Zhan Yue

Chapter 18: I like work

Chapter 18: I like work


The moment I stepped into the Soul Refining Furnace, dust surged at me. Luckily, I was just a small Skeleton and my breathing system was spoiled. If not, I would get choked by the smoke. I brushed off the dust and saw that this golden furnace actually had its piece of land, which was much bigger than the outside.

Sixteen giant golden pillars spread across this nearly thirty-meter-tall furnace. The pillars, all red from the heat, were currently cooling down. Beneath them were piles of shattered bodies. Streaks of vengeful energy, which could send chills down one’s spine, continuously came out of these corpses.


The door to the furnace closed behind me, and I was suddenly cut off from the world. Zhuang Huai Shui’s voice came from outside. “To prevent losses of souls, you all will fight on your own. This is a test from Black Castle; work hard and walk out alive!”

I frowned once more; this did not seem good?


As I did not care about it much, I just went to work.

I walked to the front, and when I picked up some bones, ‘Will you clear?’ popped up on the interface. There was nothing to be said, so I selected ‘Yes’. All of a sudden, the bones turned into particlesof light that charged to the top of the furnace before disappearing.

This was the system, huh. I was enlightened.

However, right when I was planning to clear the second one, the bones hollered. Red light scattered and an incomplete zombie soul, half the size of a human, appeared. It shouted in rage, “Kid, you actually dared to challenge me? You’re asking for death!”

I was here!

I turned around and readied my daggers. The moment it pounced on me, Water Pattern Dagger slashed past. Gouge was a success and it froze in midair. Its health was a third gone. Fortunately, it did not seem too strong. I sidestepped it and used Backstab to insta-kill the remnant soul!


[System notification: Congratulations for killing a remnant soul. You have obtained 1800 experience and +8 contribution points!]


D*mn!So simple?!

I was suddenly filled with shock and joy. The experience was huge, and it was double of what I got for cultivating a minute. More importantly, I also received 8 contribution points.This was a big win! I found another easy way to earn contribution points, which was great!

I was really excited. When I killed the remnant soul, its bones turned into light which flew up. The Soul Refining Furnace then refined it.

Continue, continue.

I continued clearing out remnant souls. Some corpses had souls, so they could not be refined and could only accumulate inside the furnace.

It seemed like it was only right for my master to have me come here.

Ten minutes later, when I raised a nearly two-meter-long leg bone, a giant explosion occurred. This bone trembled and vengeful energy surged. It formed into a blood-colored giant wolf, which was three meters tall. It bent down and looked at me coldly with its bloodshot eyes.

“Little thing, are you asking for death?” A cold voice rang in my ears.

Sha sha…

I took several steps back, and once I was a distance, I entered Stealth. I looked at the giant wolf solemnly and sensed its raging aura. It would not be easy to handle. The next second, its stats appeared in front of me—

Bloodplain Wolf (Excellent Boss)

Level: 15

Attack: 420-550

Defense: 200

Health: 15000

Skill: Bite, Blood Consume, Pounce

Introduction: A wolf beast from the Blood Dynasty. Bloodplain Wolves have a strong hunting ability and have invaded Xuanyuan Empire multiple times.

They even ate into Black Castle and the Dimension Legion’s territory.


I was going to have a final battle with a Boss?

I was stunned. I was actually not prepared. After all, with my current equipment and stats, I was so poor. This Bloodplain Wolf’s Attack, Defense, and Health were several times higher than mine. How was I going to fight it?

“Kong! Come out and die!”

The Bloodplain Wolf roared.

Right at that moment, a voice came from the outside. “Not good! July Wildfire’s furnace has a fierce remnant soul. It seems like a Bloodplain Wolf. Manager, please open it. Otherwise, July Wildfire would be put in danger. He is Wind Cloud Platform’s pride!”


Zhuang Huai Shui said solemnly, “This is a trial. If July Wildfire fails, then he isn’t worth being Wind Cloud Platform’s pride!”


“There are no buts. Do you want to go against my orders?”

“I… I don’t dare!”

I gritted my teeth. It seemed like there was no hope of getting help, so I chanted, “Master, master, I am in danger; can you hear me?”

