Zhan Yue

Chapter 19: Activating it all the way

Chapter 19: Activating it all the way


[System notification: Congratulations for reaching level 16!]


I leveled up.

I did not work too long in this ancient Soul Refining Furnace, but the experience points were quite huge. After reaching level 16, I added all my stats to Agility. The higher it was, the higher my Attack, Attack Speed, and Defense would be. Moreover, I would be able to dodge better. As for the five points I added to Stamina at level 1, that would not affect much. Increasing survivability could not be considered a waste.

However, right when I opened my bag, I noticed the third treasure I got when I appeared in Illusionary Moon was actually activated!

Thus, I took out the Achievement Manual. Light wrapped around it, which was different from before. I confirmed to use it, and in the next second, a barrier of light appeared in front of me. It turned into a beautiful panorama, which was both bright and noble. At the same time, an old voice rang out in my ears—

‘Will you activate the Achievement System?’


A bell rang in my ears—


[System notification: Achievement System has been activated. First quest called . After killing more than 1000 players, you will obtain achievement rewards!]


Kill 100 players?

I was stunned. This was not tough, especially with me having the Wind Cloud Platform challenge, but… what would the reward be? This was something I looked forwardto. All of a sudden, I felt like I was floating. This Achievement Manual was a treasure, adding a full system to my game. This was a treasure which numerous players dreamed of!

No rush.Level up first!

Thus, I continued training and fighting in this Ancient Soul Refining Furnace.

Around 4pm, nearly 80% of the dust in the furnace was cleared out by me, and only a small pile was left. Having reached level 17 at this point, U was relatively strong. At this moment, Ah Fei asked, “How’s it going?Are you developing well?”

“I am level 17.”

“D*mn! Why am I only level 15…”

“You went to play with girls?”

“Play with girls? Who? @$&(Q…”


“Right, Ah Li, let’s go eat later; let’s eat sour vegetable fish. The beautiful waitress in the restaurant definitely misses me.”

“Miss you…”

I thought about it and resisted the urge to curse. “6:30?”

“No, let’s go earlier,” he said solemnly. “I heard that there are some players who have risen to level 20. Autumn Moon Village’s first level 20 is about to appear, too; it should be Breaking Dawn Ash.”

“Breaking Dawn Ash? He dropped a level but is still leveling so quickly?”

“Don’t underestimate their guild training speed. Many reserve players are feeding experience to them. They hit mobs until low health and let them kill those. Such extreme methods aren’t rare in Breaking Dawn.”

“That’s sick…”

I frowned before smiling. “Then let’s eat at six.Maybe the Wind Cloud Platform will open soon.”

I raised my head and looked at the upper right corner of the interface, and as expected, the countdown had started. “It’s started. Three hours later, Wind Cloud Platform will open. I might head to Autumn Moon Village again.”

“Why did you say that it’s possible? Are you the definite choice to be the Boss?” He was shocked.

“How is there such a lucky thing?”I retorted. “There are many monsters competing with me among the younger generation for the top spot. If not for me being strong enough, the last two times wouldn’t have been me. Anyway, let’s just eat at six.Let’s eat quickly so as not hamper my work progress.”



Just like that, I continued working until close to six and I reached level 18.

My contribution points rose to 1625. At the same time, the door behind me suddenly opened. An Undead Guard looked at me in shock and his voice trembled. “July Wildfire, you’re actually… You are actually…”

I smiled. “You didn’t expect me to be still alive, did you?”

“Yes.”Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly. “You are actually able to hold on until now.Not bad.”

I was speechless.

At that moment, Two Balls, Scum, and the rest of Black Castle’s younger generation walked out from their Soul Refining Furnaces. There were also many whom I did not recognize. Everyone looked really proud as they looked down on one another. Amongthem was Long Yilan, and he was much stronger than before. His gaze on me was filled with killing intent.


An old undead walked over with a book. “A dozen of them are not out.They were all killed inside. What should we do?Clear their bodies out?”


Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly. “Let their souls get wiped out in the furnaces. They couldn’t even pass the Soul Refining Furnace test, so they don’t have rights to carry Black Castle’s flag. Let them turn into souls.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Also,” Zhuang Huai Shui said, “has the contribution points ranking from the Soul Refining Furnace come out? Is Long Yilan first?”

