I had too few equipment, only having two daggers and one armor. The other parts of my body had nothing at all. As a Shura, it was tough to get equipment and I was just too poor.

I took a deep breath and continued cultivating.

Not long after, noise spread from the outside. Two halberd-wielding UndeadGuards appeared in the back mountain.

“What is going on?”

In the air, light scattered and turned into my master, Ding Heng.


The guard said respectfully, “We are from the Land of Reincarnation, and the manager told us to summon July Wildfire back to clear out the furnaces.”


Ding Heng frowned. “July Wildfire is my disciple; does he still need to do such tiring jobs?”

“Elder doesn’t know,” replied the guard. “He isn’t just clearing out a normal furnace but rather one of the few golden ones at the center. Work these few days has been busy, and with many strong souls in the furnaces, a majority of themgot clogged up, and because of that,we’ve barely been able to make progress with work. Those young cultivators aren’t able to clear them out, so we can only ask help.”

Another guard said respectfully, “Elder, apart from July Wildfire, the younger experts from the outer five locations will be joining in. This concerns the entire Black Castle and is not only about Reincarnation Valley.”

Ding Heng frowned and looked at me. “Little fellow, go then. Working ona Golden Soul Refining Furnacemight help you.”

I nodded. “Yes, master!”


Land of Reincarnation.Tens of thousands of furnaces were buzzing and burning bones and souls from who knew where. In the end, they formed new soul data, turning into stars and scattering across various lands.

“July Wildfire.”

From afar, a familiar person waved at me. He was holding a cold sword and death energy was swirling around him.


I laughed out loud. “Long time no see!”

“You…” He was furious. “Could you change the way you call me?”

“Scum sounds so good…”



At that moment, a voice came from behind. It was like a roar of a king beast which made my eardrums hurt. “Hahaha!What a coincidence; I didn’t expect all of us to be here!”

The Purgatory Lion was here too, and he was led by two guards.

“Two Balls, you’re here!” I warmly waved at him.

The Purgatory Lion wanted to die. “You… If not for you being stronger than me, you’d already be a corpse…”


Right at that moment, an aura descended from above, making it hard for all of us to move. A person landed and he was dressed in a black robe. In it was a piece of armor which shone brightly. This was Land of ReincarnationManager Zhuang. He said coldly, “All the experts of the younger generation are here. Now, time to work; each of you get a Golden Soul Refining Furnace, you have to clear the impurities inside.”

“Yes, manager!” A bunch of undead nodded.

“Be careful.”

Zhuang Huai Shui smiled coldly. “Each furnace may have small or large quantities of souls, and they can be deadly. Focus and don’t underestimate them.”

As he said that, he pointed at the giant one in the center. “July Wildfire, you are first in Wind Cloud Platform and also Elder Ding Heng’s direct disciple. You will clear that furnace, won’t you?”

I frowned and touched my forehead. What I touched was all bones and no eyebrows, wasting my expression. I smiled. This Zhuang Huai Shui had always hated me, so he definitely asked me to clear the one in the middle for a reason.


“Be careful…” warned the Purgatory Lion. “Long Yilan, whom you defeated last time, is his direct disciple; maybe he will take revenge.”

I was touched. “En.Thank you, Two Balls.”

“Pui! I have the bloodline legacy of the ancient god beast race, Purgatory Lion. You…”

Before he finished speaking, I had already jumped into the furnace, of which the flames were already extinguished.

“Listen to me, July Wildfire!”

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