“Stop struggling.”

Instead, the one who spoke was the Bloodplain Wolf. It had a vicious expression and opened its mouth, speaking human language. “This is an ancient furnace. Those old fellows who built this had carved formations. We can hear the outside, but they can’t hear us, so they won’t hear the cries of the souls here. Of course, they won’t hear your cries for help, either; do you understand?”

My heart felt cold.Was I really going to die here?

No, I had to try!

A few seconds later, I shifted behind the Bloodplain Wolf. A cold light appeared on the dagger and I hacked down at its tail. Basic attack plus Gouge!



The moment the damage numbers jumped, my heart sank. That was not right. I only had 74 Attack, so how could I break through thisBoss’s 200 Defense? Logically speaking, I should only deal two digits as I had no true damage!


The Bloodplain Wolf turned around and pounced on me.

I dodged and used my full Agility advantage to avoid it. Its sharp claws landed near my nose and I felt a slight pain.

“Kong, I hate this aura!”

The Bloodplain Wolf roared in rage and its fur stood on end as its eyes turned blood red. “D*mn!Come over and I will crush all your bones!”

The moment it said that, the giant wolf opened its huge maw and a red attack trajectory covered my body. This was Blood Consume!

At that moment, my movement was almost instinctive. I bent down and rolled away. My body was really nimble. In the next moment, the space behind me was shattered by that skill. If I were still there, I would probably die!


I raised the dagger, and with perfect control of distance, I attacked. Gouge directly stunned the Bloodplain Wolf. I moved behind it and used a basic attack and Backstab, slicing off another large chunk of its health!

It seemed like I had a chance of solo-killing this Boss!

First, my damage on it was not low. Second, although it was high level, due to the rules, its attacks were really slow. The Blood Consume had a second charge time. Pounce and Bite had around 0.7 seconds, so I could dodge either.

More importantly, its range of motion was restricted. It could chase but it ended up stopping.

En, that was understandable. If not, this would be impossible!

Thus, I was really pumped up.

Killing an Excellent-grade Boss on my own, the rewards should be high!


I dodged and rolled to avoid Blood Consume while using Gouge to deal some damage. Just like that, I spent five minutes before the Bloodplain Wolf finally gave out a roar of disbelief. Its huge body turned into smoke and it disappeared!


[System notification: Congratulations for killing a remnant soul. You have obtained 120000 experience and +300 contribution points.]


Such an amount of contribution! I actually got 300 points!

Was it not too much?

I wiped my eyes and confirmed it once more;I really got 300 points. I could not help but laugh out loud. Although Boss-grade remnant souls did not drop equipment or charm, these contribution points were enough. After all, I could use them to get equipment and skillbooks. They were basically the same thing.

Thus, I happily continued in the Ancient Soul Refining Furnace.

Half an hour.

Sha sha~

Right after I cleared out a small bunch of dust, I realized that there was a streak of light. I wiped it off and spotted shiny green leggings. This was… equipment?

I picked it up, and it really was!


Type: Leather Armor

Defense: 16

Strength: +8

Required level: 15

Property: Covered in vengeful energy.


What did that property mean?

I was stunned, and the moment I touched it, a bell rang out—


[System notification: Please pay attention.This equipment is covered in vengeful energy. Will you clear it? Once the vengeful energy is cleared, the equipment can be used!]

There was such a thing?

I was delighted and confirmed it right away. Instantly, a soul flew upward which turned into a ghost that appeared before me. “Brat, you actually dared to interrupt my cultivation?”

I did not say anything and used Water Pattern Dagger right away.

Three seconds later, Gouge, basic attack, and Backstab settled it. Instantly, the Mist Leggings showed their true looks. It gave off a green light. This Strong-grade equipment was decent, and it helped increase my Defense by 16 and Attack by 8, which was quite a significant addition!

Pa ta…

I wore this pair of leggings!

Now, I had two daggers, a chestplate, leggings, and kneecaps. My equipment was starting to take shape. All of a sudden, I became more confident.


Work.Continue to work. I love my job!

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