” Let me take a look.”

The undead flipped the book and informed, “Long Yilan has a relatively high ranking; he got 874.”

Scoff.That is normal.”

Zhuang Huai Shui touched his moustache. “He has more than 800, so he should be first, right?”

“No, he is only second.”

Not far away, Long Yilan’s smile froze.


Zhuang Huai Shui was stunned. “Who is first?”

The undead replied, “July Wildfire got first place.He earned 1233 points.”


Zhuang Huai Shui gritted his teeth and did not continue saying anything.

I suppressed my laughter as I left the Land of Reincarnation and headed back to Wind Cloud Platform. After doing so, I directly went offline. The main reason for my high contribution points was that Bloodplain Wolf. If not,it would not be much higher than Long Yilan’s. That kid’s Great Dragon Sword Technique was quite strong and I could not underestimate it.


After going offline, I went downstairs to eat with Ah Fei.

Downstairs, a small restaurant.

The waitress hugged the menu and listened to us order food while she jotted them down one by one.

“One medium size sour vegetable fish, one mapo tofu, and one diced chicken. Also, give us two bottles of beer. Do it fast as we need to go online after eating,” ordered Ah Fei quickly.

The girl smiled. “Okay, I’ll go to the kitchen to rush them.”

“Wait.Beautiful, do you play Illusionary Moon?” Ah Fei asked.

“No…”Her face flushed red. “I am working under my aunt, so how would I have so much money to buy the helmet?Still, many people around me are playing it. Once I earn enough, I will try to experience it, too.”

“Oh, oh…”Ah Fei smiled. “Why don’t you add me on WeChat?Once you get into the game, I will help you level up. I’m a super Mage!”


I kicked him under the table. “Stop picking up girls; tell her to get the dishes ready. I have something to do online, jerk…”

“D*mn, why are you such a cockblock?”

I rolled my eyes and said to her solemnly, “Don’t add his WeChat.He is a player and has a bunch of girlfriends. Go rush the dishes.”

The girl burst into laughter and nodded at me. “En, I’ll tell them to cook quickly.”

Looking at her nice back view, Ah Fei said, “Such a pure girl, but you had to interrupt. Is it that you want to hook up with her, instead? That’s fine. We are brothers, so I’ll give her to you. Hehe!You just need to treat me to a meal!”

“Your head!”I stared at him. “Precisely because she’s pure that I don’t want her to be ruined by a scum like you!”

“D*mn, aren’t we brothers…” He was angry.

“Let’s stop talking about this.Have you sold all the equipment from yesterday? How much did you get?”

“Hahaha!Not little, not little.”He was excited. “I sold the Wild Nature Bow for 1250, Courageous Boots for 520. The Spirit World Ring sold the highest for 1550. Fortunately, I sold them early because by nighttime, those pieces of equipment became at least 30% cheaper. The prices in the beginner village are just too scary.”

“That’s normal.People buy such equipment to level up. Once they get high enough, they won’t need to buy anymore. Transitional equipment is limited, so for us to sell so much, we’re the big winners.”


He nodded. “Skillbooks are better.After all, they are permanent. I heard that an A-tier technique in the beginner village is already over 5000.How terrifying.”

“We will find them in the future, so who cares?”

“Right, what are we going to do tonight?”

“Wait for me to get first place in the duel arena. I will tell you my coordinates, then you just head there half an hour later. Best if you are alone and hide well. When I am low on health, I will go find you. Also, don’t make it too obvious. I am afraid that your teammates will realize that something is amiss and end up reporting us. We may get punished by Destiny Corporation if that’s so. They are quite strict about this.”

“D*mn… I understand.”He frowned. “Can your health keep up? What if you get killed?”

“Don’t worry; if I don’t wanna get killed, no one will be able to kill me.”


He raised a thumb in praise.


Not long after, the dishes were served.

The restaurant dishes were quite good and the waitress looked pleasing to the eye, too. No wonder Ah Fei would come here to eat. In the future, I would most probably become a regular here, too.

After eating hurriedly, I returned home and went online.


I appeared near the Wind Cloud Platform. Let us not bother about anything else and head to Precious Treasure Pavilion straightaway; I had over a thousand more contribution points, so it was time to splurge on!

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